gaddafi-blair.jpgThe Libyan dictator Gaddafi claimed after the first bombing of the country many casualties. However, it turned out they be victims of traffic accidents and recent deaths stolen from Libyan hospitals and morgues.

The secret  the dictator is trying to conceal is that most victims do not come from Libya. His guns are borrowed from Belarus and the victims are mercenaries.

Israel had clearly shown to support Gaddafi and a military intervention  
at large scale, led by France, appeared to throw spanner in the works of the growing pro-democracy movement in the country. Weapons and mercenaries streamed into the country, and major media companies and the Israeli lobby let Obama wait and at the very last there was still the intervention. Suspicious?

The common people was never able to cope with the influx of African mercenaries from Global CST, mercenaries from Belarus and Georgia and everything else that Gaddafi could buy from the oil funds of Halliburton and BP.

Geopolitics and good-makers

Few understand the true implications of the intervention in Libya. During the 19th century (and before)  Europe distributed the world as if it was the boss. The process began in 1493 when Pope Alexander IV of the Treaty of Tordesillas divided the world between Spain and Portugal. The Treaty of Versailles created a whimsical Europe, more damage on global scale after World War II, mistake after mistake, North Africa, the entire Middle East, India and Pakistan, Vietnam and Palestine in 1954.

The mess that the West has created in the Middle East, namely a number of rogue states (not just Israel), corrupt oil sheiks and puppets, a mosaic of CIA failures which the Islamic world has been duped, is suddenly threatened by forces that are fighting to modernize and democracy.

This threatens the roots of the globalist agenda from the last 20 years which proved to be so successful in Iraq, Afghanistan, the "republics"in the Caspian basin, the destabilization of Pakistan and corruption, the oil- gas- and opium-war. Business was good, generations became secured of conflicts and countries increased their debts while the population became poorer.

Is it possible that some "woke up" and simply decided to "get off" at the next stop? Egypt is a clear proof of that.

Gaddafi's despotic rule has no political base and is funded by all of us when we buy gasoline. Gaddafi went on one day with his checkbook to Israel
to order arms and 50,000 mercenaries. Stories about deserted troop and tank brigades appear fictitious.



It is easy to see that countries like the United States, Britain and Australia are under the control of the kabbalistic associations. Any legitimate opposition to the status quo is immediately discredited by a mix of paid and unpaid disinformation agents. Those who most news achieve from the Internet are unable to distinguish and run the risk to be deceived. Add here the "researchers" who have no experience in the real world and have learned to survive in a university atmosphere where cronyism and cowardice long ago have replaced activism and originality, and the deception is complete.

The internet is full of stories about U.S. and British oil companies who try to take-off Gaddafi. First they should need to throw out BP and Halliburton. They and 300 other British and American companies controll Libya since 2004.

Gaddafi took power in 1969 after a military coup. He was never able to allow elections and a constitution is prohibited. The party congress of the Libyan comprises 2,700 members, chosen by the regime. In fact, Gaddafi was a Marxist, but he is flexible enough to handle his billions of oil money to buy a circle of friends.

A Cynical view

Sami Jamil Jadallah analyzes the relatively late action of President Obama in the Palestinian Note.

The delay seems to be due because of Israeli intervention which
prevailed Gaddafi by deploying his air and ground forces against cities and towns. Any action that would then be organized by the United States would be too late for the millions of Libyans who had set their hopes on the global community. They did not wanted military intervention force in the country, they wanted Muammar's air and ground forces neutralized. This way they would have a fair chance to redeem themselves.

According to several reports have Gaddafi and the Israeli Embassy in Sub-Sahel spent much time in recruiting African mercenaries to the side of Gaddai's troops to fight. This is also the political efforts of the United States for the Libyan people to support neutralization.

Did the United States ever need the UN Security Council to get things done? Military campaigns were often initiated without the approval of the UN Security Council. Israel once again used its influence in Washington to fight for freedom and liberation to cease.

The same happened in southern Iraq when the population rebelled against Saddam Hussein after the First Gulf War. George Bush and General Schwarzkopf decided not to intervene and suggested a no-flyzone over southern Iraq. Because of this Hussein could go his way with attack-helicopters. The excuse was later that helicopters were not part of the no-flyzone.

We see the same image in the current theatre. However in the cases of Egypt and Tunisia, Bin Ali and Hosni Mubarak could not convince their military commanders to turn against the people of their countries.


Gaddafi and his "friends" conduct an information war on every possible level. Foreign intervention in the country began 24 hours after the first demonstrations in Libya. Gaddafi called Tel Aviv for help. But mention of Israeli intervention is equally described as anti-Semitism, so this will never be included in reporting, not even by Al Jazeera.

There is no transparent reporting and absolutely no evidential basis for what is said about Libya. The theatrical performances by Gaddafi, staged visits to mortuaries - the victim well he borrowed from Israel. The videos from Tripoli reminiscent of the fictional Israeli videos from Mavi Marmara. Journalists who enjoy Gaddafi's hospitality, as Richard Falk, are part of the play.


Check out the fake videos of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara. The illustration shows how an "armed Mavi Marmara passenger walks across a steel object.


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  • I think entire situation there is kind of sticky, if u know what I mean........................
    • Yes I think I know what you mean.

      I do not watch much television, but when I watch it there is only news about Libya and almost nothing from the rest of the world, except the nucleair troubles in Japan then. Same goes on with the newspapers here in the Netherlands. With both, Libya and Japan, I have a feeling of false news (ofcourse it is all terrible what happens there, my thought are with all the victims), there is so much hidden from the public.

      Well I don't know that much about all the activities in those places, so I won't make too much words dirty about it.

      I just forwarded and translated this message to make people think.

  • It was a bit hard to translate and get all the grammar properly, I hope it's good now.

This reply was deleted.

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