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Good morning, my darling.  I bring you my Love and the love of our family.  You are surrounded by our love as we lift you up in Spirit and in consciousness.  Thank you for being so willing to do the work of millennia to bring the Creator Consciousness to this plane of existence.  You are cut of the same cloth as your dear old Dad.  Never fear that you are not made of the same stuff.  We are truly One so you cannot fail in your mission to bring as many as possible Home.  

We are as One.  We serve the One.  We are the One and our determination and persistence will pay off in the long run as we help Earth ascend and the beings living upon her ascend.  All beings, yes, whales, dolphins, even plants androcks.  All sentient beings are in the ascension process as well as humanity.  You are in the midst of it now and holding up just fine.  Your bodies have had constant upgrades from the Angelic realms as we rain our love and light down upon you all.  We are here with you and around all of you as we all go through this amazing process of upgrade after upgrade.  Notice each recalibration and bring in more and more fluids as the plants themselves embody the upgrades and deliver them to you all.  This will help in your process and will ease the burdens you feel.  These burdens will become lighter and lighter as we work our way up the scale.

I love you.  We love you.  We are you and your are us.  Enjoy the ride for you are in the thick of it.  Remember the bumps are there to make it fun and challenging.  You all can do this.  Talk later.  Love, Your Dad, Ashtar of Ashtar Command

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"Australian doctor has cured Cov2 in patients within 4 days and cured many other man-made diseases: parkinsons,diabetes,alzheimers,cancer all disease on our planet...its called NANOSOMA(5 sprays under the tongue) if a serious disease 5 sprays ×3…"
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This is as people here are still wondering who the US president will be tomorrow!!"
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"Meanwhile Biden is preparing 17 executive oders to be signed in his first day in the office.😕"
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 Sounds like a countdown is on. I hope everyone stocked up on food, water, meds, pet supplies, and gas… just in case we experience lockdowns, curfews, etc. while the arrests take place.You may have seen this clip below in other videos, but folks,…
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 Nano-bot still following me,click link below for video or audio.  https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ovl16Qm4B4X2/ Audio Only Version:www.simonparkes.org" target="_blank">https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/bcb736_8c96b3beec394a3ab3064e52574140ff.mp3  www.simonparkes.org
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"Look what I find:
Have heard the Elohim's know it.
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