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    There is difference between science and science there is science that we don't understand yet..there is science that they try to sell like sensation...part of the science is coded inside within us we just need to try to understand it as engineers do...the nature tells us many things..
    • You've lost me, John....

      Science is a "method" of postulating a theory, and then proving it with facts. 

      How does this method control people? 

  • Here ya go folks, learn about this cult and why they are not spiritual or esoteric in any way shape or form, OR scientific.

    Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology : The New Yorker

    • Lots of good exposes at these sites, One. Thank you for sharing. I particularly liked reading Anthony's account.

      • the paul haggis interview is the one I have fully read so far.  It has some surprisingly common themes with many new age beliefs, and the cries of the scientologist sound alot like the cries of people here when they are questioned about their beliefs and sources.

        It is extremely sad how this organization treats other people.

        • I agree about the common themes between the two!  However I don't feel this 'organisation' (is that what this is?) treats people badly. It appears to me that we police one another, in various ways. From a purely psychological viewpoint, I find it highly entertaining at times. And whether it be banter or serious discourse, we can each benefit from it. When I no longer benefit, I'll be gone. Meanwhile, keep questioning everything. That is what free will is for. 

          • you dont feel that scientology treats its people badly? You did say you read some of the testimonies right, the leader macgvidgie or whatever his name is, is completely psycho and is exhibiting the same behaviours as other cult leaders like jim jones.  The fact that they punish their people is enough already.

            I think you think I as talking about here, most of the members here are silent following their own course, there are several here though who attack others in the name of light whenever their material is questioned,  normal people with an actual thirst for the truth dont attack people for bringing up valid points.  If you were thinking something that didnt make sense and had it explained you should be thankful rather than attack the person who just saved you from something.  scientists dont punish the other scientist who finds a mistake, they thank them for helping them not waste time going down the wrong research path. 

            There are some great sites which outline cult mentality and cult behaviour, which happens everywhere, anyone who was hazed or did hazing in school was part of a cult like system whether they knew it or not.  Basically any group of people who have similar views can develop sub groups of fanatical people who act nothing like the ideals they are supposed to portray/uphold.

            Like all religious groups and cults, they seek out the sad and depressed and criminals and recovering addicts and all sorts of "down on their luck" ppeople and recruit them when they are vulnerable.  Then the indoctrination takes years and years of repetitive instilling of the "values" of whatever the group has concocted.  when the values are questioned the person is attacked, as evidenced with the paul haggis story who left because the "church" wouldnt take a stand publically on homosexuality.  Their guide books still tell their followers that homosexuality and other sexual things are peverse.

            Freewill is fine, until someone is hurt, whether in mind or body they stll are abused by these organizations, there is no way to justify torturing others or mentally abusing others to bring people into your group.  If your group is truly good it will bring people in on its own merits, that is why not one religious or spiritual group to date has had people all over , i mean all, take to it, becaue there is not one that is the total truth.  They all have lies in them that people notice.  If something is truly for us all and good for us all then we all will naturally gravitate towards it, rather than kill eachother to prove or support or enforce the beliefs.  Personally i dont think we all should think alike, however we pretty much all agree murder is not good, and this is the spirit I am speaking of, so far no religion or spiritual group has had a system of truth enough to draw everyone into agreeance, like how we agree on issues of murder and theft.

            • One, I am in complete agreement with you. You need to re-read my post, more slowly, so you don't misinterpret what I wrote. I was saying that if this Ashtar Command site is an organisation, it is not one that's trying to control people. Scientology, otoh, IS controlling people.  And abusing people. So are many other organised religions, imo. I agree that 'normal people with an actual thirst for the truth dont attack people for bringing up valid points'. And, I am thankful when someone saves me from something, such as a step toward a bad place such as Scientology (not that I was taking such a step). Consider, that Ranald was trying to caution Snowcone17 when he told the story of his brother''s liver disease. He tried to help Snowcone "not waste time going down the wrong path". Snowcone might not be predisposed to liver disease, but why take the chance? If there is anything that anyone does, that they feel compelled to repeat over and over, they might want to try going without it for a couple of weeks. Fourteen days of no alcohol, or 14 days of no posting on ACC, is the way to determine if you are doing something 'normally' or compulsively. In my opinion, of course.

              What we do here on our discussion threads... we tell our stories, and hopefully allow others to glean from them what they can. My purpose in asking to have a discussion about Scientology was to reveal as many facts about it as possible. We are doing that. There may be some people who feel that they need Scientology, just as there are people who feel they need alcohol. Source gives us all the free will to make choices. Free-will also allows us to choose to post our cautionary tales here. I don't want anyone getting hurt in any way whatsoever. 

  • when i hear the word *scientology* i get put off; let alone i wouldnt join them ;)

    from what i've heard from ex ontologists; this group is NOT fun, its controlling, and im a person who likes my independance and freedom, this is one reason i cannot tolerate religions so much ; its so boring! ;)

    i say let people choose what they wanna be *part* of if they feel it works for them ;)

    • Sure, folks who have a tendency to want to 'control' others may be drawn to this sort of thing in a way that those of STO may not. It's true that both paths of learning are made available for students.

      Hubbard was a great talker and could enchant his audience. Some people may also be taken in by this sort of 'charm'. Still we can't say that all scientologist are negative, just as we could never say the same for freemasons, or members of any secret society.

      Remember as we move fully into 4d scenarios such as 'good and evil' just do not exist an any context.

      They are simply memories of lower earthly vibrations.

      There exists polarity but this has little to do with what we interpret as the forces of dark and light here on earth.

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