“Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami had a unique approach to acquiring knowledge. Whereas most people would look for answers in books written by others, he would simply look within himself by tapping his super conscious or intuitive mind. An interesting example of this occurred in 1968. Gurudeva was leading a travel-study program in Ascona, Switzerland, with a group of thirty-two students. He was teaching them the inside of themselves experienced in meditation and found it challenging to find precise enough words to describe these subtle and profound states of consciousness. Gurudeva solved the problem by bringing forth from within his intuitive mind a new language, called Shum.

He heard the words, saw the script and knew the meanings of this language that came forth from deep within the super conscious. This book, Lemurian Scrolls, is another example of how Gurudeva explored the inner mind for answers. In 1970, he had three monasteries in the United States with some thirty-five young monks within them. Gurudeva was in need of traditional principles to effectively guide and govern the monasteries, provide a traditional Hindu monastic life to the monastics and catalyze their spiritual unfoldment. Instead of trying to acquire books from India on the subject, Gurudeva turned within for the knowledge. His guru, Yogaswami of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, spoke of this process when he said, "The book is within you. Turnover the leaves and study." In the akashic library Gurudeva found the knowledge he was seeking, and much more as well --knowledge of mankind's journey to Earth from the Pleaides and other planets in the pursuit of unfolding into the ultimate attainment, realization of the Self within, information about ancient Lemuria and its spiritual culture, the vast cycles of time governing periods of spiritual awakening and spiritual darkness on this planet and the relationship between the galaxy’s Central Sun, man's consciousness and the Kundalini force. The monks were, of course, quite amazed by and enthralled with this mystic information. They adapted their life to this wisdom, and even today the ideals and principles you will encounter herein are an integral part of each monk's daily life”.

Signs of a Common Heritage: In examining the creation stories of the world's faiths, one thing strikes a Hindu: nearly every account has some parallel within Hindu mythology. Anthropologists explain all these parallels in a psychological fashion -- water symbolizes the womb, etc. But perhaps all cultures are harkening back to the experiences of a common ancestry. The American Indians of California, for example, tell of how God sent an animal down through the waters to bring up the Earth, in the someway that the Boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu rescued the Earth from beneath the waters. The Chinese Pangu is amazingly akin to the sacrificed original man in the Purusha Shukta. In many cultures, man was originally immortal, and only at a certain time did he start to die -- just as Yama in Hinduism was the first man to die, and then became the Lord of Death. Another common element is the breath of God being infused into man, bringing him to life. Below are some of mankind's reflections about how we came to be here.


Did We Come from the Sky? The authoritative Larousse World Mythology book states, "There is an almost universal belief in a visit by the first men to the sky, and consequently in the existence of a path between the Earth and the world above that was ultimately destroyed by human wrongdoing." There are common elements in the creation stories, which indicate we had a different kind of existence before living in these physical bodies. One example is androgyny; the original people in the creation stories are often both male and female. Another is the absolute harmony of existence in an earlier time when people lived in peace and freely communicated with the animals and plants. A third is the initial absence of death, a fact of life, which comes later, as previously described.


Hindu scriptures often speak of the many lokas, or planes of existence, and dvipas, or islands. They talk of beings coming from other lokas to this loka, possibly even of spaceships in which they could travel. These lokas, however, are more commonly interpreted as other dimensions of existence rather than physical planets. His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of ISKCON, addressed this question in his commentary on Shrimad Bhagavatam: "According to Vedic understanding, the entire universe is regarded as an ocean of space. In that ocean there are innumerable planets, and each planet is called a dvipa , or island. The various planets are divided into fourteen lokas. As Priyavrata drove his chariot behind the sun, he created seven different types of oceans and planetary systems, known as Bhuloka."Srila Prabhupada also stated that according to the Vedic tradition there are 400,000 species in the universe with humanlike form, many of them advanced beyond us. Other parts of Hindu scripture refer to travel to other worlds. The Rig Veda hymns on death speak of man's soul traveling to the sun and the moon, and then returning to Earth. Certainly the most dramatic example of a people who believe they came from another planet is the Tana Toraja tribe in the Celebes Highlands of Java, Indonesia. They declare their ancestors came from the Pleiades in spaceships. In fact, they continue to build their homes to look like those ships today. This tribe had no contact with the outside world until this century, and had no way of knowing that space travel was even possible.”


1 ¶Mankind migrated to this planet in his divine soul body during the Sat Yuga, the age of enlightenment. He had reached a final stage of evolution on his native planet. The risk in migrating to afire planet was great, but so was the reward. They were, however, at a place in evolution requiring a planet with fire in it to catalyze them through new experiences into completing their unfoldment to the final realization of the Self. Souls came from the other planets to Earth for one of two reasons: either they came to realize the Self, because they had not previously done so and were just drifting in bliss, or were great beings who already had the Self realized and came to help the others. They came from everything in a state of status quo. They had come to this planet to get jostled around in the fire to continue their unfoldment.


2 ¶When a planet becomes old, it cools. Everything becomes static in it and on it. The beings inhabiting it exist together like a flock of birds or school of fish, so peaceful they are. Souls, who need fire to realize the Self, could not do so on such an old planet, so the leaders pilgrimage with their followers to perform the austerity of evolution on a fire planet such as Earth, a hot planet, a young planet. There will be other planets ready to be colonized at the end of the Kali Yuga. Inhabitants of Earth will be able to rapidly access them by traveling as a ray of their own inner light.


3 ¶In the Sat Yuga, the air was thick and the Earth lush and tropical. The thick clouds of gases and healthful substances floating in the air were the materials the divine souls that came to the fire planet, as they referred to it, would use to materialize a physical body around the etheric body of the soul to express through while living on Earth. As more and more came to Earth in their etheric bodies, ceremonies were performed in a scientific way by those who had already arrived, offering food and flowers, cut fruits and other ambrosia before them so that they could absorb some of the organic essences into the etheric body and materialize around and through it Earth bodies. Their etheric bodies became dense, firm and more defined during these food-offering ceremonies in what were to later become the temples of the Treta Yuga. They continued to absorb these food-offering essences until they began to smell and feel and acquired a full physical form and could eat normally, as the animals did on Earth at that time.


4 ¶The most highly evolved souls who arrived first on Earth during the Sat Yuga continued to bring more divine beings through into physical form from the other planets. It was part of their mission to do this. Lord Skanda came to Earth in the Sat Yuga. He was one of the most highly advanced souls. He came as the leader of the first group, and will guide them all along through into the next Sat Yuga. He was the celestial king of Lemuria. It was because of this most ancient practice of offering the essences of fruit and perfumed ambrosias to the soul's etheric body to absorb and thus create a denser body that this planet became inhabited in the Sat Yuga. As this planet moved through time and space, different races came from the various planets and settled on one area of it or another. During one phase of planetary configurations, ceremonies would be active in one temple to bring through into dense manifest form a group from a certain planet, and as the planets moved into another configuration, the place on Earth polarizing the rays and race of that planet would become inactive, and another race from another planet would come through at a different location through ceremony.


5 ¶In order to bring these divine souls through into physical form during the Sat Yuga, great temples to each of these planets began to form in which these priestly scientists would make food offerings and bathe a pedestal-like form as a point of concentration. The celestial beings would stand on the pedestal and absorb the Earth's pungent substances and with it materialize strong physical bodies. In the beginning it took a long time to bring the etheric body of a soul into physical form so he could walk off this pedestal on his own in the Earth's atmosphere. But through the thousands of years that passed, it became a very rapid process, and the entire Earth became populated with celestial beings from several of the major planets in the galaxy. Thus, the souls arrived in full force to begin a long, tedious evolutionary pattern through the three yugas to follow.


6 ¶These divine souls who came to populate the planet in the Sat Yuga looked much like mankind will still look hundreds of thousands of years from now in the Kali Yuga, except there was no gender -- no male and female -- or such a thing as death or reproduction or even sleep. There was no concept of hunger or pain. They could fly easily and freely in their new Earth body in the Sat Yuga by mentally lifting up into the air by using the power within their spine and travel anywhere. These bodies were impervious to cold or heat. The air was so thick and healthy, they would become nourished simply by breathing in deeply. They didn't really need to eat then, as the air completely filled their bodies with pranic essence each time they took a deep breath. Early in the Sat Yuga, they had only but to smell the essence of cut fruits and flowers for a complete meal. Everything was so pungent, and because of the nature of their physical bodies this was possible. But toward the end of the yuga, they had to eat to become nourished and could not fly as far. The closest they ever came to the concept of death was when the physical elements just dissolved under the power of realizing the Self and the essence of their individuality returned to the planet from whence they came, fully matured, having completed their mission on the fire planet. There was a distinct sense of personality in each of these first transcendental beings that came to our planet during the Sat Yuga, for even the individual soul has an evolution, one different from another.


7 ¶It is necessary to understand the nature of the yugas to acquire full knowledge of the continuity of mankind as he evolves in experience from his beautiful state in the Sat Yuga to the veiling darkness of the Kali Yuga and into the dawn of the Sat Yuga, the golden age that will again follow. During this entire process, the evolution of each soul will individualize itself as it merges toward its essence. TheSat Yuga, the Treta Yuga, the Dvapara Yuga and the Kali Yuga are the names of these four divisions of planetary radiation, and they repeat themselves in that order, with the Sat Yuga being the first and the Kali Yuga the last. To understand clearly how they work, observe the four major divisions of the day. The darkest part of the night is the great dream of the Kali Yuga. The cycles of Earth around the sun, therefore, are similar to the cycles of this galaxy around a Central Sun, which are called the yugas, because of the radiant cosmic rays that are either released or hidden. The yugas are the way in which the Mahadevas calculate time and space.


8 ¶This generation of souls started to arrive and live on Earth since the beginning of the Sat Yuga, and more will come through the Treta Yuga. Then no more souls will come until the end of the Kali Yuga.When the next Sat Yuga arrives, those who have lived through the cycle of yugas will all finish their evolutionary processes and leave. More divine souls will come during that time as the cycle repeats.


9 ¶The fire planet is very young, having become habitable only a few cycles of yugas ago. There are planets in this universe much older than the fire planet. The inhabitants of these older and larger planets do not live on the surface of their planet. They use the surface only like a park and to provide their nourishment and live in underground places that may have been constructed millions of years ago. It is necessary to live for several of these yugas on Earth in order to earn admittance to thoseplanets.


10 ¶The yugas are calculated by a span of vibration. Our Lemurian calculations of time will not be translatable into calendars of the Kali Yuga, so at that time there will be confusion about the length of time each yuga is supposed to contain. But it is discernable when another yuga is imminent by the changes that occur within the population.


11 ¶The Sat Yuga is always the time of dawn, of birth, of awakening into the fullness of the soul. It is a time of total light, with no confusion of the forces as later begins to exist at the wane of the TretaYuga, and through the Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Everything existed in its fullness in the Sat Yuga, with a total and open giving of all the world's goods, physically, super consciously and intellectually, between beings. There was no feeling at all of personal ego. In the Kali Yuga, there will exist feelings of possessiveness or difference, one from another, resulting from the change in the great mind flow of the yugas as souls become caught in the animal and human evolution as a result of the shift toward darker states of consciousness. They will suffer the constant acquiring of yet a more dense body, from birth to birth, in the darkness of the Dvapara and Kali Yugas until the Sat Yuga dawns again in light and glory. As the galaxy rotates into the second relationship with the Cosmic Sun, the space and mind flows persisting in and through the Earth are those of the Treta Yuga. Much of the refinement and super consciousness of the Sat Yuga will still permeate through the Treta Yuga. But later it will wane when the dusk of externalization of consciousness permeates as the galaxy slowly shifts again, cutting off some of the rays of the Central Sun.


12 ¶Now, during the end of the Treta Yuga, souls can no longer migrate to our planet the way they did through the Sat Yuga. Many of these divine, earthly bodies, constructed from fruit ambrosia, herbal essences and the pungent air, could no longer fly and have been eaten by the carnivorous beings of the animal kingdom, the inhabitants remaining from the last Kali Yuga. As a result of having been devoured by animals, these souls got caught within the evolutionary cycle of the particular species that had eaten their original body. Then, through the cycle of birth and death, they emerged again, but were captured in the instinctive nerve system of animal bodies. Then, through the long process of mutation and reincarnation, they finally, after great struggles and help from the Mahadevas, cultivated a body similar to the first Earth body devoured long ago. This human body had animal instincts and was difficult to live  in. This mutation began new breeds of animals that were not carnivorous. Beings still in original bodies, but now not able to fly much anymore, could ride these animals, fly upon and feed from the milk within some of them. For these new breeds of animals encased some of the celestial beings yet to acquire a human body.


13 ¶The Treta Yuga is a wonderful period in which intense cosmic rays still penetrate Earth. This makes such evolution possible as creating a flesh body that appears to be like the original one for these celestial beings caught in animal reincarnation cycles to inhabit. These flesh-and-bone bodies will last through the Dvapara and Kali Yugas until the strong vibration of the next Sat Yuga comes to cause their liberation and permit many of us to leave this planet. These final humiliations and struggles within the instinctive area of externalized mind through the darker yugas will give the final polish sanctifying our divinity. It has been observed, now that we are approaching the end of the Treta Yuga, that a sense of fear is being experienced for the first time as a result of eating wrong kinds of foods, along with losing some of the personal abilities to fly.


14 ¶Our laboratories cultivate species of animals in order to breed bodies similar to the original body, and when a soul had become caught in the animal kingdom, experiments were conducted in these laboratories, near the temple of the planet whence the soul had originally come, to release him from this bondage into a birth of a body he could be more comfortable in. Many celestial souls would be quickly released from the animal reincarnation cycles in this way.


15 ¶It has been predicted that similar ceremonies will be performed through the Kali Yuga, but will not bring souls through into physical form as they did in the Sat Yuga, nor will they accomplish the release of souls as in the Treta Yuga. They will just bring a soul close enough to the physical world to establish contact with future parents to effect birth. This process will begin refining many races and varieties of people on the planet in preparation for the next Sat Yuga. The few left who have original bodies will live in caves high in the mountains during the end of the Treta Yuga to avoid being caught in the fleshy, hot body of the animal and to preserve the original bodies as long as possible. Here new metals will be found to work with, and large communities will grow as a result, through the use of them, our prophets tell us.


16 ¶The cycle of getting out of the animal kingdom takes a long, long time unless help is given, and even to the end of the Kali Yuga and into the next Sat Yuga, souls will be seen still trying to escape from the fiery bondage of animal bodies. It will be during the Kali Yuga that a human kingdom will eventually fully come out of the different species of animals and form different groups on Earth, some of whom will be the predators of others, we are told.


17 ¶The original bodies some of us still have are neither male nor female, nor do they sleep or experience heat, cold or fear. Therefore, the souls in flesh bodies feel uncomfortable experiencing these instincts and demands of their bodies and yearn for release. They will be found still striving through the Kali Yuga to adjust these forces. This is the evolution we had come here to experience.

Continue read: http://pt.scribd.com/doc/48404220/Lemurian-Prophecies

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  • Download Lemurian Scrolls here: 





    Himalayan Academy Publications - Lemurian Scrolls
    A Hindu monastery-temple complex in Hawaii of the Tamil Saivite tradition, home to two dozen monks, pilgrimage destination for sincere devotees, high…
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  • it’s difficult to say who were first … ;) based on the past  information sadly what ever was recorded and survived … and also the resent one:

    Ancient Dalamatia 500,000 B.C. was situated in the Persian Gulf region of those days, in the district corresponding to later Mesopotamia, which was located just south of the present confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. (http://www.sevenfoldtruth.com/urantia-clues.htm) 199,838 B.C. - A tidal wave swept up over Dalamatia, sinking beneath the waters of the sea, and this land did not again emerge until almost every vestige of the noble culture of those splendid ages had been obliterated.

    Ancient Mu or Lemuria arose 78,000 – 24,000 years ago across a giant continent and lasted an astonishing 52,000 years. 

    Atlantis The first, about 50,000 BC, destroyed their major power source.  The second, about 28,500 BC, caused the continent to break into three smaller islands: Poseidia, Og, and Aryan.  The third and final destruction - which is the one mentioned by Plato - occurred about 10,500 BC and caused the three islands to sink, forcing those who survived to migrate to other parts of the world.

    First Garden of Eden 35,000 years ago (? present Cyprus – Syria)

    The Second Garden was relocated 100 years later to the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

    Bactria is the old Greek name for northern Afghanistan or Ancient Adamsonite civilization about 34,500 B.C and the northeast corner of Iran, while Margiana is further north, in what is today Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

    Ancient Aroi Kingdom 10,950 BC. The Polynesians of New Zealand, Easter Island, Hawaii and Tahiti all believe that their ancestors had the ability of flight and would travel through the air from island to island.

    Ancient India –Rama Empire The history of India begins with evidence of human activity of Homo sapiens as long as 75,000 years ago, or with earlier hominids including Homo erectus from about 500,000 years ago. And Ancient China - It has the oldest surviving civilization in the world. Ancient China began between 500,000 and 5000 years ago.

     Ancient Uiger Civilization, Ancient Sumerian Civilization, Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Tiahuanaco (also called Tiwanaku,) The Mayans, Ancient Osirian Civilization, Ancient Arkaim Civilization, Gobekli Tepe and more …

  • Would you consider the book of enoch a good source for non canonical history too?

    • i would, if read it objectively.

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    Lemuria « The Awakening


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