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Leftists now freaking out about “privilege” and “inequality” … among SQUIRRELS

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Image: Leftists now freaking out about “privilege” and “inequality” … among SQUIRRELS

(Natural News) The New York Times has published a piece arguing that “privilege” and “inequality” are not just human issues but also animal issues.

Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) say that because of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), they decided to probe deeper into “health disparities and other inequalities around the world,” which led them to focus on squirrels.

Apparently the furry rodents suffer from many of the same societal problems that leftists say plague humans. Things like “intergenerational wealth” and “white privilege” are endemic “across so many different species,” says Dr. Jennifer Smith, one of the “scientists” involved with the research.

Smith says it “was quite surprising” to see how animals supposedly face discrimination on the basis of fur color, for instance – and yes, she is dead serious in making this claim.

“We’re just touching the surface,” Smith told the Times, arguing that animals’ survival instincts somehow equate to things like “transphobia” and police abuse against blacks.

Smith explained that some species “share resources such as territory, tools, and shelter between generations,” which in her mind means that they are hoarding generational wealth and depriving animals of color of their fair share.

In the case of the baby red grouses, Smith says that those who are not abandoned by their fathers “are more likely to succeed in establishing their own territories,” while baby squirrels whose mothers hoard food for the winter “are much more likely to survive until the spring.”



“Those young, pine-cone-rich squirrels, the scientists say, are children of privilege,” wrote the Times about these natural phenomena.

The foolish hearts of leftists have been darkened, which is how they come up with this nonsense

Smith and her colleagues say they are eager to expand their “research” into this subject by looking into thousands of other species across the animal kingdom to look for similar patterns.

Upon doing this, they will likely try to force other made-up concepts like “whiteness,” “rape culture,” and “voter suppression” into their observations.

Anything they can find to denigrate people with light skin (mainly Europeans) and blast Caucasian civilization as “problematic” will probably end up in another “study” that gets reported on by the Times as “evidence” of “inequality.”

The Bible warned about all this, by the way. In 2 Corinthians 10:5, Paul the Apostle wrote that in the end times people would become “vain in their imaginations” because “their foolish heart was darkened.”

The way that leftists are constantly trying to read perversion into the animal kingdom – they do this with LGBTQ issues as well, claiming that animals are “gay” and “transgender” to try to normalize these concepts – is one prominent example of this in the modern world.

Remember when liberals tried to claim that calling the police on a black person committing a crime is “racist” and a form of “white privilege?” Yeah, that, too, is an example of foolish, darkened hearts coming up with vain and outlandish ideas.

“Don’t these people have something better to do with their spare time?” asked a commenter at TownHall.

“Napping comes to mind immediately. The main takeaways from all of this are the early bird gets the worm and only the strong survive – without government ‘help.'”

“If your life revolves around trying to prove that an entire race of people is racist, then you are the racist you are looking for,” wrote another.

“The racist most angry minorities see is looking right back at them in their mirror,” said yet another.

More related news about how leftists are destroying society with their vain imaginations can be found at

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