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JUST, Inc. is the Silicon Valley food startup that’s on a mission not just to create a “just food system” but to make it the dominant food system, worldwide. So far, they’ve attracted $310 million in venture capital from people like Palantir CEO Peter Thiel. They even used their own patented AI + robotics technique to “find” mung beans, which are used in their imitation egg preparations. (Never mind that Asians have processed mung beans into gelatinous desserts and cellophane noodles for millennia!)

Former employees claim that CEO Joshua Tetrick, 38, told his food scientists to perform bogus experiments for visiting journalists and potential investors, in order to create the impression that the company is a research and development-driven high technology business, rather than a food manufacturer. But acting like a tech company is what it’s going to have to take to save the world from hogwash in the 21st century – or as Tetrick likes to say, “We’re one part pharma, one part biotech and a whole bunch of regular food company.”

If you could imagine a company that broadcasts of all of the tech obsession and Social Justice War implied by the concept of a “Silicon Valley food startup” JUST, Inc. would be it. Tetrick, who was an extremely vehement anti-Trump activist during the 2016 election, calling Trump’s “humanity” into question and claiming that Trump did not share “American values”, has a degree in Africana Studies from Cornell. He spent 3 years working on social campaigns in Sub-Saharan Africa, where he first noticed “serious issues with the global food system”. While JUST, Inc. works on a scaleable process for growing animal cells to produce cruelty-free “Clean Meat” for guilt-wracked consumers in the West, they’re also launching a nutrition-dense, cassava-based meal in Liberia.

But for all of this Indigo Baby signalling of accelerated spiritual evolution and nobility of purpose, the company was mired in tawdry allegations that it hired contractors to pose as customers who bought hundreds of jars of their own vegan mayonnaise. Then, just as Blackwater CEO Erik Prince has done repeatedly in the wake of lawsuits and bad press, Tetrick swiftly rebranded the company name from Hampton Creek to JUST, Inc.

This level of social engineering, the virulent anti-Trump activism, the complete syzygy with the UN’s Agenda 21, the fact that the World Economic Forum named his company a “Technology Pioneer” and that his Board of Directors is packed with heavy-hitting Globalists screams that Joshua Tetrick is an anointed Golden Haired Tech Overlord who will rule the New World Order out of Astana, Kazakhstan in 2025. Bon appétit!

Seriously though, I think their hearts are in the right place. I’m just doling out a little ribbing for their Drama Queen mission statement: “Our family here is full of computational biologists from Stanford, and food engineers from Kraft and Campbell’s, and chefs from Michelin-star restaurants. They’re from Apple and General Electric. They’ve come from some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world to do everything they possibly can, every single day, to increase the probability that, before we die, a fair, honest, and just food system is the food system in every community.”

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