• Well said PK!:)

  • ..i dont like videos that always pin-point one person, as a scapegoat for all the bad happenings at a certain place...

    its a usual tactic of people to point at one person to hold responsible for all the mess,...

    i didnt see the video, but even if Kony is bad, its not only him that do all the "evil" schemes... much more are involved... not only in Africa, but in the whole world, that exists injustice... many people are responsible for all this, and also those who support these people...

    if anyone wants to blame someone, then its better to blame the whole collective consciousness of the planet, for any bad that is happening on this Earth, and not a single person, or even a group of persons.

    Just by taking Kony, or any "Kony" down, it wont change a damn thing...

  • I totally agree Peekay,well said!Also many other armies inc US army are guilty of this and much more.And may i say today World Tibet day how come we never had anything like a TIBET2012,the horrors in Tibet have been going on just as long...i pray for all innocent suffering children in the world but this film is imho def propaganda at its highest.The fact they used facebook so much spells something dodgy for starters,so they are using their self created media tools to fool the people,v clever but if we remain connected to are essence within we can never be fooled!

  • march 9th friday 2012 Alex jones talks about on his radio show about the Kony scam and how it is all connected to distract people and get military in Africa - Check it out its free pod cast on his website ...

    very interesting stuff - Love n Light


  • Thanks Peekay !

  • Well at the begining he says that it is an experiment so... :/

  • Well, if this is real, why the GFOL doesn't arrest him before bankers I think this guy is more dangerous....

  • There appears to be a Lot of Controvery about this video ~ here is One

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Whose Life Is It?

  Whose Life Is It? God said:

Whose life do you think you have? It is Mine. It is My life you are carrying around. I tender My life to you to engage in on Earth. I sent Myself out to play, and you…

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