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Hello everyone :)

My twin flame and I started to build a business on what we love: art :)
My fiancee, Kira, is a medium and I am gifted with healing abilities, for that reason we wanted to combine it with the art we do so that people can not only enjoy our art but feel aided by it!
If some of you are interested in what my fiancee and I do feel free to explore our website ^_^
Everything is still in development so there is much to come - but already enough that we feel like sharing it with you :)
We make drawings, paintings, music and offer services like readings in form of artwork (page for that is under construction), drawing/painting-commissions and music commissions
More will come :)
We also have a YouTube channel, so feel free to visit us there, too

Everyone who stops by is very very welcome. We appreciate every help we can get so that we can build up a business on what we really love <3

Thank You to everyone who read that ^__^!

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