- Paste or put up Royal Discipline Celestial Ritual above
- Put 3 candles below (whether there is censer or not, it’s ok, or use incense cylinder)


   Celestial Ritual is red, its background is white  

Vegetarian worship: As your wishes, daily or in the first day of the lunar month or solar month. No use votive paper, meat to worship.
Person who holds the ceremony has to wear decently, clear body. In the ceremonial day, eating vegetarian meal and no sex

After censing, right hand stretches, put on the forehead, the thumb touches at  ajna - between 2 eyebrows. Left hand stretches transversal, touches at the position of the heart, and worship

- I entreat respectfully King Father High Almighty God!
You may worship more:
- I entreat respectfully Royal Mother Goddess
- I entreat respectfully Great Masters
- I entreat respectfully Ante-Creation Saint Palace, Post-Creation Saint Palace
(Or briefly: I entreat respectfully Father- Mother and Masters)
 - After worshiping, we pray: Father grateful Book
- After praying, kowtow 9 times: Kneel/genuflect, prostrate, put both hands face down, parallel, in front of the knees. After prostrating, raise your head, put hands at your chest, then repeat all these steps again

                       Father (God) Grateful Book

On the summit of towering sky
                        On White Jade Palace, Father reigns with Celestial Spirit
                       Father creates all sentient beings, Father of all living beings
No more happiness than Father giving life
Father is vast towering sky
Father is red blood stream flowing forever in the heart
Father is the sweet softly light
Bring us into everlasting immortal life
Father is the lamp lighting eternally
Myriad of incarnations we go as the wind beside You
You are the River of Primitive Prana, feeding milk
                 Sweet honey and bitter, Father protects/cover up, long-suffering
              Milky way hammock, Father weaves, Mother carries pick-a-back
On Father’s shoulder, history is prolonged myriads million years
Life Flower for hard-working Low Realm
                That meritorious deeds, this Compassion Beauty, Father teaches
In Universe, Primitive Lamp is flaming
Scatter dawn to all over the world
Create prosperity, support miserables
Cultivate civilization, repair backwardness
Father encourages struggle aspiration
Vitality to rise rightfully of all beings
Father protects and helps in gestation period
Give life’s seed  to mankind’s myriads lives
That favour, how could we count
When all sentient beings in your arms!
Hold us in your arms, You – the Universe, my dear!

Me – the sand in great Father’s arms
Forever I offer you – gentle Father
My soul – your Jade
My soul is a flower
Fragrance spreads to High realm’s flower garden

My eyes as myriad of words
Offer you the sweet song
My soul as pure air
Clear all the dust to valet beside Father
Many sacrifices of the world
I offer you with respectful congratulation, my dear Father
And Father, on every paths
I beg you to remind me the mission frequently

Assign Celestial Spirits to reveal the incarnations
Help mankind, assist with compassion and vitality

Eliminate all malicious fraudulent things,purify
To fortify, have peace in life

Virtue covering as high Sky, vast Ocean
High Almighty God, I reverently respect you with my love
                                                        *    *    *


HIGH ALMIGHTY GOD – also call God, Jehovah, Allah, Jàng, Brahman, Dieu… Is Central Celestial Spirit Northern Astrology Great King – God of Universe – Great Omnipotent Being – Great Ancient Grand Master of Celestial Way; Father of Gods, Saints, Fairies, Buddhas, sentient beings, all living beings. He is Creator Being, King on the Celestial Hierarchy – so we call him King Father
Up to this time, there is only Celestial Way officially calling him King Father with Monotheistic Throne forever
Celestial Ritual: It is also called Celestial Spirit Northern Star Ritual; symbolize God – it is also unity symbol of Celestial Way’s Three Palaces – 3 main Thrones (3 circles: Father – Mother – Saints Gods) – and our fate, so it is sacred symbol

It is a cruciform with 3 concentric circles. The big circle in the middle symbolizes  Universe – The Way – Great Unity – Great Primitive Power – Throne of King Father Almighty God. The left circle symbolizes Ante-Creation Saint Palace (Royal Mother manages). The right circle symbolizes Post-Creation Saint Palace (Central Celestial Almighty King manages)

7 Polaris Stars (King Star Astrology) – Center of Universe (Heaven) is also the place where Father reigns – homeland of Mankind, the place we come back after many incarnations of Samsara. They are 7 center of divinity and spiritual center of the Universe- 7 Chakras of the Universe.

Universe – God has 7 Stars - energy centers, so human also have 7  Stars - energy centers. So Celestial Ritual symbolizes for God and also for human fate (small Universe) – This is worship method and the most wonderful theology discovery of Celestial Way

Number 7 also symbolize 7 worlds at Astral Realm, 7 great points (chakras – energy centers) of human and Universe, is mainstay/sheet-anchor of the soul in the body
So number 7 symbolizes the whole life of human at Low Realm. It is also 7 main Books of Celestial Way: Celestial – Way – Teaching - Coaching – Law – Ceremonial – Human Book
- Celestial Ritual unites everything, symbolizes Great Omnipotent Being, God, King Father who born everything; so worship Celestial Ritual is worship directly King Father.
The monotheistic Throne we worship is King Father. About the Palaces, whether you pray/worship or not, it depends on you, you could call anyone
- Celestial Ritual is supremely sacred thing, it is transmitted sacred magic before using.
- You could wear it on the neck, its height is 9cm or 18cm if you use it to restrain ghosts, evil spirits or aspire after peace, luck; to protect your fate, worship 7 Northern Star Spirits bless, transform and eliminate disaster…
-No printing on the dress. The background is white, all the parts are red. This is ruby red, not muddy/turbid/opaque red or bright red, purplish red

Venerate/kowtow 9 times: This symbolizes the veneration/ reverence/ honor/ respect of 9 Celestial Spirit Realms. Number 9 also symbolizes Sky – 9 directions of  Sky. Number 9 is the highest one-figure natural number, is Sacred Nine throne - God – Celestial Emperor, number 9 symbolizes the immortality of the soul, Universe, God. Number 9 is 9 planets in the Solar System, 9 Northern Stars (7 Great Star Spirits Ancient Buddhas, additional 2 Bodhisattvas). The ninth Realm is Celestial Way Heaven – Celestial Hierarchy                        


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