Keys to Ascension

There is only one thing, 1 commandment that must be obeyed and fulfilled to a T before anyone can ascend and merge with God.  And it's:


"LOVE the Lord thy GOD with ALL your Strength, Mind, Soul and Heart."

This is what is necessary for the Spirit of God to descend upon you, purifying u of all sins and transofmring u into a Divine and Christed child of the Creator.

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  • there are no keys to Ascension,Ascension is a never ending process ,you reach 1 point then you Ascend to another point or destination an the destinations never end,take a brake!Then move on!Theres always another point an place to Ascend to though we be unaware ,it becomes aware as we forever unfold from unawareness into Awareness an become more Aware of our unarewareness
    • I will sit on a throne next to Jesus' in the Treasury of Light.. that is the Central Sun and will judge all the gods, lords, angels and humans; basically everyone in the entire universe who has not attained perfection by the time the Universe expands and ascends to higher light. My glory and exalted position i will not share with anyone , not even u Shelly. However.. the Central sun is not my dwelling place but is simply a place where i shall descend to from the indestructable timeless aeon of light (holy of holies)

      The commandment which i stress in my previous posts is the bread&butter of eternal life.. Deep down inside everyone knows this is so... and Shelly you're jumping into conclusions and assuming things about me u dont even know. I thank my lucky stars u will not have the power to judge or condem anyone otherwise no one would be saved.

      As for Dalai Lama.. he's not even enlightened!!... nor will he be able to approach or see me in the heavens because the immeasuruble light in which i shall be.. Needles to say.. if u want the gyst of it.. Dalai Lama will not ascend anytime soon.. definately not this lifetime
    • u've been living apart from god separated from your first love for several hundreds if not millions of years... The commandment i mentioned above u do not understand nor do i really except u to.. Once again No one understands the commandment which i mentioned in my previous posts. It's enough to say it bridges the gap between God and Human.... Whoever does not understand it walks in darkness.

      There u go.. u spilled your beans speciment.. U are not ready and will not ascend this lifetime because as u yourself put it.. U would not want to be perfect and prefer flaws. *nufff said*
    • There is a point in life where all human lessons are learned in physical reality and it's time to move forward. Ascension is what transpires... But what u are saying is probably true in that humanity will always evolve and expand in consciousness/awareness..
    • Wow Cappy, sometimes you startle me! Such profound wisdom from a dragonfly...hope you're taking notes Darlok.
  • Dude.. how am i putting people down? Happiness love and joy is abundant even in the lower heavens.. People will not care where they are because even the 1st heaven (this could be the 5th Dimension) is beyond words and makes earth look like darkness of darknesses compared to it.

    A soul will go to where it's destined.. that is to the place from where it came from. Those who will become perfect in the unbeggoten Father through the mysteries which they shall receive will inherit the higher heavens and those who receive the lower mysteries will abide in the simpler ones. Do not hate.. This is how it is....

    And yes u are judging me but that's okay.. Everyone judges, including me.. it's whether u do it with rightesouness that matters.... God's love as i stated before is what makes human function in the world.. However his spirit (christ consciousness) has to be earned through the commandment i stressed before.

    JESUS describes The Ineffable God below:
    *From Apycrophon of John"

    "He is immeasurable light, which is pure, holy (and) immaculate. He is ineffable, being perfect in incorruptibility. (He is) not in perfection, nor in blessedness, nor in divinity, but he is far superior. He is not corporeal nor is he incorporeal. He is neither large nor is he small. There is no way to say, 'What is his quantity?' or, 'What is his quality?', for no one can know him. He is not someone among (other) beings, rather he is far superior. Not that he is (simply) superior, but his essence does not partake in the aeons nor in time. For he who partakes in an aeon was prepared beforehand.
  • Hey Darlok

    Here's a little catch-up for you, oh yeah by the way EVERYONE has the "Spirit of God" within them, it's just a personal matter of realising this fact and re-connecting oneself with it. No-one needs anything to descend upon them except the realisation that they are the spirit of God in flesh unrealised.
    • call it what u want.. Everyone has the breath of God within which makes them stand and function.. However by the Spirit of god i mean Christ Consciousness. Very few if any people have this spirit in them. Whether it actually descends or is reawakened from inside is of no importannce.. I only know that U get it by following the commandment of God
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