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Keshe Foundation: "Japan the latest nation to receive the spaceship program"

The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce that as of Friday 2 .11.2012 the Royal Imperial nation of Japan is the latest nation which has received the spaceship USB stick from the Keshe Foundation.

The gift of the SSP program was handed over to the embassy of the Japan on Friday 2.11.2012 at 1.30 pm.

From this day the nation of Japan can help its people to help themselves in cleaning-up of the Fukushima nuclear spillage using the gravitational space technology to contain any nuclear radiation leakage into the atmosphere and its surrounding areas.

The transfers of technology to the government of japan allows the nation to develop their own new energy supply system. This making this nation independent of import of energy as the nation become self-sufficient in matter of handful of years.

The content of all the SSP USB sticks for all nations is exactly the same and all are copied from the same mother master file. Therefore all nations receive the same patents and blueprint of space reactor technology from the Keshe Foundation.

We congratulate the nation of japan in reciving the SSP USB stick.

We have offered the government of japan our full technological support to achieve and realize the technology as fast as possible for help in their present situation with the nuclear problem of the country.

The technology transfer to the goverment of Japan was done on no charge bases and as free gift from the Keshe Foundation to the hard working nation of Japan.

We welcome the nation of the japan into the SSP program family.

M T Keshe 
The Founder of the Keshe Foundation

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And so it begins.
Let's look forward and upwards. In Light. In Love.
so in only a few years we will know if this is a lie or not. sheesh.

such the optimist.

Maybe one of the latest, but if true, it will be one of the first to develop it.

...actually, its not one of the latest but one of the first to get it.... in Europe only Italy has it so far, i think...

I hope they use the new technology wisely.

@merlin REALIST, totally different.

if you don't believe any of this then why did you even sign up on this forum?

sick and tired of this stupid comment from people.

maybe if you used the grey matter between your ears for thinking once in a while you would think that perhaps i am here because i DO believ in things which as yet are not explained.  just because i take a realistic and fact based view on it doesnt mean i dont belong here.

people who dont belong here are people like youwho think that eveyrone needs to have the same thughts and beliefs and pat eachother on the back.

PS there are plenty of sites for you to visit where you will never hear any opposing views. would be a great one.  youll only hear about love and light there and no reality at all. 

why are YOU here if you arent interested in hearing many thought and views and opinions?

Indeed, embracing all points of view as complementary is the evidence of Unconditional Love within.

no all points of view are NOT complimentary, but they at least should be heard and discussed.

it is a fallcy to believe that every belief is correct.


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