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Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit: Produce “Free Energy” Using Captured CO2 Sun, November 30, 2014
PL Chang | 
Last updated on November 26th, 2014 | Published on November 26, 2014 

keshe foundation co2 capture kit Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit: Produce “Free Energy” Using Captured CO2

The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit was invented by Dr. Mehran Tavakoli (MT) Keshe and his team. Dr. M.T. Keshe is a nuclear physicist who is an expert in plasma and “free energy” technology. He also has a lot of knowledge on antigravity and other advanced technologies that aren’t well known to the public.

What is the Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit?

The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit is a simple and unique kit that can capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and convert it into a non-toxic solution at room temperature. This solution isn’t your typical solution because it is in a plasmatic condition. This special solution can be used to produce “free energy.”

The videos in this article go more in depth about the Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit and explain how it works. In the first video, Dr. M.T. Keshe explains how his kit absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere using a method similar to how a leaf absorbs CO2. Like the cells of our body, every leaf has an electromagnetic and gravitational field. These two fields, when interacting in certain ways, allow a leaf to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into oxygen (O2).

Two important materials found in the Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit are a copper plate coated with a type of nanomaterial and a nickle plate. When these two plates are connected by a wire and placed in a solution made of salt and water, together they create an electromagnetic field similar to the electromagnetic field of a leaf. This artificial electromagnetic field system can be used to absorb the CO2 from the atmosphere.

How to use CO2 to produce “free energy”

According to, its CO2 capture kit allows you to see the collected CO2 in a new form of plasma of matter unknown to the conventional scientific community up to the present time. This type of matter can be used to produce “free energy.” If you are interested in learning how to use the captured CO2 to produce “free energy,” watch the second video.

If you are interested in purchasing The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit, it is available for purchase at For other “free energy” technology applications, read this article titled Five “Free Energy” Devices that Could Save You Thousands of Dollars.

The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit (Part 1)

The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture Kit (Part 2)


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Once again, the winner of the marathon "The Worlds Most Gullible and Stupid People" delivers a quality piece of tripe that only people who skipped highschool chemistry can fall for.

This is a simple salt water battery. And, it will not consume CO2. It'll consume the salt and the metal plates and convert it to chlorides that will then stick to the metal plates.
You can get about 1 volt from this setup but the amperage is so low it can't be used for anything other than emergency lighting with Bright LED's.

This is simply a SCAM, designed to separate uneducated people from their money!

A salt water battery doesn't cost $20 to make. It costs $2 at most, if you buy your metals form a retail store. If you get them from the recycle-bin instead, it'll be totally free. :)

Oh really, and what is your science achievment Acute Observer? S******* on other people's work? Well, nothing new here, you've done that for ages.

Just for once, do the research before speaking. If you were so smart, you wouldn't have spent most of your days visiting forums and attacking others. Smart people do the actual work in order to improve lives of others, and only sometimes have time to read and post things on forums or web sites.

You think that your aggressive attack on other people will make other doubt real values? 

Mr.Keshe has reached agreements with many countries around the world on usage his technology for the betterment of humanity. They don't advertise that as there are still strong opposing forces at work, but they will, sooner then you think. This is just one example:

If you are that smart, then please do something important, if you are able to do so (and I pretty much doubt it)

@(un)Happy Person
"Oh really, and what is your science achievment Acute Observer?"

I allow others to replace my work freely. :)

"Just for once, do the research before speaking."

I've already done that and You know it. Your selective memory loss have allowed you to forget it however, to enable you to yet again use the "educate yourself"-argument as some sort of blunt tool for character assasination.

I've researched Keshe for years, and he's full of it!

"Smart people do the actual work in order to improve lives of others"

Then why do you perpetuate a scam that does nothing but making poor people poorer?
By posting this piece you're basically helping organised crime to rip off lightworkers of both money as well as future emotions (fuel for the Elite).

"Mr.Keshe has reached agreements with many countries"

Prove it or cool it.

"around the world on usage his technology for the betterment of humanity."

Have any of them actually gotten to SEE a working unit of his tech?

"They don't advertise that as there are still strong opposing forces at work"

The usual arguments that we've all heard since 200X.
But, that still doesn't negate the fact that he's trying to pass off a pre school science-kit as some sort of plasmatic eternal energy-unit.

If he is so REAL and so SERIOUS, why is he scamming people in between these more important deals?


Published may 2013 and have got 15 likes and 11 shares so far.
Dear God, a picture of my right toe-nail would get higher ratings for christs sake. ;)

And with this link you wanted to tell me what exactly?
That many americans are so uneducated they can't even point out europe on a map, or simply that Keshe and his following have reached pathetic proportions, hence proving me Right? ;)

"If you are that smart, then please do something important,"

Saving lightworkers from wasting their money, their future and their trust in their fellow man by contributing to organised crime, isn't important enough for your taste?
You need to get some perspective.

I totally agree with you. This is more BS from him

...Hmm..Mr Acute.....I Sometimes...  Cant Differentiate...Between...Your View....+The Person     Who Is.....Posting....Soz.....:)....x..................

In short, if you buy and build the kit from this article, you will not get a CO2-abosorbing free energy device. You'll get a simple electrochemical "potato-battery" of low capacity and with no meaningful use whatsoever in comparison to its price. ;)

..Ok   Thanx Mr Acute.....x

Acute is absolutely right here! Early wooden sailing vessels that had iron bolts and rivets that reacted adversely with salt water before ship builders in the british navy started lining the hulls with copper sheeting to counteract the chemical reaction between the salt water and the metals used to hold the ship together.

Nickles and pennies from your pocket change and a glass of salt water is enough to make your own battery!

Not having a nuclear physics degree doesn't make me forget what I learned in high school physics class!

I don't blindly believe what others claim. what I posted above with that link just goes to show what a good memory and a wee bit of research can lead you to. As AO stated "A scam designed to separate uneducated people from their money".

Have you researched this man's claims? Has he delivered any of the generators or the medical equipment to the people that have already payed him for it??? I doubt Val's tech is just nickel and dimes!

Why not research this fella a wee bit before accusing others of heckling, research past blogs on this very site.

Have you tried the simple experiment at the link?? you can do it in your own kitchen.

"Could I ask how much Nuclear Physics did you guys study in school?"

Enough to know that THIS is NOT nuclear physics. I have also read enough to know that what converts carbon dioxide in a leaf is NOT magnetics but rather a photolytic conversion where carbon dioxide gets converted into sugar and oxygen, using radiant energy.

"How do you know it won't absorb the CO2 have you tried the devise?"

I've built many batteries in my days including this one.
I KNOW what I am talking about here.

"Do you have proof it does not work?"

You surprise me.
You know as well as I do that proving that something does NOT work is as difficult as proving that the moon is NOT made out of cheese.

For you to even suggest such an outrageously transparent argument, almost makes me wanna send you to Syria. ;)

"I like to see proof myself."

Then buy it and build it, and you'll have all the proof you need.
You'll also have helped a scammer add to his riches in order to scam even more people, but.. Noone said scientific research and progress is done completely without risk, eh? ;)

"Not having a degree in Nuclear Physics I don't have an opinion."

Do you have a high school degree?
I mean, the guy practically "sell you a hammer but tell you it's a nail".
You should be able to distinguish the difference here.

No really, you should.

This is just one aspect of the work that Mr.Keshe did:

Have a look at these videos please

I've researched Keshe since before 2009, and he IS a fraud, and if you are protecting him, you're one too.


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