Dear Lightworkers,


Extracts from a discussion between myself and Kelly S, anent her healing by an ET on the astral plane, back in March, 2011...



Kelly said:

"I’m home sick with the flu today, not feeling well at all… sigh. Perhaps it has something to do with running into Ptaah again last night, he left me with something called “magnetic flux”, I think he said. Head hurts beyond tylenol, so will see the post on AC and then will lay down."



Drekx response:

Hey Kelly, I just knew you were feeling out of sorts, when your posting went quiet on both sites..
I was missing you today…

Just get better soon, honey…and get plenty of rest and warm drinks… :-)

Flu-like symptoms relate to ascension fatigue…

You received a good number of responses on AC about Erle Argonza, also…It seems most don’t think much of him…or like me, are indifferent…

Yes it has been sunny today, and your smiles are always most welcome, sweetheart…!!

Catchya later, when you feel better….!! ;-) Blessings of Loving healing waves from your friend, Drekx



Drekx response (3 hrs later:)

Hi babe, OK I’ve been putting out my feelers anent what you said about “Ptaah” and can confirm that it was not him…
But it was a fellow Plejare named Quetzal, who is younger looking and also with a beard…

He wanted to update you on your multi-dimensional bodily adjustments, as it was felt that a sentient humanoid would make a better “impression” upon you than the Arcturians, whom you may have found to be a little strange and unfamiliar, in spite of their massive compassion…

The so-called “magnetic flux” you speak of is based upon the fact that we are all electro-magnetic beings, who possess within our microcosmic selves the same energised geometric blueprint structures inherent within the macrocosmic Logos…of which we are living parts…

There are within you, magnetic flux fields of inter-dimensional light, that form perimeter boundary layers between your super-aetheric body and the higher planes…linking you directly to your Monad…

Magnetic frequencies have been adjusted within your inter-dimensional flux fields, allowing a freer passage of energies from one bodily dimension to another, which is akin to a cell wall membrane retaining it’s contents, yet allowing the action of fluid osmosis to occur, when required.

This rebalancing of your magnetic flux has been made, in response to the necessary Vywamus extraction of much aetheric mucous at various locations around energy centres within your head…

The resultant incoming stimuli allows for a more creative “inpouring” of “inter-dimensional data stream packages,” which instruct the proper functioning of the new vortices, allowing their transformation into properly functioning chakra centres, as named in my previous article..
When at their maximum functionality, they will gift you with highly refined psychic abilities as we possess…

I will suggest that Sandara or Vashtar visit you in the dream state in the future, if such a medical summary is required to be presented to you again…
I feel that our own star nation has that duty, although we are one with the beloved Plejaren.. :-)

Incidentally we are all so proud of your recent performance on AC, and how you clarified the picture, anent the GFL, to readers there…There do seem to be many excellent souls and bright ones in the midst of many dark agendas to ruin our Federation reputation as exponents of lighted service to the Plan…
One article, posted by *%"**^$%, even suggested that we Sirians work with the “dark side” and possess “cat’s eye vertical pupils,” which is absolute nonsense….

Some Sirians have blue normal-looking human eyes, such as Vashtar, and others, for example, the very attractive female Sirian, Sandara, have beautiful green-brown eyes…
No reptile eye pupils to speak of…far from it. ;-)

Anyway, keep up the excellent work of representing our cosmic star nation on Ashtar Command, as we are right behind you with much resonance and loving empathy…. :-)



Kelly said:

"Oh Thankyou, Drekx :) Sometimes I feel like it “can’t” be real, the things I see and dream lol. The vast gulf between my dream self and my daily self is narrowing though, and hopefully I can be as conscious as yourself in time. It is very nice that I am a part of the process and they felt I could handle some of what is going on, much Love to our galactic brothers and sisters out there :) I don’t have conscious memory of the Arcturians, I hope they know that I love them and that my sister is especially moved by them. I’m not sure if I would be afraid of them, I hope not.
Yes I get pretty annoyed with the fear that others are putting on the GFL’s shoulders’. Seeing them with human eyes and human frailty… making them responsible for human choices. But there are many Lighted souls on AC, sometimes their wisdom is astonishing and I have joy that not all are afraid of the GFL.
Thank you for your support of my work there, I think sometimes that we’re all just killing time until ascension and 2012, so it is nice that I have some meaning in what I do. I don’t want to be selfish and just do it for my own kicks, I want to make a difference and help as much as I can.
PS So that was Quetzal? I’ve heard of him, I should thank him for taking the time to be with me and helping me understand what is happening. It’s only right :)
Thank you for all you are, Commander, you make this process so much better, I am grateful for your friendship and brotherhood. You know, if you ever need anything I will be there for you too" :)

End quote...



Kelly went on to make a full recovery and has since received many beneficial adjustments made, enhancing her psychic abilities...



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • I have experience with both impressions and dreams. But I have to take my time and be focused to describe my impressions accurately. No focus means no clarity.

    I wonder if “impressioning” is the most common form of “channeling”?

    I was interested in channeling for several years. This is how I learned to observe and choose the right words to describe visions and vibes. It wasn’t literally channeling, I actually learned to develop my observation skills and become more objective and less personally involved.

    Observing psychic impressions doesn’t differ much from observing birds and trying to be as accurate as possible in your descriptions. Although it’s easier to check Wikipedia when you doubt your observations than finding a reliable spiritual or galactic encyclopedia 😄

    The challenge with psychic impressions is that it’s easy to fill in the blanks or to jump to conclusions. Or to get emotionally too absorbed. But on the other hand it’s normal that you need the time to process new information and that this can have an emotional impact as well. It helps to become aware of that.
    • How to deal with muddled dreams and impressions?

      1) Write them down as accurately and factually as possible.

      2) Remember the feeling or vibe of the dream and write down whatever you see or feel.

      Being accurate and factual isn’t always possible, it’s okay to leave things open, it’s also okay to make guesses and not to guess things right. You can always revisit your impressions another time.

      People who are mentally focused may like the first method better.

      People who are heart centered may find the second method easier.

      When you use both methods you will refine your observation skills and will be able to use logic and intuition at the same time. The more mental and intuitive clarity you have, the more accurate your psychic observations will be.
      • Yes, always write the dreams down, if you are starting out on this astral method..Feelings are more important than some may understand....The heart actually has neurons, just like a brain....They are both thinking organs, with access to higher mind and concrete logic, or "gut" intuitions.
        When you can access the higher mind, which is like a vast magnet, you can really start getting downloads of worth....As you develop mind, through use, you build higher access in mental substances, within your antahkarana bridge...This links your concrete mind with your higher mind. Then you have to step-down the energies, to convert to day, to day, logical processing...It takes practice, like all things...
    • Hello my friend, good to see your valid contributions...😄 And yes, channeling is different to impressioning and again different to telepathic contact....It's the same with astral projection, being different to aetheric projection....It was the latter method I used recently, which was actually invoked by Sandara, but I must say, it's the closest to an NDE, without being dead and without the astral tunnel....
      Many people we call "genius" are able to use impressioning. Not everyone can telepath clearly and concisely, but it is there, in some form or other...Natural as phoning a relative to speak and discovering they were just about to phone you...It does happen a lot....And it does depend on your state at the time...That is why balance through meditation and diet is so important... 😄 Great stuff...!!
      • I’m curious how telepathy actually works and what happens in the minds of two trained telepaths.

        That you are able to telepathically “chat” with ETs and Ascended Masters intrigues me.

        I’m not able to do that. I do pick up vibes and impressions, but I have to be focused and willing to process the information consciously. I don’t always do that or I am trying too hard…

        My guess for now:

        Telepathy works through the mental body.

        Impressioning works through the emotional body.
        • Exactly right...Telepathy can come through in the awake state...We normally block it, or open the block and remain receptive...I first communicated with Vashtar this way, when I was 9-years old...He taught me how to avoid picking up too much "mental traffic," from people around me, as it was causing some anxiety...

          Most Masters, off-world, or on, prefer to contact us on the mental plane, using telepathy....They are also pleased to use contact methods on the astral, as well...So yes, an impressioning is astral, so the emotional body picks up the vibe and it eventually filters into consciousness...Often this is in the dream state, while astral travelling..
          As you get better, you may physically meet them, also...Normally, they evaluate energy spent in doing so. There has to be a valid reason, normally...Like a particular device to be deployed, or a particular mission of importance...
          Same with their vimana craft. They spend more effort on the higher aethers, than the lower and will manifest in the dense, when absolutely necessary to do so...

          The dense aethers are a reflection of the higher aethers and most healing is conducted on the higher, it then filters down, or percolates to manifestation...
          • Thanks for explaining. I get much information out of impressions, if I pay attention and are willing to process.

            Maybe I have had some telepathic moments, but they seem so “direct”, too intense, maybe?

            Impressioning seems more gentle but is less clear, unless I am willing to observe and analyze. In other words, it takes work.

            I also have many dreams, I find it harder to make sense of them. My dreams are sometimes very clear but the received energies and information can be mind blowing. It takes far more time for me to process and to make sense of my dreams.
        • It is clear that there is a logical explanation for so called super natural abilities 😊
          • Oh absolutely true...This notion of "super-natural" is something of a misnomer...It comes within the realms of nature. Every phenomena can be explained logically, provided one understands that reality extends beyond the five senses....
            This should be obvious to modern science, too, as we all take it for granted that radio waves are being sent all around us, yet not seen with naked eyes. But picked up on a radio....So many examples...
            • Radio waves is where I started my scientific interest in psi. I always have two magnets in my room. I push one against the other and recall trying to force a floating object into water. Then I realize that my 5 sense are not adequate to explain reality. Then I wonder if it is actually the 'spirit' that intervene betwen the two magnets! Believe it or not, this is the reason why I got spiritual!

              Now come to radio waves. We not from TV that images are always there with us (in some form) be we donnot see them, of course.

              But this analogy also shows that the 'this cannot be explained by science' common amongst the psi advocates is not good! It is self destructive and needlessly makes their believes contradictory. I rejected this a long time ago, and sought scientific explanations. Where I didnt find satisfactory ones, I created mine. We should rather specify that 'it is not explainable by known or accepted science' (at least accepted in the mainstream.)

              Once spirit interacts with matter, it is no more 'inexplicable' than radio waves is.Or I should say that scientists donnot more understand radio waves than they do 'spirit'. They just accept that they are there, and reject 'spirit'. Likewise if 'moses' was to come here, wave his stuff and voila, the sea parts, he would have demonstrated a new science and scientists will have to accept it. They will then talk of a 'field' somehow somewhat capable of interacting with the mind. The manner in which it interacts with the mind may keep becoming 'unsolved questions in physics' etc. They key point is that though a thing like telepathy etc may not be seen, its effect must, nevertheless, be seen, if one close exermines the body while it is receiving the telepathic message. A scientist will notice that there is some effect that he cannot account for using the things he knows. That is how we will conclude that 'a miracle has happened' if moses performed the drama.

              Since the effect of (real) telepathy must be observable objectively, there is no difference between telepathy and 'a new field' in physics!!! A trick that eluded many 'new agers'! We must be able to, at least, form 'effective, physics theories' of telepathy. All physics theories are effective! It is quite possible that light is more than it appears to a physicist. This, nevertheless does not bar a physicist from modelling light upto the point where the statement of its interaction with the observable matter is seen as consistent with known fact. The light, in its full details, may be far more than that!

              So new age reasoning of simply axing out science and logic is seen to be an incoherent view of reality! We must abandon it! The 'new ager' was not interested with facts because he wanted a lower threshold so he may claim that what he experiences subjectively is adequate. So he created unrealistic and contradictory chasm between the 'objective' and the 'subjective'.
This reply was deleted.

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