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Just a thought..!Do we fear Jumping into the Unknown?Do we feel we are stuck?Do we trust the inner feelings within that sings to us"Jump, .....Jump, .....................Jump"?If I am full why do I feel hunger?What an existence this would be if I knew all the answers?If I only tap 4% of reality when did I ever know?I have always been walking in darkness so what is there toloos as I Jump into darkness once again yet this time fully aware.And if god or whatever said let there be light, then there is a clueto the riddle, darkness is where it “is”,And what of this word “Light” what does it mean, are we blindedby it so much so we have lost its meaning?Illumination the spark of knowing, a ripple of a thought carriedupon its wave, a seed to be planted within the matrix of creation,a new adventure to be sporened to have the experience at no cost,it’s all for free.You just moving conscious energy,And what is the glue that holds and binds this material reality thatwe think is so real and true, “LOVE” is that it?And of this truth that we hold onto so dearly, what of it?That it is so transitory in its being, never keeping still and if so whatcan we really say is true? is stillness real or is it temporary and howlong must it be still till it becomes stagnant to form a pool of standingthought.Within that place known as the Void all potentials and no potentials.We are jumping each and every moment that seems to be the case.Is it this they call the Quanta ("how much")Yes that’s it eureka “How Much” how much more do I need of thisor that experience ("knowledge gained by repeated trials,") do I needBefore I move on to my next truth or adventure?So I embrace my fear my darkness my greatest teacher and tyrant.I Love myself for I know nothing and in that knowing I know all.I am Great Mystery and Bless the lord of my being.“Love yourself” for you are it the sum of all things,And in that love your being is changed for all eternity.And all that “is” is “Now” or at the present time or momentAnd it is for the joy of it infinitely forever and ever.Bless and Love yourself forever

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