Journeying into a new worlda message from Kryon channeled by David BrownTuesday, 3 February, 2009 (posted 1 March, 2009)Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.Once again it is wonderful to be here in Marina da Gama. Times are changing, it looks like things in the economy are getting difficult but a new world is beckoning and in every birth there is pain. There are many, many, shifts ahead, many changes; and Dear Ones we bring you much love much gentleness, much tenderness.I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service and we bring to you a new world, a world full of shifts, full of changes, full of cleansing, full of purity. We are here to take you on a journey into love, into a new world, a new world which is barely round the corner. Many of you have been working on yourselves for many years now and you will begin to feel the benefits of your inner work. You will also be able to trust that when you come across an issue you can work through it, you can step into your new world you can clear your issue and gladly start the next. You will realize and recognise that as you face your issues and you heal your issues on the inside and take the action in your outer world you will find your world becoming a very different place.You will find that your inner mood, your inner ambiance, will begin to change and you will begin to feel much fuller, much safer and much more secure in your world. You will also recognize that all these patterns of behaviour come from your childhood and what you work through in this lifetime you will work through into past lives and beyond. Taking yourselves into a new world, experiencing the lifetimes that you have lived. Initially on this spiritual path the lifetimes that you have worked through are the difficult ones, the painful ones, lifetimes where you struggled and where you suffered. That is the karma that you bring with you to this earth, the karma of these difficult lifetimes. For it is set up in a way that you work through the difficult, painful lifetimes first and move on to the more loving, the more caring lifetimes as your journey unfolds. You have to remember that you are what you create and if you are these painful lifetimes filled with suffering then you will create that in this lifetime until it is resolved. Your childhood will have been one of stress and suffering, of course there will be happy moments but you will go on a journey into a new world, a new life.There are many shifts of energy flowing and have been flowing since we last spoke; and, as always, these energies bring difficulty. Release them and then enjoy the release knowing that you have stepped into a new level consciousness and each level of consciousness is a journey, each level of consciousness requires learning, understanding, knowledge, it requires emotional processing, it requires your body to become clearer, freer, and more expansive. As you expand into new levels of consciousness you are always expanding into the unknown. It is also a fearful exercise. As you open yourselves up to new energies and you become very positive you will feel very alive and full of love; we have always said this in these channellings. You will also raise those energies that hold you back and that stop you stepping into this new vibration, this new level of consciousness.There has been much talk about the lifetimes of Atlantis and the lifetimes of Lemuria but there have been many lifetimes in these last two thousand years that have created great, great suffering. Europe has experienced great suffering over the last two thousand years even into the last century when there were two great wars where there was great suffering. The Roman Empire and its building and its fall created great suffering in Europe and there are many lifetimes you will find your self in European times where you will have experienced a great deal of suffering and a great deal of shame; depending on which side you were on. If you were on the Roman side of the coin or if you were a spiritual person seeking freedom in Europe you may have been subjected to persecution. There will have been warring factions between small kingdoms wishing to expand and of course the Roman Empire with its powerful military force wishing to dominate and rule the world. Not only rule the world through military force but also the spiritual side of things under the auspice of the Roman Empire in the third and the fourth centuries after Christ was born.This brought an ever changing flux of consciousness and an every changing flux of leadership for there were people who had a phenomenal consciousness in days of old. Of course this was a threat to the Roman Empire for the Romans wanted to rule the world and have the same beliefs amongst all its peoples, be these beliefs true or false. There were many races that believed that the sun was the centre of the universe or the solar system and the earth moved around the sun and of course the Roman church and the Roman Empire didn’t want this to be believed, they wanted the Roman church and the Roman Empire to be the centre of the world. Of course it was the centre of their world but not the centre of the true world. So peoples were broken spiritually, through force, nations disappeared, other nations conquered and many nations arose out of a mixture of different peoples and as all this evolving of consciousness and evolving of the planet and evolving of the forces that controlled and surrounded the planet went on it created upheaval, century after century there was war in different parts of Europe continually. France in the twelfth century and Germany in the fourteenth century, Britain in the first century with Roman invasion, the Norman invasion of 1066. This caused great suffering but every cloud has a silver lining and there must be some reason for all this suffering, for all this changing, for all this war.Perhaps at first sight it may not be clear but the journey into love is not an easy journey; wherever there is war you could say there is an absence of love for some reason or another. There has to be some reason for every action and every reaction and this will have affected people on a cellular level for hundreds and thousands of years to come especially where the level of consciousness is so low. In the days of Pythagoras one could argue that the consciousness grew, it certainly grew for him but the consciousness of Pythagoras was no different than the consciousness of the druids of Europe for they knew that the earth moved around the sun, they knew that the moon went around the earth they understood the universe. So why then does a nation that doesn’t understand it overpower a nation that has a higher consciousness a higher understanding of the world and the way it is?We have often spoken in these channellings about the two energies of importance on this earth, that is the masculine energy and the feminine energy; both these energies are required to evolve and to create the world. If a consciousness expands into another consciousness then another consciousness will evolve and this is what has been happening in Europe, it is that one consciousness after another has been expanding into another overpowering the other but yet the one subtly influences the other and allows a change of direction. For instance in the early days of Rome the Christians were totally persecuted then when the Emperor Constantine came into power Constantine took over as head of the Christian church and immediately stopped the persecution of the Christians even though one could argue that Catholicism is not Christianity but a conglomeration of different beliefs from around Europe he still changed the consciousness of Rome. He changed pagan Rome into Christian Rome eventually becoming Catholic Rome, for there is a great difference between Christianity and Catholicism, however, the point is that the consciousness changed. The consciousness was strong and overpowering and less conscious in the areas of love and peace but more conscious in how to control and militarise and create powerful armies. All this changed and Europe has constantly grown through these interactions and the European people have also grown and expanded their consciousness mainly in the arena of technology, their work ethic and their ability to create a stable Europe eventually.Every action is created to bring out emotion and to release emotion. There have been many leaders that have come and many leaders that have gone, there have been many empires that have come and many empires that have gone and there are empires that are still here today that were there in yesterday that are smaller than what they were or bigger that what they were. One thing that remains the same is the spirit that flows through every man, it always stays the same, the soul of man always stays the same, as does the soul of the planet it always stays the same.The journey of planet earth and the journey of mankind is one of evolution; it is one of ever increasing consciousness. As you can see today the technology far outstretches that of yesteryear, as we headed into the last century the technology doubled and trebled and quadrupled the knowledge around technology just exploded completely out of hand. What were left in the past were certain levels of consciousness that knew how to live on this earth, knew how to love on this earth, and that knew how to relate with one another. There were people who had a consciousness where men and women lived as an equal where the hierarchy became pure. When we speak of pure we mean connected totally with the Divine, where they understood love.One of these peoples were the druids of Britain and also the druids of the German speaking nations and France and these people had an amazing depth of consciousness, had an amazing depth of understanding and love and they knew a sense of belonging, a sense of connection, a sense of oneness. Eventually the consciousness of the druids and the way that they lived with the land was overtaken and overpowered by first of all the Roman establishment. The kings and queens of Europe were also of a high level of consciousness in many respects and understood these druids’ ways, they were noble people because they had a noble consciousness, not all but many of them became pure but these pure people were replaced by stooges from Rome.Once again Europe finds itself in a difficult position with the worlds economies collapsing, with the wages in Europe much higher than in the rest of the world, manufactured goods are brought in from the East. What beckons Europe is a whole new consciousness, a consciousness of how to survive and how to maintain its power throughout this influx not only of material goods but also the influx of the Eastern spirituality, for many people are looking East for their spirituality and the European person is a little different than the Eastern person, the Western mind is different to that of the East. However, many of the Eastern techniques for healing, releasing and re-connecting to the Divine are sublime, they work with ease, but the power and strength of the Western mind is very, very difficult to overcome. A Western mind finds it very difficult to surrender, to love, to release and to let go. A Western mind has a different lineage, it comes from a different starting place and we want to take you back this night to where the European people did start, to where their consciousness did start so that you can begin to understand the difference between the East and the West, so that you can begin to understand why over these last few thousand years in Europe there has been so much turmoil and so much change.So we ask that you close your eyes and go inside and you connect to Mother Earth through the souls of your feet… and connect to Father Sky through the crown charka, and you will feel that in this channelling the energy is not yet stable and the reason behind this is that there is so much pain and so much suffering on this journey back in time through different levels of consciousness. There has to be a great deal of fear on taking this journey back, back in time. So we ask you to just observe your breath, just be with your breath and just allow yourself to go on a journey first of all back into the twentieth century. Maybe you find yourself in Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and London in the bombings.Just allow yourself, your soul, to take you back, back, back in time just observing and being patient with yourself, the pictures and the feelings will come… just allowing yourselves to keep breathing, watching your feelings, letting your feelings come and let your feelings go. At your feet are your spirit guides, your angels, and the room is filled with the energy of Kryon, just allow yourselves to be held as you take this journey back in time… always observing your feelings, letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go… Just going back deeper and deeper and deeper and find yourself in a European lifetime that caused you great pain and great suffering. As you find yourself in this lifetime what we really want you to observe is the power that created this pain and suffering, from where did that power come? Why did your soul agree to a lifetime filled with such pain and suffering? Just allow your body to relax, relax, relax just relax. We know the emotions are coming, its okay, it’s safe. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go… just observe. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go, let the thoughts come and let them go, don’t allow yourself to become attached, let them come and let them go…Now let’s move back to the nineteenth century, the era of great industrialization in Europe and once again observe a lifetime, find yourself in a lifetime in the eighteen hundreds… once again letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go and once again there is a force, a spirit, that flows through this lifetime, just observe what this is about… just knowing that there is no right and there is no wrong in what you are observing whatever side you were on; there had to be an aggressor and a defender to make this lifetime work…Now let’s move back to the seventeen hundreds just following the same exercise… just letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go and as you get used to this exercise you should feel the energies around you stabilizing, releasing your anxiety. Anxiety is part of the makeup of Western people. So just allow yourselves to feel this anxiety, this constant low level anxiety that belongs to Europe, ever changing boarders, ever changing empires, ever changing rulers and a belief system that doesn’t fit.Now allow yourselves to go to the sixteen hundreds and the fifteen hundreds to the days of the witch hunts. Whatever part of Europe you are in just allow yourself to observe your lifetimes and each lifetime that you see you will release this night, this very night. You will release all the emotion and you will retain the memory; the emotions of these lifetimes are creating your reality… observe what your spiritual beliefs were in those days…Move even further back in time to the thirteenth hundreds, just observe what your life is like in those days… just letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go…Now we want you to arrive in a lifetime in France around 1244, a lifetime of the Cathars. All people in the Kryon family have experienced this lifetime where there was genocide in the south of France and where there was another religion in Europe apart from Catholicism that is the religion of the Cathars. A religion similar to Eastern religions, as people that believed in Christ not the physical manifestation of Christ but of the Christ consciousness, many of them became clear, pure, they had many strange beliefs and they also partly descended from the druids; they were also very interconnected with the Nazarene Christian group. Mary Magdalene lived in this area for many years. Just allow yourselves to observe this lifetime… and in this lifetime if you were on the side of the Cathars you would have been given a choice that is to accept the Catholic doctrine or to walk into the fire to be burnt alive. After the Cathars created a beautiful life for themselves filled with love, poetry, prosperity they had to be subjected to torture and torment of this nature. So we ask you to be in this lifetime and to let the feelings come and to let the feelings go and there can be great shame brought forward from this lifetime. You felt great shame be you a Catholic or be you a Cathar for ending up in circumstances so terrible.Now lets go further back in time, find yourself somewhere in the tenth, the eighth or the seventh century, in another lifetime. Just letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go…Let’s go even further back to the fourth, the fifth or the sixth century finding the lifetime that is creating what you don’t want in this lifetime. Once again just letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go… letting the thoughts come and letting the thoughts go, not being attached to any of this just accepting what is just is…Now we want you to go back to AD 326 and we want you to enter a lifetime where there’s Constantine the Emperor and we want you to observe Constantine, observe the decisions that he took and observe why he took those decisions, what was this man’s agenda and how and why did he go about it and how did it affect you in that lifetime? Once again letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go…All these lifetimes that you have visited so far we want you to bless… bless these lifetimes by first of all accepting full responsibility and secondly apologizing to the parts of yourselves and anyone else or any other aspect that was involved in these lifetimes allowing the energy of apology to flow… forgive anybody and everybody that had to do with these lifetimes… love… allow the love to flow wherever it needs to flow…Surrender, as a result of all this insecurity in Europe, all this expansion of consciousness just allow surrender, surrendering your behaviour patterns that come as a result of these lifetimes. As we said in the beginning there must great learning through all of this, every cloud has a silver lining so let’s allow into these lifetimes the energy of gratitude, being grateful that you don’t have to go through this any more, your lessons are learnt, also being grateful for the lessons that you did learn and understand. Now allowing in the energy of letting go, just letting go, letting go of what does not serve you. Letting go is the greatest gift you can give to yourself…Now we want you to regress back to one last lifetime and that is to the lifetime of Christ. Observe this lifetime, what role you had in this lifetime… we want you to allow the energy of Christ into your bodies, just allow it… and become this Christ energy… and let the feelings come and let the feelings go, let the thoughts come and let the thoughts go just allowing the release, release, release… whatever stops the consciousness of Christ just let it go… and allow this consciousness to speak. Why is it that after two thousand years of Christ that we are still not living with Christ conscious on this planet? What is the force and the energy that prevents Christ consciousness coming to you? Receive this gift of Christ consciousness and let it expand through your body and into all the members of the Kryon soul group throughout the world, let it flow through you and into them and allow the Church of Love once again to open its doors.For Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God Bless and take care.

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  • david brown

    this is the channeler who place this ,

    sorry that i was forget to write this in that message

    in my light , power and LOVE

  • Well, I could try as best I can to translate the above messge (because at some places I could not find one word that really fits, I chose to write two with the same meaning):
    "you all made the decision, to step out of the chain of reinkarnation. So far in this point you would agree with me. To accomplish this, all undone affairs/matters have to be arranged - in this point you would also agree with me. Well, you have accomplished much in your many past lives, if not, such a descision to step out of that chain, wouldn´t have been possible at all. So theres "only" the offcut/remain to be done. Would it be that way that you really accomplished, so much in your past lives, so that for your last/final life would not much be left to be done, it would be as easy as you would have wished for yourselves. But that isn´t so or? Why not?
    Well, on one hand it is fact, that the minority of you would/should have really liked to ascend in this lifetime. For many of you the wake-up-call came surprisingly and before time. So all affairs, which were originally planned for other beings have now also to be accomplished by you. Therefore you are not only clearing/refinishing the past but also - in certain matter- the future.
    Thus additionally to the (your) planned processes for this life are the past and the future coming along (and I would not start up with the parallel dimensions, not to frustrate you additionally to that given point)."

    Well thats the message .....lots of work to do! Lets do it!!!! ;-)
    And keep your fingers crossed for me (ans for us all) having more time, space and quietness to do that .;-)
    Namaste all
  • Hi Out of the blue
    yes, the words you say reflect also my feelings.
    I also think that we need healing, but that does not signify that I have to go through all my past lives to clear blockdes or energies. I think I would feel it, if it woulod be necessary to look in a past life. But healing can begin in the here and now :-)

    I had a feeling as I read that message, that it is nor kryon because kryons messages sound different. They have more heart in them.
    Theres an interesting Page with loads of actual channelings:
    Interesting page, geman group located nearly next door to me. Also with a link to the page of Lee Caroll
    Thanks Blue
    Love and light :-)
    Kryonschool The School of the New Consciousness : Kryon
    Kryon's School of Consciousness for the Ascension, channeled�by�the medium Sabine Wenig. Here you, dear Lightworker, will receive initiations and…
  • Thanks for posting that beautifulMessage of Kryon :-)

    But one thing contradicts to what he was saying in the newest Book of Barbara Bessen, who is the german channel.
    Also it contradicts to other sources,like for exemple Patricia Pfister or Diana Cooper and some other sources of ascended masters:
    He speaks about releasing karma:
    "you will work through into past lives and beyond. Taking yourselves into a new world, experiencing the lifetimes that you have lived. Initially on this spiritual path the lifetimes that you have worked through are the difficult ones, the painful ones, lifetimes where you struggled and where you suffered. That is the karma that you bring with you to this earth, the karma of these difficult lifetimes. For it is set up in a way that you work through the difficult, painful lifetimes first and move on to the more loving, the more caring lifetimes as your journey unfolds. You have to remember that you are what you create and if you are these painful lifetimes filled with suffering then you will create that in this lifetime until it is resolved. Your childhood will have been one of stress and suffering, of course there will be happy moments but you will go on a journey into a new world, a new life."

    in the books he said, that in this time of new energies, it would not be necessary anymore to re-work/re-live former lives, because out of an act of grace of god or the cosmic powers: Karma doesn´t exist anymore like it existed before. It was an act of grace that we are now all free from the Karma of former lives. The important point in this life would be the instant karma: that says- all you do in this moment will come back to you in the next moment or weeks or months but it will not be delayed to comming lives it will come back to you in any way in THIS life.

    So what about that point now??????????
    I am a bit confused
    excuse me....
    who is the source of this channeling?
    Namaste Eagles ;-)
This reply was deleted.

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