There are only a few days left before the day of decision, which is called “America decides” here on TV. Deep down we all know this is a very important time although this realisation does not come to the awareness of many.

The election result will decide what holds for the near future. One important issue that many light workers wish to know is: the disclosure and the first contact. Why Obama did not announce it like many hoped and predicted? The answer is actually straight forward: the vibration of this 3D world has not been lifted up enough due to a slower than expected system change.

Just refer to one of my previous articles:   “With a higher level of consciousness, we can set up a system which is fair (as Obama said many times: a system that everyone plays under the same rules) and of higher vibration so that it can lift up the rest of the humanity. Political system is the most crucial part and many had the mission to fulfil their soul’s desire – to be part of this unique event.  When the system is changed, the whole “physical” world will express in a very different frequency. It will be ascending in frequency terms and merge into a higher existence – a reality or frequency where our star brothers and sisters reside. That is when we can finally embrace them.”

There is a great awakening in human consciousness and it is accelerating.  There is no doubt about this. However, this ascending consciousness has not been manifested enough to lift the vibration of the physical world up to merge with higher dimension. There were very swift rises and the possibility to achieve a “window of opportunity” but it was too little to make it happen.  Imagine you looking at a chart like election poll but showing the change of collective human consciousness. It goes up and down.  The world is connected.  Every time there is a window of possibility, something undesirable happened: war, disease, “natural disasters”, etc.  The collective consciousness level then drops.

To be more specific, the system (the governments, mainstream media and other establishments) does not embody enough light to be of high enough frequency and reflect to certain degree the nature of divine:  Love, freedom, equality, diversity and compassion.  Obama and other light workers’ missions are to bring light into the system. A new system of light can reduce the negativity on earth in very short period of time and to a very large degree. The Dark ones know these. Without deliberately created human suffering, nothing can stop humanity consciousness level to shoot up.  It would be like the hands which are pressing a ball into the water suddenly removed. It will come out of negativity. No crime, no war, no suffering.  So the dark ones are desperately holding onto their power and trying to stop the system change. The fear was so much that they were not affected by the divine light coming to earth at all. 

Obama has done his best and been fighting really hard.  But the progress was not entirely as expected or planned.  This is not uncommon. There are some light workers who did not response to their calls at all.  Instead of going to WORK, they are lost in their material pursuits. This is not to blame but to help those wanting to know the answer to see the picture.

Since the vibration frequency of this physical world has not been lifted up enough to have a meaningful connection with higher dimension, there cannot be direct interacts with beings residing in different realities to a large degree. That is why these events did not happen and will not happen very soon as far as I can see.

Now here comes a decision about what type of system do you want: a system facilitating oneness (community love and peace) or a system deepening separation (fittest survive and war). The systems have their own frequencies and will decide what the near future will look like. America is at cross road, so is the world.

For the highest good of humanity, I ask my fellow light workers, my family of light to join the divine forces in sending love and light to humanity and help to raise collective consciousness.  In a higher collective awareness, humanity as a collective will make a better choice for our future, a future that our souls desire.

1       Send love and light to the people who are suffering from poverty, wars, natural disasters and disease. Their pain is part of our collective pain.

2        Send love and light to American people so they can connect to their heart and soul and follow their inner callings.

3       Send love and light toPresident Obama to help him dissipate the dark energies directed toward him, if you wish. (For those wondering what happened in the first debate: There was a massive psyche attack directed to the president just prior the debate and because of the aura ‘wounds’, large amount of energy being drawn by his opponent through his aggressive acts. He thrived on the president’s energy. )

4       Send love and light to Mr. Romney if he is your choice or you wish to. He is also a member of humanity and part of collective consciousness.

Please do not send energy of hatred to anyone. Do not let yourself be an instrument of dark to distribute frequency of anger and hatred. To send those frequencies, you must vibrate in that frequency yourself. That is detrimental to your soul growth and will attract alike vibrations. Be an instrument of divine and be love and light in this decision time.







(Author note:  I write articles from my point of view under divine guidance though connection with the Pleiadian Collective and Archangel Realm. I honour their love and guidance. In essence, we are one and I feel this oneness. I prefer to use the perspective from a member of ground crew to help my family of light having a better understanding from a view point ‘down’ here. However, I ask you to use your own discernment with every piece of information)

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