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by Lord Ashtar channeled through Rev. Janisel of Sananda's Eagles
To Begin Monday, July 9, 2012 through July 23rd, 2012

Greetings, Ashtar here once again. Before getting into your next meditation I would like to give a word of welcome to all the new members that have recently joined us in this Project. As I've said to this group many times, you aren't here by accident. Also, you will discover that we work primarily with the energy of Love, for it is the most powerful energy there is and we direct this energy to wherever and whatever needs balancing or healing. This is the maintenance tasks we are now performing to ensure the earth grids remain ready to accept the overlay of the Crystalline Grid for the New Earth.

So…needless to say your sun is quite active right now and will remain so for the next little while. And once again this activity is causing a few…well, more than a few…disruptions to your planet's electromagnetic grids. Therefore, the Eagles are asked to do the following meditation/visualization during your coming week. Before beginning, you are to `intend' that your energy merge with the other two members of your trinity so that the power of the energy is triangulated.

Then, for the first five minutes you are to project, as a group, the Energy of Love into the electromagnetic grid that surrounds Earth.

For the next five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to the Crystal Kingdom of your planet.

And for the last five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send the Energy of Love to Earth itself.

As these solar bursts continue, we will be adjusting other grids as the need arises. That's it for this week. I AM Ashtar, sending you my love.

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Begin Service to the Creator In Order to Ascend!
Start Your Starseed or Lightworker Mission today by contacting janisel(at)

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"IT IS TIME NOW TO SAVE THIS PLANET! It is time to quit TALKING about it, and DO something about it!

"So many are FEARING TOMORROW that they can't even see what is happening today...and THIS is the most horrendous time in this planet's history of this ever happening! In the past, the majority of the peoples of this planet looked forward to tomorrow with anticipation and for the first time in this planet's history, the majority of the population of this planet is dreading tomorrow!

"The Ground Crew Project will begin immediately. WE HAVE WORK TO DO NOW! We have to countermand this NOW! If we can get enough Beings of Light working on the same project together, their energies WILL connect around this planet, and their energies WILL lighten up this planet."

… From Ashtar's 'Call to Arms'


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  •    Whenever I hear/read these two beautiful names, I say to them--"I am ready to help YOU. And I am ready to serve HUMANITY and Mother Earth, because I still remember YOU..."

      Deep inside of my soul, I know that the long waited reunion is very, very close...

      And then, TOGETHER, we will work on building THE NEW GOLDEN AGE on this wonderful planet.

       SWEET DREAMS!!!


This reply was deleted.

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