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The billionaire (some say he is a trillionaire) has expressed grave concern about the current global economic situation. The trade war between China and the USA and the debt crisis in Europe endanger the new economic and security order that was established after the Second World War:

"In 9/11 and in the 2008 financial crisis, the powers of the world worked together with a common approach. Co-operation today is proving much more difficult. This puts at risk the post-war economic and security order"

Rothschild's is also concerned that the 10-year long stock market rally may end:

"The cycle is in its 10th positive year, the longest on record. We are now seeing some areas of weaker growth emerge; indeed the IMF has recently predicted some slowdown. Problems are likely to continue in emerging markets, compounded by rising interest rates and the US Fed's monetary policy which has drained global dollar liquidity."

According to Rothschild, the lack of coordinated, international responses to global challenges in times of populist and protectionist governments does not ease the situation.

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