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IMF Chief Lagarde to Appear in Court Over Corruption Charges

Court Rules That Members Of Bush Administration Can Be Sued For Crimes During War On Terror

Breaking: ‘Pharma Bro’ Arrested For Securities Fraud

Former president of Serbia and Montenegro arrested

Maldives ex-president Nasheed jailed for 13 years on terrorism charges

Ex-U.N. General Assembly head, five others face U.S. bribery case

Guatemala prosecutors formally accuse ex-president of graft

Goodluck Jonathan's Nigeria Petroleum Minister, OPEC President Arrested For Corruption: Report

Zambia’s Ex-President Arrested Over Nigerian Oil Deal

EEx-president of Peruvian Football Federation arrested

Ally of Panama's ex-president arrested for alleged corruption in Italian radar purchase

Nigeria’s ex-petroleum minister has been arrested in London for money laundering

Former IAAF President Arrested On Charges of Corruption

Honduras ex-President Rafael Callejas goes to US to face FIFA corruption charges

Sri Lanka ex-leader's brother Basil Rajapaksa arrested

Iran’s Ahmadinejad insists arrested former vice president innocent

Ex-Mauritius Prime Minister arrested

I am sure there is more of me to update the list if you've heard of some arrests.

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And, on top of this, very interesting news regarding new Canadian Prime Minister:

Trudeau to ask Pope Francis to apologize for Catholic Church’s role in residential schools


It sometimes seems as if they are untouchable, unseen with no connection to anyone but as we follow the $$$and the trail wee see it is the elite bloodline families whom they are so.. there we are.

Yes, I believe that they all belong to the same bloodline....or are very deeply connected to that one.

They may not be on the top of the "elite", but many are state presidents....that is high enough

The highest ones will probably all come down at the same time



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