• What would be the reason?

      • keep it hidden!!

        Do you honestly believe the PTB don't have space based weaponry for nefarious purposes. 1 theory of 911 is that an energy weapon on a space platform was used to disassociate the particles of the buildings, hence why they collapsed as mostly dust, also no bathroom fixtures were found, no toilets, basins etc... and the base of the towers were smoldering hot for many months afterward..

        8116176871?profile=originalSteel coloumns disintegrate before your eyes....!!

  • Is it really gone?  I believe it was mentioned in another post that Ison would have passed over Australia?  Perhaps someone at this website could provide more info.  Somewhere it was mentioned that even though Ison is "gone" that astronomers are still headed to the Australia observatory to collect data on it.  Are you sure the Mask isn't just gone now like the Hopi legend says?  It has been mentioned that you can still see Ison with a broken tale and it is now the color red, but not bright enough to see with the naked eye.  I put a link below to a youtube video with an image of the red Ison with stars added in the background to show it's location.


    Project Wormwood

    Learmonth Solar Observatory

    • The poster who claims he saw something in Australia probably saw a military jet with the afterburner on.

      The thought that ison would have reached earth already and also only be visible over Australia is beyond ridiculous but, belief makes people come up with the most absurd stuff sometimes. ;)

  • Ison also provided the backdrop for the ceremony of the heart to heart reunion of myself and Laura Pleiadian, The Queen of Light. My twin soul. Almost 24 hours ago at time of the New moon.

    So irrespective of anything else. Ison will always be special to me

    • All comets are special, even when they collide with a planet such as Jupiter, or pass a potential water-world, such as Mars and discharge electrical influences, which energizes the planetary magnetic field....they are useful bodies, by and large...

      And as you suggest, they inspire and invoke a positive reaction from us all.....across the subtle planes.

      I was not happy to see ISON becoming another religious ICON, but by and large, it was a useful influence...

  • Ison was real.

    Isaon was an astronomical body.

    Ison was spectacular.

    Ison was always going to struggle making it around the sun.

    Ison was predicted and arrived as expected.

    Ison inspired the imagination of the planet. And as a result left a legacy that will be remembered for a long, long time. You cannot put a price or measure the positive influence that such an event has on consciousness.

    We aren't yet aware of the energetic implications that Ison has had on us.

    Perhaps it pulled the pin so as not to disrupt the magnetics of earth too severely.

    Which bit is new age. b.s

    Or have I missed something?

    • I ditto all that, brilliantly put Peter !

    • Peter , the thing is that there are dark forces that don't want us to succede to ascend.

      That's why so many false "channelings" about Ison is out there.

      This is the endtime , and I call all misleading info NEW AGE BS , because NA isn't created by the lighted forces - Believe me.

      • This reply was deleted.
        • "I have never seen so much hysteria over a purely astronomical event as a comet."

          Then you must have missed the Elenin-hype. It was HUGE. Thousands of youtube vids, hundreds of channellers and millions of charlatans made glamorous claims.

          They fooled Me. ;) (and then I destroyed them as thanks for the trouble, but that's a story for another age)

This reply was deleted.

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