Okay, So for all you out their reading this. I remember having a experience over a year ago now. It started with trying a spiritual drug called DMT (it's the drug the ancient's have been using for thousand of years but in today's society I don't know to many who have experimented with it so let me explain what I experienced as many of you may be interested.



during about 30seconds I started feeling really yuck and gooey It was a little scary at first. They say not to give into astonishment and  the ego removes itself.   After that I realise I am no longer in my body and I have no motor skills.  I experienced some trippy visuals that were geometric shapes out of this world and the colours were psycheldic my whole vision turned psycheldic colours like the bright blues reds purples etc. I was no longer seeing how I would see.  


So would this be higher then the 5th Dimension that I was experinecing? as they say DMT has to do with your pineal gland and DMT rapid onset is the same as a near death experience..


soo  is the afterlife      3d colour world and a different dimension is this why deceased loved ones and relatvies /friends    are trapped in another dimension and many can't see them? 


okay so about 6months after that experience I started doing meditation everynite.  One night the DMT was triggered in my brain and I had the dieing feeling!   this freaked me out a little and I snapped myself out of it I know I was about 2 have a mad journey but it was scary at the time    having tried that dmt experience by smoking and then     later down the track have no drugs in my system and have  a natural DMT experience  is pretty amazing


I have read on the interent that only a few guru's and deep meditaiton can bring on the natural DMT release.      Could this be a merkabah travel way?    


would love 2 hear all your thoughts and msgs


Love & Light


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  • outstanding post,  Im eagerly looking foward to my first DMT experiance.

  • Hi Shallon,  maybe your stuff up was with the angeldust. havn't hard great things prolly will never try it.


    okay 2 answer ur questions.


    1.       a friend.


    2. I have tried a range of psychedelics.  And have had DMT a few times.

    3. DMT - I havn't heard of no long term effects. it lasts 5-10mins then maybe a hour of scatteryness of your mind trying to comprehend the maddest shit u have ever seen in ur life after that ur back 2 normal dead serious.


    4. I woud recommend you try it sure.. It was one of the strongest psychedelics known to man. put on a brave face because you will be teleported to another world and back :)  I think everyone will need 2 try this DMT by 2012 to experience new things 2 come.     As for risky I don't think it's risky it last for 10mins max so it's not as if your on LSD and have a bad trip ur trippinng for hours lol.    oh and it nothing like LSD  this DMT way more intense.


    hope that helps?

  • I would recommend it to anyone myself ive never heard of a bad experience just life altering experiences for the better. Dmt is in all living organisms some more than others also its interesting to note that its listed as the fbi's top most illegal drug in the entire civilized world. Easy for any chemist to get its just an extraction from plant organisms.


    sorry to ramble guys one of my favorite topics and have done a whole lot of research on it. i recommend you guys look up rick strassman's material

  • You dont "ascend" you shift into dimension so take what you feel on Dmt and ponder on how that feeling is a form of interdimensional travel.
  • I too have had many DMT experiences enough to say that it is a device to teach one to usurp control of the ego.The Ego is the Regulator of total worlds,Its job is to take universal energies and convert them through the hemispheres of the brain into forms one can distinguish. The Ego [or regulator] cannot be found in the human brain using impulse type technologies due to the ego being fragmented through out the used parts of the brain and then stems to a core position in the spinal chord, also appears to be a more Ethereal device than physical.Seratonin is also released in the brain which causes one to sleep. when any hallucinogen is ingested this seratonin is released in small incraments and many parts of the brain are shutdown so that the Dmt can be activated from the pineal Gland.On a hallucinogen one is literally dreaming while awake.This is a really interesting topic to me because since my dmt experiences in which i havent really heard any stories to much in comparison Ive noticed the doorway to interdimensional travel and am completely convinced  that in actuality we as consciousness are interdimensional travelers by nature, which leads to the other interesting topic, Why did we all get stuck here.


    • I like it my friend!


      and another question.   why is dreaming important? why do we dream?   it's our connection to other dimensions. yet we travel and find it hard 2 recall our travels to higher dimensions and entity's   what makes us not remember this part?    do we have a double pulling all the strings?      SOMETHING IS WAY BIGGER THEN MAN WILL EVER DISCOVER MAYBE ANOTHER 100 YEARS THE ANSWER WILL COME ABOUT BUT NOT IN OUR LIFETIMES. THANKS

  • I Think you should be aware, the experience is mindblowing If you havent tried annything psycedelic! 
    If you do this to feel spiritual i would recomend not try DMT ! But if you like to experience a mind and body high, want to learn and are opendminded 
    It s realy blissfull If you can let go! 
    Happy tripping! Remember its a experience ! 

    Love peace and light to you ! 
    • I disagree, I think that if you choose to try DMT then that intuition that you have is on the RIGHT TRACK and you should continue, and if you ARE a spiritual person, then this will happen. I'm not sure why you suggest to not try DMT to feel spiritual when in fact it is CALLED "The spirit molecule".

      But also others should be warned, that when you take DMT, you ARE visiting a higher dimension and to be prepared for a life changing experience, and do lots of research before hand.

      If you are on this site I bet you are spiritual enough already.

  • Hi Light ,Interesting experience, i'm hoping  to experiment with DMT a little  this year , i have had a kundalini  experience, and after that  wears off ( as it  does asyo u  focus more on your physical life again) occasionaly i touch into it  again.  I feel we  not only have  cellulor  memories but also in our  light  bodys or higher  counscousness, memories of our  travels. Which can be triggered.  I 've known people who have took LCD and   they  said that sometimes they can get an echo even many years afterwards.

    Sacred  Geomtric patterns also surround every part of the universe and we see this with our soul or spiritual eyes when  journeying, amazing that  we see this :)

    I watched the spirit molucule DMT video on here and found it  very intersting

  • Hi,

    What I have read or heard from my Master is that the fourth dimension is Time, and the fifth dimension is Space.

    In previous times the Yogi use to sit in meditation with a garland of fresh flowers around His neck and do meditation for 40 days minimum at a stretch. Now the test that they were able to enter in the fourth dimension is that even after 40 days the garland would be as fresh as before. If they succeed in this they would know that they were able to travel in the fourth dimension.

    About the fifth dimension I had heard that when we are able to enter in the fifth dimension we are able to be at more than one place at one time. There are histories in India during the British enslavement that there were yogis who could be at more than one place at one time and the distance was fairly long. One of the example is that When The Great Yogi "Narshinha Saraswati" visited 7 of His devotees at one time and was also seated in Gangapur which was His abode. This is mentioned in the sacred book "The Guru Charitra".

    What else can I say....

    Let Love Light and Divinity fill us all ................
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