Is this Nibiru!?


I already posted this picture in another discussion, but I think this can be discussed more, some  images and a animation of it:




Is it just an image error? (I doubt is lens flares because it can also be seen in magnetic images and images taken with other instrument), but it may be some "reflection" or something from  another planet entering the view of the camera .

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  • Planet X -Mini Constellation?

  • Do you know when ISON will pass the earth?

    • December 26, 2013

      • thank you verry much!

  • Interesting stuff! Is it just me or can you see through the giant sphere in the pic with motion. Could be glitchy tech. Could be dimensional shift? I dunno but it's cool to me. Lots of action in our skies!
  • An up to date video about it!

    This man gives good reports about ISON and that gigantic sphere (official name for now lol)


  • indeed it is something but i dont have a clear cut answer

  • I find it highly suspicious that it's only the youtube users who seem to see double sunsets. Especially since we have a couple of million sungazers worldwide. None of those groups are talking about twin-suns and yet they (we, i too have done that) stare at the sun for at least 45 minutes per evening. One would think that at least a couple of them would have seen what these youtube users claim to have seen?

  • thanks for sharing.

    this has got my attention of my feelings or intuition on notice for awhile now.
    for one i have been going thu nausius spells, and more profound ringing of the ears, and more e.s.p. events are happening to me.

    i get the feeling it's not just the earth's resonance changing from it's magnetic frequency signature of 7.8hz OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS to the NOW 12hz 's range, now being the norm, so our brainwaves are adjusting or the rewiring of our 100% brain circuits and soul power is comming on line.

    i feel and think that some of us are freaking out because our beliefs systems that are now really being questioned by our new found ablility to reason to what is the truth and what is the carrot and stick promise being told as facts of blalant lies of brainwashing information we use as logic reasoning and and so be able to use intuitive clarity.

    i see that HUGE SOLID SOMETHING, REAL CLOSE TO EARTH looks like about 300 times the size of earth, S.O.H.O. DOES NOT LIE TO THE PEOPLE OF EARTH.
    WHAT GOT MY ATTENTION: why does this HUGE ship not have an effect of tilting the earth towards it to cause a shift of the oceans waves of the a great flood.
    i feel it is not a planet period, and if so why no precise and clear pictures, and s.o.h.o. is shut down.
    the julian calander was said to be 1 yr off , meaning it's 2012, not 2013, and if true, the timing is almost perfect as was prophesied many thousands of years ago. maybe it is an illusition of the lens, in the object is closer to the lens than earth and mercury, but feel this is not the case.
    blessings to all of us for we are all one

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