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Personally I would say YES!. I have heard that they appear in the sky as lenticular clouds all the time. I didn't know until recently that they "ships" had the ability to do this. I would be more readily able to believe this than I would seeing a bunch of dust particles and thinking they were light beings as I read somewhere in another post. :-)

I think you might be right I think I heard the Peladians have ships like that

I've read many Mysterious events happen in the mountains. 

yep yes sir that's ufo!  

I think so to with out a doubt

Men I wouldn't no what to do if that was to swoop down on me. lol I probably would run off the road. 

Are those people standing in the road, it appears as if they have gotten out of the truck, and walked over there and started communicating with this cloud.

That is not pretty.

Man I love that poor tree all alone in the field, hopefully it made it.

The way that light shines through there I would have thought it was a the sun trying to break through the clouds but O know now.

Woah that looks like CEotTK!!

yep those are cloud ships the ships can cloak to make themselves look like clouds ive seen this quite a few times actually



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