I have read that someone in omar ibn khattab group removed a part of his messages , cointaining information such as meditation, selfgodhood, i am presence. I would like to have clarification on this subject.

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  • Hanna_Peace, you are right in what you are saying, the Great I AM Source is within us and we dont need any religion or middlehands. Anything and anybody trying cross free will is not of The Source.  "New age" is also a religion. We only need to go within,not without.  There is a war about ignorance and the battle of the minds, its like us sitting watching an atombomb on tv,while not realising its going off outside.  Only a united effort can stop that scenario.  Religion,new age and tv is programming you to NOT do anything. To NOT go WITHIN and connect to God-Source. Same with media. NOBODY is gonna come and save our planet. Its our own job.

    • <3it! true words of wisdom x 

      • That was about time that there are still any awake people around.  These are serious times, friends. This is not a time to be asleep. Your dark cabal is overtaking the planet while youre sleeping. See this, if we decide enough is enough we can change it. It only take a tip of the scales. It start with a thought. You can change everything by thought. For those in US, I recommend start to take back the constitution. It might not be easy,but who said it was easy. Neithertheless, if we WANT TO, WE CAN.  the other option is annihilation of a planet.

    • Feather winger, so how are you gonna get into ascension? where are you gonna go?


      I can assure you, that our problems with the earth wont go away as long as the evil and corrupt people still are there.  where are you gonna put them?

  • Dear Marius, you can read about all you want to know at www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com   from the journals. Just click on the journals grey box at left,click at each journal you would like. You can also do a search in the search engine on the site. I dont know if my memory work correctly,but I think Ive read myself about the issue in journal number 2. "I am Sananda".

    Its correct that the moslem faith origin is Christianity. But everything are watered out and misinterpreted and or directly misleading and made to something else.  What you search for is the true connection to the Great I AM and you can read about it there too. Remember, The I AM is in you. You dont need any middlehands. And what Christianity was about was from the start of Christ-like-ness. So, Christianity got the same way as the moslem faith.

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
  • well time will tell. and god i hope it works like that. and yeah real oneness doesn't mean we become all the same and think alike. but there's people out there preaching differently and there's some people becoming one in personality. can you not notice this? i know i am not alone in seeing this. and everything you have said about the oneness there i totally share your view.  x 

  • i believe in oneness but i don't like the way its being programmed into people and how some people are talking about it as the new religion. its not really that hard to get lost in when you notice what others have been saying. yes everyone has different understanding and opinions on this. But when i see these people who are all for the oneness, there losing their individualism and becoming one personality... aka one world personality (NEW WORLD ORDER) "hello". in my understanding to be part of the real oneness is just knowing where we have come from and holding that un-conditional love within our hearts which we were created with. but we are here to learn grow and experience on our personal paths, common sense is a gift, but sometime i wish i didn't have in becz lala land looks like much more fun.

    No the chances of suffering going down to zero is none, until there's noone living in ignorance suffering is never gonna stop. its not all about feeling it. its about actions! just because a person feel good, there's always gonna be someone elsewhere in great suffering. you can talk to like minded people all you want, but you can't change anything with just words. though it can be a start.        

  • Thank You Warrior :)

    yes there has been much falsehood and lies relating to this whole issue; but underneath all the lies and rubbish is a loving spiritual way of life / of being, (Mashallah) indeed :)

    i hope one day humanity can realise that all the ascended masters and prophets who came their way , came with good intentions and with alota love, neither wanting worship or praise :)

    Nooone enlightened would ever speak of hate or fighting.

    The wise also promoted free will, choice, and that for ascension one must be loving, they all taught that amongst other things, in this case Mohammed's (PBUH) main msg was about PEACE, in effect because for humanity to ascend the main area is on the area of *peace* its a great msg of him to bring considering  he was the last prophet/ or *seal* of them all :)

  • In My Opinion ALL religious books Have been corrupted, but all hold a very small % of truth!     

    • Including the new religion of onenesses which is about to become. Carry on the brainwashing and controlment program. keeping the rest of the universe suffering and all the dimensions in limbo. go earth human beings :/ 

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