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If this is true that Mike Quinsey is channeling false messages , then a lot of people are wasting energy that could have been used to something better.
This is why it is so important that the truth comes out.


Is the CIA using Mike Quinsey to channel pro-Obama disinformation?

Possible CIA faction interference detected in supposedly benevolent, high-status, ET-sourced spiritual messages - eighteen examples cited between 27.08.08 and 30.12.09.
Over recent years, Mike Quinsey has published hundreds of messages purported to come from Ascended Masters and benevolent extraterrestrials. Originally these channelled communications were well-received and widely distributed. Many informed, experienced and spiritually literate commentators regarded his messages as veridical and light-bearing. Quinsey appeared to be a clear, clean and reliable channel. But disinformation watchers began to notice a change in the late summer of 2008. For the first time, the energy signature of some sections of some of Mike Quinsey's messages felt wrong. The changes were subtle, but it appeared that Quinsey might have allowed himself, intermittently, to be influenced by a negative propagandist agenda. Some even suggested that he had been brought under CIA mind-control. Quinsey's channelled entities began to say things about Barack Obama which did not ring true when placed against the US President's widely recognised track record as a cabal-controlled Satanist, and as the war-promoting agent of a foreign power with no legitimate birth qualification to be US President. Among comments scattered through the eighteen Quinsey texts linked and referenced below are statements such as: "Obama, a soul who will be motivated by higher purposes ...." (29.12.09); "We knew that Obama was destined to lead the world out of its years of disaster under the old regime ...." (19.01.09); "The authority and spiritual motivation of President Obama ...." (23.01.09); "With the power of the people behind them, new leaders will come to the fore and be empowered by their spiritual understanding. President Obama is such a one .... the true path is within his heart and he will be bold and stand up for the truth ...." (06.02.09); "Obama seeks peace instead of hostilities, and knows that he must build trust where previously there was nothing but confrontation .... Be intuitive, and measure the soul that is Obama by his intentions as expressed with wisdom and love for all people. He is charged with a task that holds the future of Mankind in its grasp, and it must not, and cannot fail ...." (08.04.09); "President Obama .... is as you might say 'our man' and he has as intended emerged at the right time to carry you beyond the plans of the Illuminati ...." (29.06.09); "We place our faith in President Obama who has a plan to broker world peace ...." (29.07.09); "Look around you and you will detect some beautiful souls that are becoming known for their wisdom and insight. They are on Earth for the specific purpose of taking over from the dark Ones. Their influence is being felt, and they speak from the heart centre at all times. Include your President Obama in this group .... " (21.09.09); "There is a chorus of unsettled people who have already lost patience with President Obama, but look for the positive signs and allow for slow progress until he can draw about him the right team. The future of your world lies with him, and it is support and not criticism that is needed ...." (25.09.09); "President Obama will lead the plan that releases you from the dark Ones ...." (28.10.09); "For us the election of Barack Obama as President of US was a major victory for the Light. His influences and desires for world peace are bringing in important changes, but the path is by no means easy. There are many who oppose his authority, and a difficult job is being made even harder. No President has served his term without contact from us and we are delighted to work with Obama, who is one of the few that have put world peace at the front of their agenda ...." (30.12.09). The full texts of the eighteen Quinsey quotations compiled in this overview are located as follows: First paragraph here (27.08.08), first paragraph here (08.12.08), fifth paragraph here (15.12.08), first paragraph here (29.12.08), first paragraph here (19.01.09), first paragraph here (23.01.09), fourth paragraph here (26.01.09), third paragraph here (06.02.09), fourth paragraph here (16.02.09), last paragraph here (20.03.09), fifth and sixth paragraphs here (08.04.09), sixth paragraph here (13.05.09), eighth paragraph here (29.06.09), last paragraph here (29.07.09), fourth paragraph here (21.09.09), sixth paragraph here (25.09.09), sixth paragraph here (28.10.09) and second paragraph here (30.12.09). Content is king in all this. It is prudent to attend closely to what is plainly and repeatedly said by those who claim to channel privileged spiritual information from sources above the commonplace. What is stated consistently over time by a respected source may carry a felt signature of truth - a veridical sigil - or it may carry the lower vibration of error or confusion. The question has to be put: Might the sulphurous hoofprint of CIA disinformation be evident in some of what Mike Quinsey has recently articulated? It has often been Langley tradecraft to mix in a little focussed disinformation with a lot of anodyne, affirmative and positive packaging material. An explicit lie only travels safely if it is accompanied by a large volume of tacitly accepted truth. The technique is not to promote the lie just once, but to quietly repeat the chosen blind again and again for months and years. The objective is conquest by erosion. The antidote, perhaps, is vigilance, alert attention to detail and open-minded discernment. Late note: Casper's response to this commentary can be found here (04.01.10).

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yes...i like Quincy's messages... but when i hear things like: "our lovey dovey lightworker president"...well, this raises the alarms!!!...we will see...(for one more time)...
Some more info from Candace:

Candace: Ron posted this and it appeared on Bellringers first. But it is true and long been true, and not just recently. Mike has never worked with Germain and while he did work at one time with Sa Lu Sa, she dropped him long ago and none of them are with her currently. I have no explored around others he may or may not be working with currently.

The CIA has a "Council of the (NOT SO) Light program, which I was taught about long ago, and Bellringer belongs it to and I have proof because Bellringer sent me two messages from them in 2005. That is WHY we do not get along in fact, because I did not accept the offer. He apparently thought I was stupid enough to do so and quite surprised that I was not. That is why he like to use the term, that he gives many of us a chance, and we bite his hand. Well, we figure him out at some point. The Council of the (NOT SO) Light, does fake channelings.

Some are "channeled" per see, using implants placed, and with some other groups they just willing write the crap. Mark Huber with Tara, Beth and Rama are such a group and they were involved in fleeching people in one of those supposed NESARA programs. I have proof of that. Way back in the mid 1990's they were operatives. Not Huber apparently, he joined them more recently. By the way, Mark Huber had a stroke, and last updating I saw, Rama and Tara were being kicked out of his home by family. He must still not be available, because on the recent conferance call of Jan 3, it was advertized the other 3 would be doing it place of Mark.

I know they are frauds, because in February of 2005 I listened into one of those conferance calls, I was in fact a guest for a short time on it, they wouldn't let me back into the call to give a message from Esu and Ashtar who were with me during it. Instead the call ended with Rama doing a very BAD rendition of "Mother S." I hope he has since learned to not do it in a fake lion growl. This is not how voice channeling works, Mother Shekhmet would not growl thru his vocal cords, he really gave himself away on that one. And Shekhmet would not do a work with me unless I allowed her to speak her mind on the topic and she did.

Folks, these A & A's, Rama and Tara, are complete frauds. Rama is NOT any incarnate Son of Ashtar, he does not go to the ships, at least not Ashtar command ships, and Father Alycone is their name for Shekhmets Soul Mate, who completed the journey to Paradise with her, they graduated together.

Their "Father Alcyone" is claimed to be the Central Sun of Pleiades by them, and that is NOT so. Ascending Sons are not Central Suns. Suns are Suns, period. And Shekhmet does NOT command Nibiru and Nibiru is NOT here and well NEVER be here again in fact. This is all made up. Of interest, these ones lived with Bellringer and his wife for 4 months some time before I became public. They usually find other people to support them, claiming it is "Ashtars" wish. Thus I assume the use of Mark Huber.

The (NOT SO) above is my addition to the term. The Council is active not only in the United States but also in South America and Europe. Many so called new age websites are under their control. " New Age" was in fact created as a religion by our black ops, and they originally wished to make a one world religion based on the murdered Diana. This I knew long before I became public also, and in fact I have been approached several times by CIA folks and I do not ever agree to meet with them or speak over the phone with them.

I have shed some tears of those who chose to go over to the Council of the (NOT SO) Light. There have been many since I became public. There was one chosen by Esu and one chosen by Monjoronson who went to them instead to get the bills paid or whatever. I myself carried the Message from Morjoronson to that one, who lives in Colorado. And despite this, he went with Council of light. I know who the "agent" is that got to him, because that "agent" attempted with me, very unsuccessfully. So Mark got his "telepathy" from an implant, instead of from having a cystralline circuit built so he could receive Monjoronson. What a shame with these ones that take the easy way out for the funding.

Lauren, beloveds, was the other I mentioned above. She was given a book to publish by Esu and did not, and all the while she was writing me for ideas how to make money, she was building a website, for her now fake channelings and to see new age stuff. She used me as a stepping stone to build a client list. She WAS a real telepath but she chose mammon.

Henning also left for Council of Light. A person working in Europe for them brought him under his spell. This was shocking to me personally, very shocking. Another major "channel" in Europe has been one of them, but there was a change out of soul recently and so I risked publishing an AA Michael message because he said it was real finally. So be the games.

There are MANY sites having people claiming to channel "the masters." I came across another a few days ago when clicking on a link in something. This is one of the supposed St Germain/ascended masters sites. It is total hogwash. Please click on "Torch Bearer" in the menu, and find and download their pdf file, for the the torch bearer agreement, which states "I am One of St. Germain's 10,000 Torch Bearers of the Temple." I assume they haven't found all 10,000 yet, but if they have, they are getting some generous income. PLEASE do visit the site and download the pdf which is on this page: You are going to be shocked, I hope anyway! Take care, Candace
wow nice pdf to read. temple of the presence of hogwash cults.
Thank you for your great post.
I agree with you
With all of this in mind, does anyone know of any RELIABLE channels?
I used to follow this guy a lot when I first "woke." Thanks for reminding me of him. I will have to see how it tastes on my discernment.
Channelings that don´t raise Obama to the sky and talks about everything "magic" that will happen 2012
It is already 2012 if we want to - it´s up to us.
I think Barron has very good info on how to know a false channeling - ask him

Late summer 2008...That would explain the october 14th lie.
Thanks Peter. Readers wantng to know about how to recognise a truthful, high frequency/ vibrational entity should read this article here:
I have been reading and listening to the Kryon teachings through Lee Carroll for years and always resonated with it and trusted it. I also believed when Kryon endorsed Obama as the 'one' who came here, as a specially prepared being for the job at hand.....
I am waiting still to see it....
Yes, many!!!!!!! ;-)

Try Bashar for starters. Seth (Jane Roberts) was one of the first to really open up new ground in the 70's i think from memory.

SOme good channels here in NZ too.

It is quite clear to see the fake ones.
I guess its all based upon which channel you vibe with the most, who do you feel speaks the truth,, I myself follow sheldon nidle's updates.


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