Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ??

Hello friends at Ashtar, I come with some interesting news. Much debate has been engaged about the true identity of Barack Obama, the United States first "black" president. In reality he actually is not the first so called "black" president, as some of you may know, there were 8 presidents before the formation of the USA and the first true "black" president was John Hanson.

The rabbit hole has gone a little bit deeper and the light is shinning a little bit brighter on the subject and the true identity of Barack Obama.


Take a look at what the Urantia Book has to say about Abaddon. 


"Abaddon was the chief of the staff of Caligastia. He followed his master into rebellion and has ever since acted as chief executive of the Urantia rebels."

Now you may ask , who is Caligastia,


"The “devil” is none other than Caligastia, the deposed Planetary Prince of Urantia and a Son of the secondary order of Lanonandeks. At the time Michael was on Urantia in the flesh, Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia were leagued together to effect the miscarriage of his bestowal mission. But they signally failed."

-Urantia Book

Coincidence?? or just plain truth??


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  • the history of all nations stem from one nation

    • Which nation would that be? Atlantis?

      • i believe it was the Moabite nation. Yaqub mixed a moabite woman with  the Javero Chimpanzee..out of which came the "red man"

        • There are more people than red in the world. What produced the black, the white and the yellow then?

          • the moabite nation is the oldest nation on the earth now..they are the so called "black man" out of the moabite nation came the albion and all other nations.

            the red man (albion) has corrupted many nations on earth..

      • good question AO. I'd like to know which nation would that be!

  • Have not we made ​​more progress on this forum than to realize that Barack Obama is merely a spokesperson for the thugs?
    Do you think he has any decision making powers whatsoever?
    Nope he hasn't - Not a yota.
    He is only a tool, a clone that comes in several versions.
    Google "Obama's scars", and you will find some anwers.

    The antichrist is , just like Jesus said while Walking on Earth , the Pharisees or translated to today - the Zionist Khazars  - the Talmudists

    • @Andron...You too brother?.. you must watch the video to comment..otherwise you look like a man with his pants down....

  • @Nancy...oh yea..where did i say it was criminal intent??...all i said is that the lady is DEAD? and you saw her final moments in life in this film. your puttin words in my mouth..

    thats right Nancy  and that is just what this is an investigation into the facts...YOUR THE INVESTIGATOR  the vid is facts...

    and again..i kinda feel you didnt watch the entire vid...only part ??

  • @Hellen ..who told you that obama  "has come forth to free all"  ?? that sounds like a job for Jesus  I respect that thought but you sound like a brainwashed sheep!  the world is not about black and white not totally sure what it is about but i know its not about THAT!   AGAIN..its hard to acknowledge your imput if you have not seen the vid... take a look at it..then decide what you feel or believe the post would be much better if you could base your comments on it..and share your thoughts about it..otherwise your not helping any of us...thats the point of the post to get intelligent feedback from the most adept men and women that not why you are on ashtar to share you experiences and knowledge and wisdom?  I can tell you from first hand that all colors did not come back do you figure that? i never been completely sold on obama ..and im not black im MOOR!!


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