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Is anyone really connected to source? if you are please help me.

I'm in need of guidance. I feel that I accept truth very easily and I have the biggest drive inside of me to truly deeply connect with Love (God, Source) But I have been having trouble with a very intense anger that I feel in the middle of my chest. I just want the feeling gone. I don't want to be angered by things anymore. I grew up with deep insecurity about myself feeling anxiety almost my entire life. I just want to be Happy! I try and force myself to stay positive and I try to control my thoughts but I can't had from unhappiness when I feel it so strongly in my body. PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND AND RELEASE THIS NEGATIVE ENERGY THAT HAS CONSUMED MY LIFE!!! PLEASE!!!

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Get plants, pets, as many friends as possible.  Go out into nature.  Exercise.  Good luck!

Thanks for the responses... nothing resonates though. Looking for real divine guidance. Feather Winger your message almost made since but after thinking about it, trying to love myself in the way the videos say makes me kinda want to lash out at this dualistic world. I want unity in the world and I find it difficult to love my self in dualism without denying the very love I so desperately disire!
I tried responding to you but every time I try and speak to somebody about the issues of my heart, something prevents me from sending the message. I mean literally something prevents me from sending the message. This happens to me every single time no matter what website I'm on!!!!!!!!!! I put a lot of effort into saying something and it doesn't go through. :/
I'll try and say it very simply. I'm not looking for wise words or knowledge, but I do enjoy wisdom and knowledge. What I'm looking for is to fully experience love in my heart for the rest of my life. I don't want to ever feel negative feelings for a person or in a situation. I want to fully experience and express love for the rest of my life.
I'm willing brother. My email is [email protected] I'm not sure what to say more than what I've said on this discussion though.

Truth seeking is a process, and adventure. Reality is far from ideal, conspiracies and pessimism are bitter medicine, and bitter medicine is always good. Things that are sweet are full of sugar, and sugar has been added to EVERYTHING. We consume 100x as much sugar as we did in early 1900s. Everything is politics. our lives are privleged, can't we at least be genuine in our heart and in our minds?

Very true words Phaedron.  You're a very deep thinker.


I would love to do a FREE distance healing with you so you could release any anger and limiting beliefs. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]

Love and blessings,


I sent an email. I'm up for anything if it works. Thanks for your response.

Hi Lance,
I am willing to help you any time you want as you know. The divine could only do 50% of the work and you must do the other 50%. You must reprogram your subconscious and I could help you with that. However, you will experience toxins being removed from your body in the form of flu like symptoms or emotional release such as crying, screaming at the top of your lungs to the Universe, hitting a pillow, or some other creative way. The Divine wants to take this from you, but you must be willing to release your anger. I know you have my email address since you have written to me once. I am ready whenever you are so you could truly see the magnificent person you truly are. In the meantime, I offer you my unconditional love and blessings!

I just sent you an email :)



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