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Greetings to all!


My name is Altaira, and I am so happy to finally be here with you. My delay was not due to a recent awakening, quite the contrary....I have known for sometime who I am. delay was in part due to not finding that Ashtar Command Crew was on-line! LOL!

My awakening happened back in 1988 during a time of having lucid dreams of being on board a large Space Craft and being trained in healing with energy work. I had no prior knowledge to fall back on and when asked to go to an area that had much UFO activity for a meeting with a lady named Michaela Allora....I jumped at the chance to find out what was going on.

A.A. Michael, told me through Michaela, that my lucid dreams were in fact my awakening and that I was the Daughter of Commander Ashtar.

This was just the beginning and I was to learn all that I could. Then I found the 11:11 group which helped also. I was then introduced to my Reiki Master and took instruction on how to activate the healing energy. Since then I took my second degree Instruction also.

Things started to change rapidly from then on. My marriage broke down.... I was introduced shortly after my separation to a fella that I had seen in my dreams. We started our life together and moved from the area. Still learning and helping out others as much as I can. I am! Ready for the next phase of this journey and wanting to learn much more!

Much Peace, Love and Blessings to you all.....

 Altaira, daughter of Ashtar

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I just would prefer that people got rid of their brainwashed dribble to be's time people woke from their dream states....I'm off to ride my new toy! far more fun bruuuuuummmmmm!!!!...

It's Maldekian I speak fluently moreso,but with mixed portions of Lemurian entwined - Ashuk aut adinu mar jolijn de ukor ade na maz euomanste oi ligoi kaikaloi na moira omaste te toia akou stikh empeiria Maldek :) mis kserei kaneis an ipar oun dia hesima liritu ato 'lectonue aquaruei' ? Esham kutu kwalama ei hakti emshelokt to Feather Winger ahh shim shargal emth emte ei ma moi....said with a soft tantilising whispers in a tantric manner..LOL..and my own sung music to boot..hahaha yes I'm a musician


nice :)

@ Feather Winger 


What does this you said here mean?

Stuck in 3rd I see.....that's dimension dearie....not in gear!

Your in 3D I'm in 5D have been from birth..I think you should try for an experiment to imagine in your life that you can see every aspect and every layer of your self and hopefully you will learn more of who/what you are..

Did anyone ask you to believe it?

As for Religious brainwashed thinkers....I think you really need to rethink that one!

If you allow others to have their own truth and be respectful about it...then how can you expect anyone to allow you to have yours and be respectful?

What part do you believe is ego filled?..... You didn't read anything here did you before making your comments did you?

Wow just the way you respond tells me you have some major internal issues and your not on the higher consciousness, so my point is rather valid...your words above proved that to everyone in here also you believe what people tell you,e.g so called chanellers,find your souls true Higher Self not some made up entity someone else tells you you are...its rather that simple.

No.. it's not exactly that simple! If you had read what I had said previously in my would know that I used discernment and passed it through my heart to feel for it's validity! I also was given other information concerning my personal life and what was happening in it at the time...without even mentioning anything about it!

I'm done with your opinions of me and your rudeness and arrogance! You don't know don't know what I have or have not done yet you stand in judgement of me and my truth!


It's are not in any way shape or form a 5th dimension occupant!


Good day to you!

The wonderful thing about an infinite universe is that there is room for everyone's truth.

and we are all on quest of ever expanding our own truth.

who are we to say which reality someones truth is valid in.

we may question someone, by all means.

but to simply deny someone what they believe is by its very nature,, 3 dimensional. 

A dualistic response.

because in a quantum state.

All is a part of truth

In my humble opinion, of course.



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