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Interpersonal Turbulence on Ashtar Command & The Tryranny of Censorship

~Wanted to throw my two-cents into the multidimensional mix, Ashtar Massive… look, for those on this site effectively amplifying Barry’s current ‘role’ as ACC’s latest wack-a-mole… I get it, & it’s hard to argue he’s not earned the spot. While I’m not going to waste energy defending his predictable behavior, I will defend his place in the community. Why? For one thing, because any ‘community’ is only as strong as it’s weakest links. I know, I know, there are limits… nonetheless, the deeper question is: Why give Barry so much power? Going toe-to-toe with him is a choice… Nothing more, nothing less. You take away his bluster, & his impact has no more significance on the overall intent of ACC, than say, a mosquito does in a huge auditorium. Unless, of course, you let it. & collectively tag-teaming to get him ‘banned’ is doing just that. An overreaction to a 'personality type' that is always drawn to these kind of sites. People that worship at the alters of skepticism, extreme rationalism, bottom-line-ism, etc... are par for the course in these arenas. & the Spiritual-Communities that truly thrive (online & off) are those that don’t fall victim to the downward spiral of ‘censorship & banning’, which inevitably destroys the collective trust, & slowly but surely, the integrity of it’s members. Lighten up guys! Ben has created a site where these kind of dramas are effortlessly avoided… including the means for members to post blogs where they can monitor the responses themselves. That there is now a small group on ACC in the habit of ‘telling’ Ben their issues in the hopes of getting members banned, is truly unfortunate. Asking Ben to play the role of hall-monitor is petty & doesn’t honor the definition of ’New Age’, which ultimately means: Spirituality without borders... The good, the bad & the ugly. Not to mention it’s quite hypocritical, as the fact is: Some of the members asking for his expulsion are certainly not ‘innocent’ (from my perspective) when it comes to posting things that can be considered 'offensive', crossing the gamut from- extreme personal attacks, racially insensitive posts, promotion of the Holohoax, I could go on. But it’s not necessary, & hopefully, you get the point. It’s impossible to have an authentic Community without having, at times, radically different perspectives of what’s ‘real’. Ben didn’t create ACC to play 'Thought-Police'... far from it. I for one, have never asked Ben to handle situations that I can manage myself, & frankly, nor should you. If there’s something Ben deems inappropriate .. let him handle it, without the ongoing prodding to give credence to the 'popular' kids views. Who does that truly serve? Does anyone take the time to put the moccasin on the other foot & consider how this effects Ben’s experience of his site? Does he really need to be burdened with interpersonal woes? More importantly, though… claim your own Power to rightsize personalities like Barry’s by letting go if the illusion of control. Go with the flow Ashtar Massive… learn to work with the imperfections & challenges that come with trying to wrestle with the ideas presented on ACC. It’s not a coincidence that 'censorship' is such a hot global topic as of late… just remember, as co-creators of this experience we call reality, we ALL have our 'roles' to 'play'…. no matter which side of the multidimensional coin we believe we’re on. Much respect to Ben, who (for the most part) steers clear of much of the interpersonal turbulence on ACC, as it’s a natural byproduct of the fading veils of duality. The final birthing pains of the new paradigm, if you will. Ben’s actions (or lack of action, depending on ‘one’s’ perspective) on ACC, point to a level of maturity not currently shown my many of it's members. Come on guys… WE can do better. The time is Now. ~StickTemetNosce247 

*The following vid contains valuable insights.


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I have actually decided to stop commenting all together on the posts I believe be deceitful BS.

The anti-'human independence through conscious evolution'ists will get to have their threads in peace from now on. I have more important things to do than to honor them with all the extra click-statistics me commenting there could create. ;)

If you notice I don't post political stuff I came to learn find out what the heck the strange things that goes on with me is. And to spread my heart to all
Very wise

~Agreed, Luke... & thanks for your insights. In the end, it's really not about Barry, but rather remaining lessons in communication & respect... for us all. The turbulence; a natural byproduct of the final birthing pains of the new-paradigm. When wrestling with these kind of energies, I've found 'The Four Agreements' by, Don Miguel Ruiz, to be a powerful tool. ~InLight555  

The Four Agreements


1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally:Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions:Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Great guidelines to live by and especially good to keep in mind when being a member of a site.  It is not that difficult to treat people with respect even if you feel that their words and actions and attitude and tone are not to your liking.  I try to always do that because that is a way I feel that people who are trying to rise above separation and petty squabbles should act.  At the end of the day a person should respect their OWN actions and not mirror the behaviors of the person who may not seem to be playing the way they should in the sandbox.  I have learned the most important lessons in my life from the most difficult people to deal with and welcome them in my life for the wisdoms I gain about dealing with fellow humans, about loving for the sake of loving, and for the inner strengths I have gained.  It is easy to love people who mirror your thoughts and agree with all you are saying and believing, far more difficult and character building to learn to love others who "bug the crap" out of you.  I still stand with my original comment at the beginning of the post, that I feel it innappropriate to discuss members and air "dirty laundry" about others on a public forum and I stand by what I say...If it makes people happy to discuss and diss people by name on a forum then I wonder about how much degree of the true spirit of love is actually present.  I have been following this post and I feel that it went off course to what Stick's original post was all about to begin with...But that happens here, I just do not want to participate in name calling people behind their backs and judging people we do not even really know.  Sending love to you all here and wishing everyone a love filled time of reflection as to how humanity can embrace unity instead of dwelling on judging others and creating separation.  Love to all.  

Luke thank you for being so kind to our ma Valana. And you are an amazing person glad your a friend
You never see courtesy like that any more when men were gentlemen kissing the woman's hand opening doors that picture just brought back some memories of my pap.

L E S S O N  L E A R N E D

C O U R T  A D J O U R N E D  

"Acute...don't leave us without your wisdom."

I'm afraid I'm going to have to dissapoint you on that.
"The people with no answers" have apparently put in system to complain to the admin every time they get questions they can't answer without exposing their lies in the process, effectively banning the curious person from asking more questions on their threads again instead.

Therefore, my wisdom is simply something you will have to learn to live without in the future. At least on the threads that matters to anyone in the world.
If I had any tears left I'd shed them for you, but I don't.. I only have anger left, and I don't want to shed that here since it will only feed and sustain "the people with no answers" even further.

So, have a happy 2015 and may this Putnized version of the NA-phenomenon not bang you up too badly and if it does, well.. I can't lift a finger to help you anymore because my hands are tied so.. It was nice knowing you. ;)

Listen bub you better not leave I do love your thought process and wit and wisdom noone can agree 100 percent of the time and sometimes its great to have objective opinions. It makes people think and I caught myself researching more for proof I love research and I quit doing that kind of stuff and you my dearest gave that ambition back to me so please message me if you like talk to me about what you know and your opinions you are a dear friend I love ya and proud your a friend.

Perhaps I can "do a Nancy" and simply make a mass-PM when I find something that upsets me more than tolerable in the future? :)

I can copy the posts and then break them down and quote them piece by piece as I usually do, but in a mass-PM instead of in the comment-fields. That way, the cabal's influence on which questions I can and can not post, will diminish.

Lol. People need to have some flippin' respect (in reply to this very good blog post).



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