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Interpersonal Turbulence on Ashtar Command & The Tryranny of Censorship

~Wanted to throw my two-cents into the multidimensional mix, Ashtar Massive… look, for those on this site effectively amplifying Barry’s current ‘role’ as ACC’s latest wack-a-mole… I get it, & it’s hard to argue he’s not earned the spot. While I’m not going to waste energy defending his predictable behavior, I will defend his place in the community. Why? For one thing, because any ‘community’ is only as strong as it’s weakest links. I know, I know, there are limits… nonetheless, the deeper question is: Why give Barry so much power? Going toe-to-toe with him is a choice… Nothing more, nothing less. You take away his bluster, & his impact has no more significance on the overall intent of ACC, than say, a mosquito does in a huge auditorium. Unless, of course, you let it. & collectively tag-teaming to get him ‘banned’ is doing just that. An overreaction to a 'personality type' that is always drawn to these kind of sites. People that worship at the alters of skepticism, extreme rationalism, bottom-line-ism, etc... are par for the course in these arenas. & the Spiritual-Communities that truly thrive (online & off) are those that don’t fall victim to the downward spiral of ‘censorship & banning’, which inevitably destroys the collective trust, & slowly but surely, the integrity of it’s members. Lighten up guys! Ben has created a site where these kind of dramas are effortlessly avoided… including the means for members to post blogs where they can monitor the responses themselves. That there is now a small group on ACC in the habit of ‘telling’ Ben their issues in the hopes of getting members banned, is truly unfortunate. Asking Ben to play the role of hall-monitor is petty & doesn’t honor the definition of ’New Age’, which ultimately means: Spirituality without borders... The good, the bad & the ugly. Not to mention it’s quite hypocritical, as the fact is: Some of the members asking for his expulsion are certainly not ‘innocent’ (from my perspective) when it comes to posting things that can be considered 'offensive', crossing the gamut from- extreme personal attacks, racially insensitive posts, promotion of the Holohoax, I could go on. But it’s not necessary, & hopefully, you get the point. It’s impossible to have an authentic Community without having, at times, radically different perspectives of what’s ‘real’. Ben didn’t create ACC to play 'Thought-Police'... far from it. I for one, have never asked Ben to handle situations that I can manage myself, & frankly, nor should you. If there’s something Ben deems inappropriate .. let him handle it, without the ongoing prodding to give credence to the 'popular' kids views. Who does that truly serve? Does anyone take the time to put the moccasin on the other foot & consider how this effects Ben’s experience of his site? Does he really need to be burdened with interpersonal woes? More importantly, though… claim your own Power to rightsize personalities like Barry’s by letting go if the illusion of control. Go with the flow Ashtar Massive… learn to work with the imperfections & challenges that come with trying to wrestle with the ideas presented on ACC. It’s not a coincidence that 'censorship' is such a hot global topic as of late… just remember, as co-creators of this experience we call reality, we ALL have our 'roles' to 'play'…. no matter which side of the multidimensional coin we believe we’re on. Much respect to Ben, who (for the most part) steers clear of much of the interpersonal turbulence on ACC, as it’s a natural byproduct of the fading veils of duality. The final birthing pains of the new paradigm, if you will. Ben’s actions (or lack of action, depending on ‘one’s’ perspective) on ACC, point to a level of maturity not currently shown my many of it's members. Come on guys… WE can do better. The time is Now. ~StickTemetNosce247 

*The following vid contains valuable insights.


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Love, Light & Respect, Valana... & to ALL Ashtar Massive




<3 Thank you everyONE for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Ashtar Command Community is a "reflection" of the collective consciousness as a whole.
What is happening here, is not a "random" coincidence. It is simply showing where we are
as a planet.

It´s great to tune into all of your perspectives :)


"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality." - Earl Nightingale

Amen, Ben-Arion... & thank you for  b e i n g  You. Your work is greatly appreciated...

An honor to be part of ACC. ~InLight



We seldom realize, for example that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.”...“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” ~Alan Watts

You are an increadible man. A contagious spirit I might add. Its not an easy undertaking you have with a site this big. I bet you never thought it would be so big? I know it gets discouraging when probably all feedback in your inbox is negative? We all need to start flooding you with love and light and also do the same with one another.

If we must correct someone on what they say to us we need to do it lovingly as a unit we are stronger.

There's a saying divide and conquer. Its so true that the real enemy will come in plant seeds of discord watch it grow to a point we take one another down as they sit in their lazy boys laughing at us. We must not let it happen as one unit we are a force. U. S. Millitary has a saying united we stand divided we fall. We must not let the enemy divide us we are one spirit and should proceed as such. Ben thank you for your beautiful site and your live a.d light.. may God bless you abundantly and exceedingly beyond.d all your hopes and dreams

Thank you dear! ACC has been online for 8 years now... It all began as a spontaneous play. But it has grown into something that has a life of its own. As a garden, we have to take care of it. I love when reality surprises you beyond your expectations, and these 8 years has been a surprise. I look forward to the next 8 years. I have a lot of "plans". This site is quite big, and it will become a part of an even bigger network, the coming years.

I actually appreciate all types of "Personal feedback"  - positive and negative, it is important. I may not respond to everything, but i am reading it all and take it to HEART. I am quite strong in my "integrity" and handle negative feedback well.  =) 

Everything has it´s "time and place". 

Thank you all for being the "Gardeners" and caretakers of this community. Your inner state of being will effect the whole and set the intent for the "future".


Best site on the Internet!

A very apt quotation, dear friend and brother, Ben-Arion....A great quote from Earl Nightingale....


And thanks for such a splendid community website, it really is one of the largest and most far-reaching among those of similar new age, spiritual and ET-centric focus......


As you wisely suggest, this community is not random in it's interactions and synergies.....It is a living and breathing organism, which evolves....All of the events we have experienced together and eventually surmounted, were of value to the whole....Of value to the group....


Know, dear one, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven, are indeed yours.... So be it...! Selamat gajun..! Selamat ja..! (Sirian for be one and be in joy...!)




glad that more & more people are brave to speak out the real truth !

kudos & respect !

- from Indonesia -

u n i t y 

~Love, Light & Respect, Niki from Indonesia. The internet & 'cyber-communities' like ACC serve as a powerful tool to bring voices together, who otherwise would never have met. Creating a positive means to unite the Global- Village. It's like a kind of multidimensional campfire... & everyone is invited. ~Bless... Stick, from Los Angeles ;-) 

AsWithin... SoWithout



the manys sayings man has kept and shared all through history records is because it has some truth in it.

the one that sticks out loudly is: the beatings will continue until the moral picks up.

well so true people when treated as worthless slaves are getting used to the  beatings, torsured, killed just to put the fear of death in our soul of WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO US JUST LIKE THE OTHER SLAVE got AND ENDURED, THEN the MANY comes to the conclusion just like every animal on earth, as the beatings go on, there comes a point where the human animal bites back, tooth and nail for death is close in their minds.

this cussades of this strike first to make sure peace is done is insane, and a obvious nazi mindset IS NOT that new, all thu history of mankind. tyrants have used the excuse to kill because we will be safer, when the others are dead.

human history of the use of death squads is not a new concept at all. but real history OF THE BRAINWASHING OF THE FOOT SOLDIERS even to this day, THAT THIS WAS RIGHTOUS. WOW WOW WOW


So true we all have our version of historical truth .

hi Claudia lee.

so true what you stated, i feel it down to my bones as truth.

the rulers of earth all through history has been USING the slogans of the kind and gentle death squads tactics and justification IT IS FOR OUR SAFELY AND OUR CHILDREN, THIS is very very old BS EXCUSE TO KILL, it may the trigger to align oursleves to this animal instinct to protect the pride, by killing the threat, so as to feel the safly and peace, of no one or thing can hurt them. human animal history of how we treat each other is not a pleasant history. even with all the excuses REALLY IS the surgar coating.




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