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Interpersonal Turbulence on Ashtar Command & The Tryranny of Censorship

~Wanted to throw my two-cents into the multidimensional mix, Ashtar Massive… look, for those on this site effectively amplifying Barry’s current ‘role’ as ACC’s latest wack-a-mole… I get it, & it’s hard to argue he’s not earned the spot. While I’m not going to waste energy defending his predictable behavior, I will defend his place in the community. Why? For one thing, because any ‘community’ is only as strong as it’s weakest links. I know, I know, there are limits… nonetheless, the deeper question is: Why give Barry so much power? Going toe-to-toe with him is a choice… Nothing more, nothing less. You take away his bluster, & his impact has no more significance on the overall intent of ACC, than say, a mosquito does in a huge auditorium. Unless, of course, you let it. & collectively tag-teaming to get him ‘banned’ is doing just that. An overreaction to a 'personality type' that is always drawn to these kind of sites. People that worship at the alters of skepticism, extreme rationalism, bottom-line-ism, etc... are par for the course in these arenas. & the Spiritual-Communities that truly thrive (online & off) are those that don’t fall victim to the downward spiral of ‘censorship & banning’, which inevitably destroys the collective trust, & slowly but surely, the integrity of it’s members. Lighten up guys! Ben has created a site where these kind of dramas are effortlessly avoided… including the means for members to post blogs where they can monitor the responses themselves. That there is now a small group on ACC in the habit of ‘telling’ Ben their issues in the hopes of getting members banned, is truly unfortunate. Asking Ben to play the role of hall-monitor is petty & doesn’t honor the definition of ’New Age’, which ultimately means: Spirituality without borders... The good, the bad & the ugly. Not to mention it’s quite hypocritical, as the fact is: Some of the members asking for his expulsion are certainly not ‘innocent’ (from my perspective) when it comes to posting things that can be considered 'offensive', crossing the gamut from- extreme personal attacks, racially insensitive posts, promotion of the Holohoax, I could go on. But it’s not necessary, & hopefully, you get the point. It’s impossible to have an authentic Community without having, at times, radically different perspectives of what’s ‘real’. Ben didn’t create ACC to play 'Thought-Police'... far from it. I for one, have never asked Ben to handle situations that I can manage myself, & frankly, nor should you. If there’s something Ben deems inappropriate .. let him handle it, without the ongoing prodding to give credence to the 'popular' kids views. Who does that truly serve? Does anyone take the time to put the moccasin on the other foot & consider how this effects Ben’s experience of his site? Does he really need to be burdened with interpersonal woes? More importantly, though… claim your own Power to rightsize personalities like Barry’s by letting go if the illusion of control. Go with the flow Ashtar Massive… learn to work with the imperfections & challenges that come with trying to wrestle with the ideas presented on ACC. It’s not a coincidence that 'censorship' is such a hot global topic as of late… just remember, as co-creators of this experience we call reality, we ALL have our 'roles' to 'play'…. no matter which side of the multidimensional coin we believe we’re on. Much respect to Ben, who (for the most part) steers clear of much of the interpersonal turbulence on ACC, as it’s a natural byproduct of the fading veils of duality. The final birthing pains of the new paradigm, if you will. Ben’s actions (or lack of action, depending on ‘one’s’ perspective) on ACC, point to a level of maturity not currently shown my many of it's members. Come on guys… WE can do better. The time is Now. ~StickTemetNosce247 

*The following vid contains valuable insights.


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Great post, I could not agree more with what you are saying, although I have always thought it was kind of rude to discuss other members by name in posts, as people frequently do here.  Barry as ACC's "whack a mole", lol...that is not nice.....I earned that title a few times too though, as well as being labeled a troll every time I posed an opposing opinion on all sorts of subjects, or asked for proof of the truth of posts and things..I find that a strength and not a weakness.  I can relate with Barry for wanting proof of things, I share that same trait. .I always thought it was rude to talk about people behind their backs however (or in front of their face on a post)...Sorry Stick, just my opinion about singling people out on a post.

 I do agree with every other point that you brought up though.  I have always commended Ben of keeping this site pretty much a place where people are allowed to have their opinions even if they run contrary to some or even many members opinions.  A lot of opinionated people are here lets face it, and a lot of discussions take a turn to drama and a lot of insulting and baiting occurs, which I think is pretty easy to avoid if people were respectful while stating their opinions and reasonings for things andwere respectful with their replies.  It is a really easy concept, just don't insult people while disagreeing with them.  I have never resorted to insulting people, and when I disagree or have an alternative view I share why I feel the way I do, and don't need to bash a person just for disagreeing with me...Name calling, bullying and such behavior is very juvenile and supposedly we are all adults here.  Perhaps we should all remember we are adults and act like them.  Tattletaling to Ben every time someone doesn't like comments on a post or opposing opinions is very childish and is a sign of immaturity.  Time to grow up.  Thanks for this post, I agree with what you are saying.   The Christopher Hitchen's video is very good, thanks for sharing it.

~Well said, Marique... & thanks for your insights. I hear what you're saying when it comes to mentioning specific names... yet, to half-measure my observations about Barry seemed disingenuous, as he is the latest ACC member relishing in disrupting discussions... racing from post to post to criticize anything & everything, without adding much of depth & weight himself. Of course, that's just my opinion... & more importantly, his prerogative. At the same time, simply waving his 'show proof' flag isn't enough to garner respect (especially given his often belittling tone)... but ultimately, I don't think 'respect' is what Barry craves. While we ALL have our shadows... & so-called 'negative' interactions comes with the territory on ACC... he's made it quite clear, he enjoys the attention. When I referred to him as ACC's latest 'whack-a-mole', believe it or not, it wasn't meant as an insult... it was merely an honest assessment of the kind of attention he seems to thrive on. Nonetheless, either way we dissect it, Barry is NOT alone... not even close. When all is said & done, the interchangeable role of 'antagonist' in 'Spiritual-Communities' is as predictable as the words 'Love & Light' ;-) This isn't really about Barry... It's about ALL of us 'remembering' that we're in this experience/experiment together. If we can't learn to co-exist with these kind of disruptive typologies, then we're in real trouble... forgetting that: When 'one' points the finger, there are four pointed back at him/herself. ~In Lak'ech Ala K'in 555 

very well put Stick ... challenges are always good, keeps us on our toes, and learning about ourselves in the process ... ;))

Thanks for sharing ... ;))

Absolutely, Ara... as I've always said:

We learn the most by moving through our greatest challenges,

not around them. ~InLight555


OMG stick I love him and this song thank you

Glad you enjoyed it, Lisa... I love Luciano's work as well; a true Spiritual Warrior.

I've caught him live many times. ~Bless

I bet it was amazeing. Im an avid listener of Bob Marley too the music people need to listen to the words its true spirituality if love and peace again thank you sweety

Very well said, Stick.  What kind of world do we hope to create if we cannot accept everyone.  If we keep thinking and acting in the same old ways we always did, then we will create another world that is just as big a mess as the one we have now.  We need to aim for unity and not exclusiveness.  I´m sure Barry has a lot of good ideas if he would stop fighting against things and work on positive solutions.  We may not all always agree and this is OK for we are all individuals and unique in our thinking ...this is what makes the life interesting.. Unity through diversity..

Amen, Feather... Unity through diversity! 

Despite our differences... Everyone has a Voice in the choir


I don't see the other comments to the thread here for some reason, by Marique and Ara.

You make several good points here. Hopefully they'll help others deal more constructively with the 'situation'. My advice is similar... if you can't respond without becoming emotionally thrown 'off-balance', then wait until you find your balance again, then proceed. Responding in a stressed or emotionally charged way is what folks in this mode of being feed off of... so just don't feed into it, and it will not thrive.

Here's a quote from the guidelines for the site you shared recently on another thread, and is quite relevant here...

"Disruption: Repeating a behavior that is clearly interfering with other members’ use of the forums is not allowed."

(Now the other comments are back up again... strange.)

Well said, Tally... I completely agree. & strange, I was experiencing the same glitch with seeing posted comments. Seems fine now. ~InLight 



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