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Internet users told to change ALL passwords in security alert over 'catastrophic' Heartbleed bug...Updating passwords on vulnerable sites still leaves details at risk

Online security breach is described as 'catastrophic'
Alert is result of internet bug Heartbleed being uncovered
Heartbleed is able to bypass websites' security measures to access passwords and personal information
Internet users have been warned to change all their computer and phone passwords following what could be a ‘catastrophic’ security breach.

Major technology firms have urged the public to immediately update their online security.

The alert is the result of the discovery of an internet bug called ‘Heartbleed’, which is able to bypass computer security settings.

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Will changing your password REALLY protect you from Heartbleed? Tech giants under pressure to advise and reassure users in wake of bug
Affected sites include Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr and Netflix
These sites have fixed the flaw and users should change their passwords
However, this leaves a number of websites still vulnerable to attack
Security firms are urging users to only change passwords on sites that have confirmed they are safe
Updating passwords on vulnerable sites still leaves details at risk
The problem was found in the widely-used OpenSSL software
Sites including, Twitter and PayPal were never affected
Tech companies are facing increased pressure to do more to reassure their users about the Heartbleed bug.

Affected sites, including Google and Facebook, have fixed the problem, but its users are complaining they're still being left in the dark as to what it means for their personal data.

Meanwhile, there are still thousands of websites who are yet to fix the problem, or officially announce the fix - leaving their users in limbo.
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Ashtar Command Community Members arent effected by this "incident", ive checked with the tech team, its running on a different platform...


Ashtar Command Crew is running at a Higher Dimension and Frequency for the New Earth that is why it's not effected .. thats what you really mean Ben



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