Insights regarding our Ego or "Shadow Self"

This isn't mine but I find it very insightful and helpful to livingmore at peace and unity with everything. This is by David Wilcock andhis understanding and insights:


My favorite Law of One passage of all time occurs on page 170 of Book1, when the questioner asks if "transcending the Ego and dissolvinginto a collective nirvana" is indeed what we need to do to attainenlightenment.

The answer, loosely paraphrased, was: "The primary purpose of an entityis, in this density, to experience all things desired — to thenanalyze, accept and understand these experiences, and distill the loveand wisdom to be found within them. Nothing is to be overcome — thatwhich is not needed falls away."

Your ‘separate self’, or ‘shadow’ — whatever you choose to call thispart of yourself that suffers — believes in the illusion. It feelspain, and believes that pain is real.

It identifies with the body and sees the body as the ultimate reality.It is obsessed with pursuing those things that will enhance the comfortand security of the body.


"Experience all things desired" means what it sounds like. You’re hereto have experiences, choose which way you will travel, and then learnfrom your experiences: "distilling the love and wisdom found withinthem."

This same Law of One passage, when you read the full text, advisesagainst trying to ‘overcome’ anything, as this just makes yousubconsciously want it even more.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s free will, if you want to do something, then do it.

If it would interfere with free will, then play out exactly what youwish you could say, or do, in your imagination. Think it all through,and use that as a mental exercise for your own learning.

The important part is to process everything you’re going through.Analyze it, study it, forgive yourself and accept yourself, knowingthat you are simultaneously a being with apparent flaws and weaknesses,as well as a perfect holographic embodiment of the One Infinite Creator.

By comparison to this path of ‘distilling’ experience, or catalyst asit is called in the Law of One series, "True Helplessness" is repeatingthe same experiences over and over again without any new insights beinggained.


This Shadow Self also knows it will die if you transcend fear, anger, sorrow and loneliness.

And it’s not going to go quietly into that good night — it’s going to put up one hell of a good fight.


Your Shadow Self wants to believe it is you — that you are your body —and that you are the big star of the show. Everything that everyonesays, thinks and does around you is because you are there.

This is one of the reasons why the Shadow Self wishes it could be a"Famous Celebrity," and we have a major social sickness of peoplewanting to build up collective icons, only to tear them to pieces theminute they fall short of our impossible expectations.

"I could do better if I were that person," the shadow thinks. We readtabloids, watch trash TV shows, and say to ourselves, "All that fameand all that money. Now look at her. Now look at him. Pissin’ theirlife away. What a f-in’ waste. If that ever happened to me, I wouldnever have…….."

Truthfully, everyone who ends up in these positions does the best theycan. No one really understands the horrors of being a public figure, orwinning the lottery, until they find themselves in that position.


The shadow self is a narcissist. If that person over there laughs, theyare laughing at you. If they get mad, they are mad at you. If theystretch and yawn, it is because they find you boring.

This might sound funny at first, but the more you get to know your own shadow, the more truth you will find in it.


This is the sickness that creates codependency, leading you to destroyyour own relationships by assuming everything your partner says, thinksor does is about you.

This terrifies you — and thus you seek constant reassurance. You end upbecoming lonely, depressed and needy. No one can stay interested in aperson like that for very long.

You therefore end up creating your worst fears. The more fearful youget, the harder you pull on your partner, and the more your partnerpulls away.

Eventually, they dump you — and thus apparently ‘prove’ your fears were right all along.

In truth, your partner is simply mirroring your Shadow Self back to you.

Until you heal that Shadow Self within, and allow it to die a naturaldeath — freeing you to a mind that is open, relaxed, confident and atpeace, without jealousy, fear, anger and sorrow — everyone you meetwill soon transform into another Shadow.

You will rebound into one relationship after another, experience TrueHelplessness, and repeat the same experience with each new person. Theparticulars will be different, but the overall theme remains the same.

Until you stop abandoning yourself — and learn to give yourself love, peace and happiness — you will be abandoned.


Your Shadow Self believes it is the only part of you that is of any value.

The Shadow also is a narcissist. Everything that everyone around youthinks, says and does is the result of you being there in the room. Youare always Number One in the world of the Shadow Self.

The Shadow then goes even farther to believe that It Is "The World,"and ultimately EVERYTHING and EVERYONE revolves around you.

Not just in your own immediate circles, your friends and family andassociates, but EVERYONE. They just don’t know it yet. But they will…

This may seem impossible to fathom, but I literally get multiple emailsEVERY DAY from people who are absolutely convinced They Are TheMessiah, and the Future of the World Rests Upon Their Shoulders.

They see me as doing something similar to what they feel they are hereto do, and experiencing a level of exposure they feel they deserve. Thefinal step is simply to convince me to believe in them too.

It’s a romantic notion, and I fell into it myself when I was youngerwith people I idolized, but it never works. You’re here to saveyourself — not to be saved by someone else. Only then can your effortsto help this planet reach their maximum potential.


Again — your shadow self identifies itself with your body, and believesthe body is the sum total of who you are. Furthermore, it is anarcissist, and believes everything and everyone else around it ismoving and reacting according to its presence.

The shadow self seeks Fame and Fortune, believing that if it achievesthe best of what the world has to offer in the physical sense, then ithas "Won".

The shadow self is constantly vain, concerned with how it looks, and terribly over-sensitive.

The minute someone pushes a button and tells this part of you that itis ugly, stupid or unworthy, the Original Wound — "God Abandoned Me" —gets triggered.

Rage, spite, venom, hate, jealousy, bitterness, loneliness, depression,sorrow — all these ‘negative emotions’ then result from this illusoryaspect of yourself trying to defend its existence. It is literallyfighting for its life.

Why? Because your shadow self MUST die in order for you to truly awaken.


The death of your Shadow Self is a symbolic, not a literal death.

Nonetheless, it often comes in the form of losing those things theshadow identifies itself with — such as money, relationships, prestige,health, good looks, youth, et cetera.

If you feel yourself becoming less paranoid, less obsessed, lessstressed-out, less anxious, less fearful, less vain, less jealous, lessangry, less judgmental, then that shadow self is indeed falling away.

It may screech and holler on the way down, but the cleaner and purer your thoughts become, the less and less it will bother you.

Along the way down, as you go through this remarkable "personalitycleanse" we are all being led through as we head into 2012, your Shadowwill convince you that "The World As We Know It" is falling intocertain doom and catastrophe.

You will read articles about martial law, mega-Earth Changes, economiccollapse and the disaster of the week, and believe they are true. Youmay even write your own.

Your shadow is holding on for dear life. More fear! More anger! Moredoom! God F-ked Me Over Real Good, and I’m F-king P-ssed Off About It!

Someone like Obama — how dare he achieve this very thing our Shadow Self thinks it wants? Why Him and Not Me?

And… he’s BLACK!

Attack, attack, attack!

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  • Great article. I used to strive to be super woman, all things to all people, except myself. I thought being responsible meant fulfilling everyone else's expectations and all the shoulds they had for me. I thought I had to be stoic, never cry, never ever get angry, etc. etc.

    My chronic illnesses prevented me from physically being super woman anymore. I had to find my true self within. And I learned that I had to care about myself, be responsible for my own needs and desires, because no one else was going to give me permission, I have to give it to myself.

    I also have been seeking my Purpose sent I was 12. But I have realized the reason that it had eluded me was because I thought it had to be something grand (or grandiose). I have discovered that the time when someone, often someone I don't even remember, and tells me how much I helped them, were the times I was just being myself, doing what I felt was needed at the moment. It was when I was connected to my essence and being spontaneous and following my intuitive guidance.

    We never know when our interaction with someone may make a huge difference in their lives. That is why we need to practice awareness and living in the present moment. Then our response will come through us from our true essence, our spirit, our heart, (rather than our ego) and then it is always just what is needed.

    As long as we are striving to achieve more, to be more important, to be more respected, it will never be enough. We will never feel complete. Only by practicing being more aware, more present, expressing our true essence and experiencing life (pain and all) fully, will we feel whole, special, and valuable.

  • I feel so relived after reading this...this truth has been emerging in me, you have succeeded to fill in the gaps.
    I have this thought about releasing me from my shadows grip by expressing my love fore my shadowperson, i am who i am today moestly because i learned from the experiances as totally and later graditually i identified me with my shadowperson, i think that by giving it my gratitude and love, it will go in peace.
    Thats my thoughts at this moment....
    Sorry for my lousy english writing skills.... neurological damage on the leftside messed my languageskills up:-)
    Winds in your sails from me to you/ A-k
  • Thanks so much for this posting, Lord M. This is one of the clearest, most definitive pieces I have read about the shadow self/"altered ego" that I have read ANYWHERE. BRAVO!!!
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