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Insider Drake Freedom Reigns Update April 19, 2012

Insider Drake gives an update to the Freedom Movement on April 15, 2012.

For a summary of this interview, click this link:

Freedom Reigns website:

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I caught part of this on the radio show, mainly because wolf spirit radio was having problems with their server (they have for awhile).


But I also managed to talk to drake on the chat and he explained a few other things. Though I don't think it will matter to those who don't believe him anyway, this is what he said in the chat room that didnt make it onto the radio show:


* * The Planet X Nibiru thing is a hoax.

If it is out there, its not coming our direction. I know there are a few pluto sized planetoids out there, but they aren't due to come back around the sun for hundreds of years.


* * The Fake UFO Invasion plot is also a fantasy. It was a real plan before (project bluebeam) but it got canned several years ago because too many people found out detailed information.


* * The Pope really is stepping down, because just like the bankers who are resigning there are Charges being brought against him and he's going to make a run for it into hiding.


* * And the Insiders do know of all of the things that the Cabal might do to try to make this a trick, keep an ace up their sleeve, or put in other people to replace the ones that get arrested.

All of it is being taken care of... there are no mystery men that the Insiders don't know about.

The Insiders also have direct contact with the GFOL and the Andromedans (not channeled... direct contact in person).


* * If anything the kind of plot we Should be concerned about from the Cabal... if anything... is something that is currently going on in the UK which could just as easily be implemented in the United States.

Drake wasn't specific about this but I believe it has to do with the recent uproar over the UK approving the blank check spying of its citizens. Right now, the UK can read everyone's emails, listen to all phone conversations (which are also likely recorded now) - - without warrants of any kind.

This is dangerous because if they can do that in the US then they can track down all of the Insiders because they'll just blanket wiretap everybody they even halfway suspect is working against the Cabal (and have them all promptly tortured and shot all at the same time).

I am a Watcher, we are the mystery men the insiders know nothing about.  The thing that is going on in the UK is the biometric medical chip implant, "the mark of the beast".  Blanket wiretaps on federal servers through the us of a public library is a violation of the patriot act, the access information is cataloged yes, only because it is interesting to watch the agents of the cabal scurry around.  Those people you believe to have the power, what you call the cabal, are not in control.  There is no control.  I am not an agent of the system Mr. Anderson.  I am Mr. Smith and it is inevitable.



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