Greetings to the Masters,

 I greet you all from the soon to be yours fifth dimensional reality where our civilization resides. I could say I greet you on behalf of the Telosians, the Fifth Dimensional Lemurian City under Mount Shasta, but I would rather like to address this greeting on behalf of the whole Inner Earth reality you are so eager to hear about more. The time has finally arrived for the long closed doors to get opened. As many of you are so brilliantly aware, there is indeed an Inner Earth reality which is patiently waiting for your surface consciousness to reach that requested level, when our wisdom can start to blend with the knowledge that you nourish in your own hearts. I ask you kindly to open this mind set, and let some seemingly not easily understandable wisdom to enter. Not understandable in a way that it has been beyond your ability to comprehend for a really long time. However there were those brave, highly respected wisdom keepers on the surface who kept alive the ancient wisdom of our subterranean existence. If you dwell into the wisdom of the native traditions, Hopi, Mayan, Kogi, Navajo, Tibetan among many, you always find the way into the Heart of the Earth.


Many cataclysms bombarded the surface during your long human sojourns on this planet. There were those highly dangerous periods of living when the only chance to survive was to escape from the surface. There are those sacred portals on Earth where this disappearing from the face of the planet could have been managed. There are those most ancient Star Habitants in the core of the Earth who are there to protect your dwelling and keep the memory of this very important spot in the endless Universe alive.


The Inner Earth has always been part of your myths and legends. There were times when the bridges between the two lands were wide open, when the vibration on both sides was equally strong and enlightened. As more density started to appear on the surface, more protected the portals had to become. No way to take human debris in any way to the Sacred Womb of this Mother planet. Yes, indeed one of the reasons why this planet is protected with such high attention and love is that it has the privilege for eons of time to hide and protect the most ancient vibration of the Universal Mother, the very core vibration that the entire multiverse can represent.


It is time to reveal those ancient teachings that were highly protected from those whose genetic configurations would not allow for understanding the whole. As you are marching deeper in your ascension process, as you are able to invite into your reality more and more light from the heart of the universe, more sacred wisdom will be released into your heart and heart connected mind set. The secret of the Inner Earth, the very first phase of this planet’s history is ready to be yours again. The Akash has all the relevant knowledge although there are certain layers that can only be accessible now from this vast storage of universal wisdom.


Huge revelations are on the horizon. As you are getting closer to your own divinity, not only more universal help can assist this long awaited process but more groundbreaking information can enhance it indeed. The reality of Inner Earth with all its countless manifestations and ancient, yet highly advanced vibration is ready to be revealed for Humanity. It is ready now to serve the transition process of all those who have the ear to hear and the eyes to see.  


Do not search the sky to welcome those who will appear from below. Star connections are in the heart of the planet as they have been in the last few millions of years. If you would like to know more, I kindly advise you to start with a greeting ceremony. In your next meditation send all your love to the heart of the planet. When you feel her own heartbeat ask with your pure love filled intention for an invitation. Soon you will be invited to discover more from this vast realm. Many journeys await the openhearted seekers.  Mount Shasta is one of those sacred portals where this reconnection can happen. However there is no need to go to far away places. A silent, peaceful spot in nature can act as a sacred doorway. As the vibration of the whole planet is getting higher, it is easier and easier to be invited and walk through. Clear your message board in your heart for an invitation to arrive. It will be crystal clear when you will get the green light to enter. This entering will happen on the etheric level first, the same way as your very first experiences with the fifth dimension. Sooner or later these adventures and the invitations themselves will get closer to the physical. Vast cave systems all around the world will be opened up for further revelations.


Keep your heart connected to the heart of your beloved Mother planet. Its sacred vibration holds the Divine Feminine not only of this planet but also for the whole universe. Its most ancient and special vibration is ready to return to the surface. We are here from both sides to rebuild the bridges. On behalf of all those who protect these bridges and those Ascended Masters who will help you rebuild them I greet you in this very new phase of our cooperation. We are indeed marching to this planet and humanity’s New Reality together. With the returning of the wisdom of the Inner Earth’s realm to the surface we are entering a brand new chapter. All the universal light, as we are getting closer to the Great Central Sun is on our side. It is time to open your heart to the wisdom that the Great Central Crystal Sun in the heart of our planet, the center of our Inner Earth reality is ready to reveal to all of us.


There were those times when humanity lost sight of its own divinity and wisdom. It is totally and absolutely the past now. We are in the final chapter of this most beautiful universal saga that brings to the surface all the light that humanity and our beloved planet kept alive for the entire universe and beyond.


I greet you all for the wisdom of your hearts,

Adama– through Kata,_Rebuilding_the_Bridges.html


Just keeping you up to date since the last blog on Inner Earth raised some wonderful responses & even more info.

Happy Dayz


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  • I've been reading up on Inner Earth for quite some time now.... I believe a lot of the dreams I'm having are tied to this..... This makes my heart sing! Thank you so much for posting!

    love and lIght!

    MagicK ~*~

  • I await, with Joyous anticipation, the day we are reunited with the Agarthans, and can again venture into the Inner & Hollow Earth.  I live just up the road "a piece"  from Mt. Shasta, in Ashland, Oregon; my bags are packed & I'm ready to go.

    Peace & Blessings...........Starman

  • I really liked this message to remind me of our Brothers and Sisters from Inner Earth !

    Question: Have you heard of any of these Portals located in Brazil ?

    Thanks for sharing

    Love Light and Freedom


    • Tanina, there are PORTALS ALL OVER THE PLANET... :-)

      For protection until the time is 'RIPE' many are cloaked to the 3rd eye. Our beloved sisters/brothers beneath "do" journey up here, but the energies for them to sustain a longer than needed period of time outside of their natural envionment is a bit taxing. But as our vibrations shift constantly on Gaia, it is not long before we all will be visiting each others "home" (so to speak). Their transport out of the portals is in the form of what we call "UFO" so we can not harm them.

      I hope this helps

      Bliss & Blessings


  • NEWS....JUST IN !!!!!

    HORUS on Wildfires

    The wildfires that are happening now in the Huachuca Mountains and that happened in the Chiricahua Mtns last week are happening in order for the portals located there to be able to open up without any debris there to despoil the coming forth of the opening. There are three portals in each of those mountain ranges. They must be accessible for us to come through to visit with you and to help you prepare to go through them and find your emergence into yourself. That is why the fires are being controlled by so many not only on the surface, but also by us in the inner earth. We are seeing to it that no lives are lost and that as few homes are lost as is necessary.

    We also wish to tell you that very soon there will be another fire that will consume much vegetation in the northwest. As this cleanses the landscape and the canyons of those mountains, the portals there, of which there are six, will also be readied for the emergence. As these fires take hold and are fought they will bring about an overwhelming wonder with the people as to what is going on. In all there will be a number greater than two dozen portals that will be cleansed by fire. There will also be twelve cleansed by waters and eighteen by land movement. Any others have been protected and have been able to cleanse themselves of anything that came unto them as time went on.

    As these cleansings take place there will be, as is with the wildfires in the state of AZ, those of us who will monitor and be certain that no lives are lost that have not contracted to do so. There will be some people who will be coming to Inner earth and resuming their positions here. They came into this lifetime in order to be ready at this time and to be in the proper placement to be able to fulfill their mission on the surface and return to take up the rest of their mission with us.

    As these openings are cleared and readied for the emergences, there will be an acknowledgment by those who have contracted and agreed to be visited by us. There will be many who will move to parts of the country where they have contracted to be when it is time for them to be there. It will be made ready for them to be able to host those of us who will be visiting.

    We are looking forward to meeting with all of you and to be able to share with you what it is that you will be readied for as the time draws near for you to revisit Inner Earth and Hollow Earth. Yes there is a difference. The Inner earth is the crystalline structure that encases the Hollow Earth where the Central Sun shines upon the cities there and shines forth into the Inner Earth bringing with it the promise of the inner beauty that awaits all of the earth, Surface, Inner, and core that is Hollow and emits its heart of the Central Sun to all who reside on and in the body of Gaia.

    We shall be with you in your dreams, and we will be coming to your daylight world. The reunion will be mighty and tender, pure and loving, and full of peace and great joy. Till then, realize that all of the changes that I spoke of are in purpose and they will serve all of you in a way that will be made completely clear when we come and bring to you our love and the truth of your beingness.

    I am Horus and I shall return soon with more information that will usher you into the world of your dreams and the realities of your awakening.

    Thank you dear Horus,
    through Nancy Tate
    19th June, 2011
  • Hello again, I just realized another movie, lol, that is displaying the outer earth reality and the inner earth reality.

    That movie is' halloweentown' , where they create there own world in i assume a slightly different dimension, so that they can live in peace and harmony. Sure sounds like this whole inner/outer earth situation. And they use a portal to go from halloweentown to the typical human earth world reality. Sure sounds again like another metaphor for north and south pole portal holes.

    Geez, i wonder how many other movies are conveying this idea in this hidden kind of way.

    Let me see, santa clause. And the santa clause movie recently conveying an advanced culture that monitors outer earth humans activities over the noth pole PORTAL.

    I think the list could go on here.

    peace love light

    edit: just thought of another movie that isn't hiding it so to speak. That movie is 'Escape from witch mountain' interesting how these are disney movies. In this movie, they actually show the flying saucers of these human looking beings that then fly there saucer right into a mountain. Sure sounds like they are alluding to Mount Shasta and another PORTAL entry/exit way. And the kids have powers like telepathy, telekinesis, etc. like Adama of telos.


  • Hi sunspiritsmiles, thank you for sharing your thoughts and information. I just realized a movie that hides this message of an inner earth, though this particular movie turns it inside out.

    The movie is 'Logan's Run'. In that movie, they are underground with advanced technology and essentially in a police state, though most are not awake to this fact and when they do awake, they become runners and try to escape, but are killed or renewed. Fairly close to human surface conditions.

    Stop reading here, if your going to watch movie for first time as this may spoil it for you, hehe.


    So, at one point a sandman (police man) discovers an artifact and this taints him somewhat, as the central computer questions him. Then he is told by the computer to go outside the underground base and destroy the surface world, of course at the same time hes being kicked out cause he is starting to question things and the system down there.

    So when he gets almost outside to the outer world there is an area that is freezing cold and as well a robot freezes anyone trying to escape. That sure seems like a metaphor for the wooly mammoths being frozen alive once outside inner earth (agartha). Oh and guess what the computer calls the outer world, 'sanctuary'.

    So whoever wrote that movie 'Logan's Run', knows the truth about all this and used metaphors and science fiction to convey those truths. Would be interesting to look into who wrote the script for that movie.

    Aside from that, knowing the earth is hollow and its dynamics, one could much more easily build technologies like antigravity.

    Anyway, I hope we can all meet our brothers and sisters soon, that would be nice.

    Oh and thanks for that link ravinder and also thanks for the info. you share as well.

    peace love light





    • This link above is very good ! .. I suggest take a look at it
      • 8116146500?profile=original
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