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Movie: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds..4 Video's (Akasha - The Spiral - The Serpant and The Lotus - Beyond Thinking)

Inner Worlds was created by Canadian film maker,
musician and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. The film could be described as the external reflection of his own adventures in meditation. As Daniel came to meditative insights, he realized that these same insights were discovered over and over in spiritual traditions around the world and that all traditions share a common mystical underpinning. He realized that it is this core experience that connects us not only to the mysterious source of all creation, but to eachother as well.
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Part 1:  Akasha

Part 2: The Spiral

Part 3: The Serpant and The Lotus

Part 4: Beyond Thinking

Those who enjoyed these Video's can if they wish make a donation to the Production Team @

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Wonderful Movie Beyond Words. Thank you <3

I will definitely make a Donation to the Production Team.

Link to Jill Bolte-Taylor - 'stroke of Insight'

Interesting insight into the functioning of the human brain.

I really enjoyed her speech, it was very moving and interesting, 

Very amazing, breathtaking videos... These video EVEN have subtitles/captions!  This videos just knocked socks off from me.  I am saving these videos to my favorites and thank you very much for posting these videos!

According to the Vedas ... The Srimad Bhagavatam clearly explains the creation of the Universe... Scientist think they know but they know not ..all they state is the big bang... Universe is created by a living being.
Please read the creation of the Universes @

Everything comes from Krishna and once you surrender to this fact Krishna will come into your life and guide you ... I myself have searched and wondered till I became enlightened by Krishna.
The devotees of Krishna ...Hare Krishnas have spoilt the movement Krishna consciousness by bringing in greed and politics, corruption and business BUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF KRISHNA IS THE BEST .. The Bhagavad Gita and The Srimad Bhagavatam will change your life and get to connected to the source which is Krishna.
I do not believe in deity worship and I believe that there are very few genuine devotees as most of them are corrupt but I believe in Krishnas Holy Scriptures

hi the first part of the movie if full and loaded with all  religions, and eastern phillosofy teachings.

a great part of the cosmic deseption, as it was found and is tought now by George Kavasillas, is revilling that

the Kunalini, and Chacra system and Pineal Gland - are all a very highly sofisticated implants - , an artificial layre - on the human body.

and the film is full by these believes and way of thinking.

be brave to put a big Question mark - behind every thought, as it is said in the very begining - as the mistery is greater -the more we except it with no questions marks.

I done my home work,

wake up and do yours.

If the kundalini, the chakra system and the pineal glad are artifical implants then without them how would the body operate... It would be just dead flesh

I respect your view point, I do not find it nececery to do so many excercisese, I do believe, and have good experiance with working with my heart core,

I also do not agree that george is"out" .... I see his work amazing, though it may not resonate with you, which

is fine, and you are welcome to go the path you resonate with, its all about  balance,and jugement

,,,, we are all here to explore and experiance

in light



I enjoyed

Interesting  and educational. Shows that our consciousness is awakening.

Living the life of Love and Devotion is Sweet Bhakti. Always a personal journey.


All else is simply philosophy!

Really interesting and so much truth  in all this information  you have to be very open-minded and have experienced or gained a lot of knowledge & experience through your accept all this matters.. but that happened to me ..and now at last I am feeling the AWAKENING moment and it is because I always contact God through mind or knowledge more than meditation and it has been a very hard month because all this knowledge finally opened to me and I accept it.. and from this moment is more easy for me mother who I help to awake too I feel more connected to spiritual and galactic world & accept changes..Thanks for the videos and very good job.. for the rest accept all this true as soon as possible NAMASTE!



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