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Here's some of my own inner thoughts I have had recently . everyone has my permission to use mine if it helps them or anyone else in anyway.


to walk the same path one must either lead or the other must follow. okay for the leader but not so good for the follower. one in his or her life must take their own path to control their own destiny. each path is unique and full of opportunities. you may cross-paths with other's to learn new skills and lend support but one must carry on their own in the end to meet new challenges. 

its easier to be genuine once one has found themselves. We all hold it within ourself s but the world we live in is designed to send it into hiding just like it has done with the truth.

Carrying on questioning everything you see and hear... never stop the second you stop and surrender to one idea you have been captured again. Be Free doubt is good 

to believe you have found truth with feeling it but without seeing it is not just only foolish but dangerous

 without anger you can't fight but without forgives you can't live

You can never truly prove somthing doesn't exist, all you can do is prove something does 

What are your's if you wish to share? 

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    • In truth, there is no leader, we are all followers and leaders, but in general we should look to be guided by our higher self, or the highest intent.  

      If that is truly our "will" and we state that clearly with intent then we will be guided, but we will also be leading ourselves, and able to understand better that the "higher" forces are only there to show us that we are the ones that must take the lead in our own life and beyond.

      Because we are a "Equal" in reality, and I think that's what people have a real issue with when it comes to "Galactics" they feel threatened that some entity that is not "god" could have some kind of lead on them, but in reality if we are open and connect with the source, we understand that all things are equal, and from there we can grow into something amazing, because I don't believe for a second that this is the pinnacle that we will reach as a human race....

      We've just started to scratch the surface of what we will become. 

  • tertiusgaudens thanks i will look deeper into that. and tell me about it. its driving me crazy what's up with the txt? anyone. ???

    and thank you Kelly, your story made me smile and think what it would had felt like to had been that man at that moment in time.

    • Hannah,

      here is a fine read at Wikipedia:

      The thing is, sometimes we can only speak about "something" in terms of what "the something" is not thus getting closer to the distinctiveness of the "something". You don`t know, what it is, so you look, what it is not.

  • An ancient Sioux story ... the emergence of man....

    A lone man awoke with his face turned upwards towards the sun. The man was of the earth and he slowly emerged from the soil encouraged by the sun's rays. A dry heat hardened the man so he was able to leap about, a free and joyous creation.

    Short and sweet :) 

    Thanks, Hannah, this is a nice blog :) I like your second one the best.

    • Your sentence

      You can never truly prove somthing doesn't exist, all you can do is prove something does 

      needs some contradiction. This has a long tradition in philosophy what is called via negativa - the way of negation (which contradicts your sentence). The meaning is this:
      Take for instance proving of God`s existence. Smart and honest attempts of any approach will find themself in the field of negative statements. They can only say, what God is not instead of knowing, what God is.
      (The question on "what is" implies, that something "is". But I will leave it this way, it needs lots of further considerations...)
      But generally I like your sentences...


      Btw, uploading the text is a real problem...

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