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Infinite Presence Alignment Breath work

01/28/2019 By Stillness in the Storm

(Ulonda Faye) Truth be told, we are always one with the Infinite Presence. This is our birthright and it is truly who we are. There is an energy about me and you, a source, a field, within and around us. This Infinite Presence goes by many names. Some say God, while others prefer the One or Source to name just a few.

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Source – Faye Naturales

by Ulonda Faye, January 25th, 2019

The Infinite Presence is always there and yet there are moments in our lives when we simply feel out of tune, unbalanced, and far removed from our true Divine nature. When we get this feeling, we know we have stepped out of our alignment with the One. Taking these steps will get us right back into the flow of who we truly are within ourselves and within the quantum field. Let’s align now.
Be Grateful
The Infinite Presence Provides

Practicing gratitude places us in a time bomb of infinite blessings. The more we become aware of just how many things in our lives bless us, we open up the flood door allowing the Divine flow. We can trust and know, all is flowing into us for our highest good with Divine timing. With our lives reflecting the waves of the ocean, using this as a mirror, there’s trust and love. We can trust, at a deeper level, everything and everyone blesses us.

What can we be grateful for at this very moment? What blessings are taking place now, and what blessings are coming into our lives for which we can already give thanks? Can you see them and can you feel them? Imagine them as energy dancing all around you in a field of green lighted energy basking in the golden glow of the infinite flowing sun.

This Energy Field is All Around.

This life is always in transition and we are always moving and growing. If there is a time or moment when you feel stuck or unable to move forward, please know you are at a level not yet felt or seen. Take a moment to be grateful for everything. We may not see what is coming, but it is around the corner ready to bless us.

This practice, is a blessing in itself. We realign, center and ground ourselves in our heart and the golden hue that bathes me and you. Can we breathe into this feeling?

Now, we take this silent moment to give thanks for our blessings as we feel ourselves connect more deeply to our true Divine nature, and we trust we are at one with the flow of the ever so abundant and loving Universe. Breathe into this moment. Open up your arms and give thanks.
Wave Breath Infinite Presence
The Infinite Presence is Your One-Pointed Focus

Now we can begin to feel the Divine connection and an infinite flow. There is energy moving in and around us together with a sense of calm knowing of the grace here and coming. Connect with your heart by placing your right hand over your physical heart while extending your left hand in an upright, open and receptive position. This can be done standing or sitting. Breathe into this strong heart resonance field and send out a message with the out breath. This can be a call for support to a friend, your soulmate or anything that you feel is greatly needed in your life at this time. Hold this energy and release any tension from your body scanning each area of your physical form.

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Going Within

Create a space where you can meditate and completely silence the mind. Meditation can create a busy mind at the beginning as those buried thoughts arise. If this happens for you simply bless it and give thanks. There is no need to repress or feel you are not making progress. Those thoughts must arise and be released. As you meditate more and more, you will notice they lessen as you begin to become more aware and intuitively able to make better decisions for your sacred soul. Listen now for a few minutes before reading on. Get quiet and listen to the stillness within.

Reflect on what has arisen for you and consider writing it down as well as taking a mental note of the experience. Utilize this time after meditation to be in stillness yet to reflect on the experience. Did you feel any sensations in your body or around your body? Did you sense anything or experience extra sensory perceptions? Write down anything that comes up during this time. It may not even seem relevant to whatever is of greatest concern in your life at the moment; however, there can often be guidance for what is to come. Accept these gifts of insight, and breathe. Some of these revelations and experiences may be only for your soul so choose only to share with great inner reflection first.
Infinite Presence Through Centered Prayer

Breath Work Ending In Prayer
The Infinite Presence Meets You at Your Heart Center

Breathing in and out of the nose naturally, feel if anything arises. If there is any tension remaining in the body welcome it and make friends with the energy. Connect your breath to the energy of unease or tension while breathing in and out of it. Is your body sending you a message through these sensations of unease? Ask the specific body part experiencing the tension if there is a message for you pertaining to this unease. Give thanks for any guidance that arises while blessing the experience and giving continued thanks. Breathe into this space until you feel guided to move on.
Your Heart as Your Centering Point in Prayer

Now begin to focus again on your heart. Yet, this time as an awareness and intention. Ask your heart if it has a message for you. Breathe in and out of your heart space for a time with this one-pointed focus. If anything arises, welcome it and bless it. At this point, you may experience emotions that would like to be released. Allow that to arise, which naturally comes up. Continue to breath in and out of your heart until you feel a sense of deep calm, peace and a loving expanse in and all around you.

Give thanks for all of these blessings that have blessed your being with guidance, insight, revelations, rest, release, love and relaxation to name some of the many experiences that arise. At this point, beginning with a centered one-pointed focus in gratitude, we pray. The form of prayer is up to you, and what counts here is what you can truly connect to at a heart level.

Soul Affirming Prayer

What do you feel connected to most of all in a sacred way? Pray in an affirming and confident way to your beloved Source and trust that every word is heard. Feel this connection strengthen all around you, and breathe into it. Stay with the prayer until you feel the Infinite Presence all around and in you as it becomes you.

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Infinite Presence Oneness

You have arrived at who you always were and who you always will be: Your True Divine Self. Bless and give thanks to your Divine soul for the great journey it has undertaken, and be at one with yourself as you move deeper into your life’s journey. Namaste.

About The Author

Ulonda Faye is a mystic writer of the poetic heart and soul, who has a vision of a heart conscious society where all unite in universal truth, love and freedom. Visit Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and

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