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The Importance of Being Grounded - Willing to Ground?

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E-Zine Article Author:
Alie Marie Arjaans,

Willing to Ground?

Some people come in to life finding it difficult to ground. They seem to float through life almost effortlessly, ethereally wistfully as if they’re feet can’t touch the ground! Why does this happen to some and not others. Why does it feel perfectly normal to some whilst others label them for being ‘out there’, seeing them as ‘airy’ air heads or space cadets.

Even though I perceive myself as fairly grounded person others see me differently and this has been going on a long while, since I was a kid although considering the experiences of the past few years they have no idea how out there one can get!

Those who feel ungrounded work very much from their upper chakra’s & have the sensation of running mental energy very fast. Sometimes they start to feel as if they are lifting up & off the ground especially if they don’t eat regularly. If the lower chakra’s are neglected, which, are the chakra’s that keep us more grounded in the physical it can seem as if we are unable to bring through a lot of our knowing, the visions we are holding, the blueprints to manifest in this reality. We can often perceive how things could be which leaves us feeling a little misunderstood by others.

The symptoms of being ungrounded are changing because of the shift that is occurring in our consciousness as we straddle the dimensional intersections that are occurring at present. Symptoms of being ungrounded had a lot do with how in your body you felt, how present you were in your physical body.

We are shifting

Now our experiences around time are shifting & our perceptions moving beyond being in the moment. Now you can have the sensation of being present in several places & times at once which can create spatial as well as memory distortion or overlays. We are being provoked or invited depending on how conscious we choose to be about it to let go of ownership of what we thought we knew about our individual experience to move more into the collective experience.
Many people are being challenged to let go of their need to describe or hold onto their mental concepts of how they think things work in order to allow a space for something new to enter. This leaves many of us feeling ungrounded.

Physically there are many ways we can perceive being ungrounded. It can feel like we have taken onto much energy that we can’t dissipate or it can feel as if we are off center to our bodies so that give us the sensation of being imbalanced horizontally from left to right.
It can feel as if we are floating or lifting off unable to walk upon the ground properly and it can feel as if you are walking ahead of the rest of your body.

These are all ways of describing when you are not sitting in your body properly in this intersection of Being here now. If you tend to walk on your toes with your head leading it could be your head is always in the future or you could very well be from the future, being guided from that place. Your body is a very good guide to how present & grounded you are. Working with a Vibrational Therapist or osteopath can help you to work out how you are sitting within your being on the planet right now.

There are some simple exercises which can assist us to feel grounded in our bodies to bring us more into alignment with our physical experience whilst still honoring our ability to connect with the stars.

To help dissipate excess energy, use simple techniques like placing your hands on the Earth to dissipate excess charge. Swim in salt water, use bicarbonate or bath salts in a bath. Utilise hot & cold tubs of water to place your feet in to discharge. Walk on the earth, stones, all these things help.


This exercise is based on the premise of the Rainbow Bridge as a basis for the grounding, alignment, centering & balancing of the charka system that bridge represents. The chakra’s are the intersections within your physical body that connect you to the different layers of reality. In doing this simple exercise daily one can begin to build, strengthen & engage in its use as a tool for daily grounding.

Find a space preferably on the ground. Sit on the Earth. Allow your self to breathe & relax into the breathe. Notice gently what is around you to simply acknowledge your environment.

Do not attach your self to anything in particular simply breathe. Become aware of your breath, your physical vehicle. Honour its purpose as a container for your spiritual being & a living library of your experience, as well as your ancestors.

Acknowledge the Earth beneath you. Breathe. Above your head is a Golden Star. This is the Christ Star. Below your feet is a Silver Star called the Earth Star. It is not important that you see them. Simply acknowledge them which will create the activation which is all that is needed.

BEGIN TO Feel the colour for at least one minute…feel the Gold flow down through your head, body, feet into the Earth Star…..Imagine the Colours White/Violet flowing down into your crown, head, body, feet….into the Earth Star……….

Continue with Indigoes….flowing down….through your head, body, into your feet…the Earth Star…….

Continue with Blues, Greens, Yellows, Oranges, Reds…..flowing down into your head,

body, feet, the Earth Star…..Just allow the process…feeling the difference in the colours. Feel them settle

You can feel the colours as they gradually assist to ground you. You can feel

them as they move through your central channels you create the bridge that supports your journey.

You can also move the colours back up through from reds to golds and back down again. Although this is a simple exercise it is effective & the foundation for all the other work that you will do. It has very unique applications beyond grounding. I do suggest daily practice as well as moving the colours back through the body & grounding them back down again in order to strengthen & maintain the bridge that you are creating.

It is the simple things that you do which determine how grounded you are during the day. Eating regularly can balance blood sugars & allow your body to work optimally. Body work can help the energy flow. Knowing your own mind, emotions, who you are can help you determine what you need to do to be fully present for yourself. Honoring our physical experience allows us to share more of who we are with others. Grounding allows us to do that.

© Copyright Ben-Arion - Awakening E-Zine.
This article is written for "Ben-Arion - Awakening E-Zine".
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This Article can be shared freely if Copyright info and links are displayed.
E-Zine Article Author: Alie Marie Arjaans,

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