“It is written [in Matthew 27:46] that my last words on the cross were: ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ This is a complete mistranslation. The words actually were: ‘My God, my God, thou hast never forsaken me or any of thy children, for thy children can come to thee as I have come. They can see my life as I have lived my life. Thus, by living that life, they do incorporate the Christ and become One with you, God my Father.’

“There was never a thought of desertion or separation. The Christ of God stood forth definitely, long before that hour. Had they burned my body, I could have reassembled it from the same particles that were released in the seeming destruction. Had they divided every particle of the body, it could have been reassembled instantly; there would have been no change.

“Man is so constituted that when he stands forth with the understanding of the Christ of God, he releases enough intelligent energy and that energy and intelligence so completely envelop him that, should the body be disintegrated and the life element become separated from the particles, this intelligent life principle could reassemble and consolidate those same particles in the same form in which it had expressed itself. The mould or pattern is there; it is built of, and in, the substance which cannot be destroyed. It would only be necessary to reassemble the substance and fill the mould, interpenetrated with the same life element, and you would have the perfect pattern or image as before.

“Thus, you can see that the crucifixion did not harm me; it harmed only those who attempted to harm the Christ Principle. It was an example of the fulfilling law of the Great Principle, a pathway which all humanity may follow. Thus following, they become the Christ of God, their ideal consolidated into imperishable form. Not even this body was destroyed. Its vibrations were so high that the mere act of fastening it to and raising it upon the cross was but a symbol that those who crucified me had finished all limitation which the mortal could put upon the body. The necessity for the completion of the fulfillment of mortal limitation was to place the body in the tomb and roll a great stone thereon and completely seal the tomb. Thus the cry: ‘It is finished.’

“When the mortal is finished, immortality is complete. Thus it is impossible to confine the immortal body of man even in a rock-hewn tomb. The rock could have been dissolved to release such a body, had such a necessity arisen. Thus you see that the whole scene was a symbol of man’s heritage.”

Peter Immanuel

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