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If You Think About It The real War On This Planet Is Between Those That Are Living In The Mode Of Goodness And Those That Are Living In The Mode Of Passion and Ignorance

Those human beings who are living in the mode of goodness are those that follow 3 basic rules having many devisions that cover it all namely 

1 Those living in the mode of goodness are kind to mother earth and will tread gently knowing that if you do harm mother earth you are harming yourselves as well.

They know that mother earth being their home planet it's everyone's duty to look after ones one home planet's essential, important and necessary to look after mother earth or you will have nowhere to live.

2 Those living in the mode of goodness are kind to all living entities knowing that all living entities have a right to live. They do no harm to other living entities and live like the Telosians  ( ex: Lemurians who went into inner earth )  who love animals and in return the animals love them and hug them 

3 Those living in the mode of goodness live a highly tuned spiritual life and are more connected to nature, other living entities and work on the path of unconditional love.

NOW THOSE IN THE MODE OF PASSION AND IGNORANCE are harming mother earth, harming other living entities and living a godless life like zombies.

These beings need to be put in rehabitalitation centres and till they get in the mode of goddess and if failing that that they are not welcome on this planet ...IN OTHER WORDS THEY NEED TO SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT.


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This case between the good and evil has caused mass extinction if you look at the history of planet earth  ...but one should always remember that the people in the mode of goodness always win so why not join them or face extinction 



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