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Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

I used to lurk on this site from time to time because I kept feeling drawn to it, and I believed that the theory of Ascension was true since it related to everything that I had experienced in my life.  

Several weeks ago, I experienced something amazing.  Normally I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to past lives, but I believe that I have had a flashback from one of my first lives.  In my flashback, I was born in the Orion star system from a father of Lyran and Orion ancestry and from a mother who had an Andromedan lineage.  

At that point in time, the Orion star system had its own empire and had conquered most of the known universe.  It was similar to Nazi Germany except far worse.  When I was older, I witnessed the destruction of a planet ("Avalon") in the Pleidian star system which had been caused by the Orion empire.  Watching that kind of cruelty broke me in half and caused me to live a life trying to find a way to create inter-galactic peace without large conflicts.  The original galactic federation was formed after the destruction of Avalon in order to prevent similar disasters from occurring in the future.

Naturally, of course, I was in the second or third wave of people who joined the Galactic Federation in order to improve relations between races and to create a sense of peace.  Here is the interesting part, I was also Ashtar Sheran's (who was not yet one of the central commanders of the federation) trainee, for lack of a better word.  I stood at his side mostly 24/7 and was his best friend.  I think I even knew him from an early childhood as well, but I'm not sure.  It was  his name and face that drew me to this site two years ago, because he seemed so beautiful and yet so familiar to me.

There was a definite calm in the universe for a period of time, but soon tensions rose up again and the federation and the universe fell into a frighteningly dark period.  We were on the verge of collapse, and it seemed like the Reptilians were going to overthrow our order quite soon.  There was also a lot of tension within the federation itself as well, and a great deal of desperation to deal with the situations we were facing in almost any way.


At that point, a project to create a new kind of DNA was underway and would eventually form the basis of the human race.  I disagreed with the program because of its questionable contributors (If you knew anything about parts of Lyra and the Annunaki, you would understand.)  














(Here is what I looked like, except I had paler skin and gray eyes)


That was the end of my first flashback, and all that I am going to share because I am still trying to decide whether or not to believe it because it sounds so fantastic.  Has anyone experienced something similar?

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You are very unlucky! On your memories superimposed alien (but similar) information received in this world.
Pleiades and Orion (Orion globular cluster), as well as other star systems in this sector, it is only fragments of empire RONA (her distant provinces).
They were left on their own after the first Galactic War. Confronting the Pleiades, Orion and Lyra has created the Second Galactic War. In this war, for spheres of influence is not good and evil, do not be fooled.
Dragon - a symbol (not a race), the symbol of the ancient empire RONA.

How does that make me unlucky?  I don't understand what you are trying to say.

Information obtained in this incarnation distort your memories.

So you're saying that I have false memories...or at least partially false ones.

But that can't be true because I didn't even know of Orion, Lyra or really any of the extraterrestrial civilizations until I remembered my past lives.  

If some people on this site would know who the people behind some pictures are, they would shiver and perhaps reconsider their words, I know we have a portal oppener on this site and a few members of Federations too because I recognize them.

Totally agree with you!
If some people hide behind pictures, and consider myself to GFL, find out who else prisudstvuet on this site, their peace of mind will come to an end.

I am sorry, there is a problem of translation.
The thing is that there is not only a GFL. GFL is not "light," but and not the "darkness" is something like "European Union."
There are other forces here. This place is the point of intersection of interests, a host in spatial movements (the gates of a thousand suns).

when you mention. . "this place". . where are you speaking of. .and I would like to learn more about this situation you call the gates of a thousand suns. .

thankyou for sharing

Thank you for giving me your friend's website address.  I emailed her and she said that I was a part of the GFL, but that I had a much happier experience then what I described in this thread.  

-Namaste :)

GFL is a military-political and commercial union. At the heart of its control system is the principle of the pyramid (the principle of no direct control). In the past, GFL has attempted to establish control of the solar system, and the result this was an orbital bombardment of the Earth. This event is described in the book of the Apocalypse. Apocalypse does not describe future,he describes the past events.
Last year, GFL made another try attack the solar system. The assault was repulsed by the timely intervention ISDN (imperium sentinels. Department of Navigation. Empire of RON ).
At present all the possible exit points Null space blocked by ISDN.



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