I saw a UFO tonight. It had wings but didnt look like a plane....made no noise. Had lights like a plane blinking on the ends of the fat wings, and then started to move slowly straight down. It was close...if it was a chopper, it would not have wings, and I would have surely heard it. I tried to drive towards it, but it was gone.....if it was a plane,I would have seen it on the horizon from Titirangi Rd. It just dissapeared into the trees. I saw 11:11 on the clock yesterday.... I feel weird.

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  • Thank You,,

    I posted my experience in another post,,because I was selected from birth by the evil to store there records,,to be used as a telephone and mega phone for there communication,,My children were also targets,,


    I have my souled adult children back now,,but have been confused and saddened by the behavior of my daughter,,I think I have two degrees in psychology because of what I've been threw and seem to be able to figure out many problems,,

    But I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong with my adult daughter,,She's helpful,kind,considerate,etc,,in her 3D mannerism,,But something is missing,,it's like her actions are disconnected from her soul..She does everthing right but there's no love-soul connection..

    I think God sent you to show me the problem,the way,,

    I'm going to ask God and the Higher Realms to help mend her soul..To reconnect her helpful,kind and considerate with her soul which is love..

    With Mk Ultra and HAARP technologies,,especially Mk Ultra,which makes direct contact with the brain,,about 9 years ago they achieved disconnecting or as you put it, tearing her soul from her thinking,,,


    Thank you,,You have gave me my answer and the solution to something that has bothered me for years.. :)

    I think sometimes God wants us to see and think about something for awhile before he helps us,,As our 3D life on Mother Earth is a school room/learning experience..

    I send much happiness and love your way..

  • Cerasurfer,


    I believe you.  I have had two UFO experiences which I will share some time.  They were both real.  I would never deny anyone's UFO experience.






  • Thankyou Brother. last summer I realised I could hear mosquitoes even when they werent in the room....I have worked out that this is a permenant low hum in my right ear. I dont know what it means, but since noticing this hum...I have come into knowing a lot more in a short amount of time. Sometimes, when its really quiet and the hum is extraordinarily loud, I try to zone into it....

    As for your experiences...all I can saw is AWESOME. And only because I am in AWE.

    love, Cera

  • Please dont presume to know how I feel or what I believe. You can find it interesting all you want, but your perception is my text through your eyes. ALL I can say is...please delve deeper into my comments. I have talked, touched and seen things all my life!! the title was a play on the song (I saw a UFO but nobody believes me). And in no way was an indication to my ignorance! Feel free to explore my comments....then you will truly see I know, see and think a lot more than you realise!
  • Can you believe in yourself?
  • Greetings,


    I have just read yoour posting and wanted to tell you that I believe what you shared with us. I have not yet seen a space vehicle myself and certainly have not seen any evidence of one as you described it but that does not mean what you saw was not a genuine space vehicle. Do you have any further information to ahsre with us?


    Love and blessings.................Nahwinga



    • I have been watching the sky....this is the first place I will post anything new. I have been told that I must try to open my mind around the next three days to have things further revealed to me....fingers crossed

    • The best thing that I could recommend at the moment is to look up alliesofhumanity.org  and read the first two short books by Marshall Vian Summers. They can be interpreted as frightening at first, yet in his subsequent works, his message is not unlike many - to go within, and know for yourself what is truth for you.


  • I will believe you!

  • Listen to song number 5 on my Playlist! ;-) Enjoy.
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