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So i just had the most amazing dream ever. It all started with before i went to bed this morning i was listening to the quaran on my phone while i was on the internet. I am learning all the time about all religions and spiritualism because i believe though some things have been altered they all have great roots. So anyways i was listening to that and then when i went to bed i remembered a friend told me ask god for guidance so i did that while i lay in bed trying to sleep. 

The first part dosen't really pertain to me as i am not a gangster or anything 
but i feel it served to show a division between the life. 

It started out with some girls in the back of a suv and me and some other people trying to help the escape from some bad men, the girls escaped but me and another girl were still there when the men showed up so we jumped into another car and sped off and they chased us and were shooting at us. It was crazy so we go back and forth all over the city, she sees some little boy and for some reason jumps out of the car and get captured and i continue to try and escape. i see like this via dock/ bridge or something and its real dark underneath so i head for it hoping to escape as i get close to it i see this big black cat like a panther or somethings in a home and everything was perfect the sun was shining thru it was beautiful. There were a few people in there and they were remarking on how perfect the weather was. Next i was helping a man in his work van repair something on it that was damaged. Then later i was in like a big dinning room and everyone was eating, the only person that i noticed through the whole dream was my mother and she was here at this place. I asked her when did u get here i only just spoke with u a few days ago, she explained not long had she been here. Next some lady handed me the phone and there was i think a recording playing and i sat down to listen. As i did there was a box of misc food items all prepacked next to me with a red label chicken soup and some other items i cant remember. On them it said what they were, Detroit, and 2012. I live near Detroit so maybe that's why that city was on there im guessing. Next i was in a yard with a bunch of people and Comcast showed up and i said wow they have Comcast here what speed of internet do they have and they explained it was just really fast. I had this feeling that everything was so wonderful and perfect that what would i use the net for now because i usually spend most of my time on sites that talk about better times to come. hmmmmmmm

some of its kinda wacky kinda wild but it was just awesome because there was no sense of whats mine and whats yours. no feeling of rushing to go to work everyone was just doing what needed to be done and happily.

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You're starting to experience the higher 4th dimension, dear friend. Keep your intent to raising your vibrations as you lay down in meditation each night and this will continue. That was also really your Mom, okay. However, that doesn't suggest she will remember, which in point is essentially what duality IS. You are on your way to bridging the gap between the two. Enjoy! :) Jacob

Thank u

interesting dream.  Thanks for sharing :-)



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