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  • The Ashtar Command has medical templates to cure all allergies.

    They can be found on the web site of Bryan DeFlores.

    • I don't thing the galactic federation would charge for there medicine. charging for it also makes me think they don't work just my thoughts Love & Light

  • thanks i find this one most helpfull

  • thank you for the insight, i have noticed a few foods change my breathing (onions and garlic) but other than that its just being outside in the spring and summer....winter i never worry about this. im to the point of quiting as if im just gona have dumb allergies my whole life. stuck takeing pills in the summer when i would wana be out haveing fun

  • I would not wait for some saviour to corrected my body, rather would research and find something that you can do for yourself like possible dietary change. Today we know that most if not all sicknesses are directly directed to junk food, alcohol and/or ciggarets. Milk, cheeses and meat are the most damaging to our health but changing this to vegan raw ,uncooked veggies and fruit should heal this for you , almost in a instance....................And you are still young man, looking at your picture therefore this transformation should not be hard..................

    • well im only allergic to pollen (if i spelled that right) but i love trees and nature its like a curse

  • Hi I imagine it would be child's play for them... The truth is that you can heal your own allergies by using the power of your mind you can intend that your body be immune to the particular things that irritate you. You need to use a force of will that knows you are in control of your body's cells and knows that you can make them immune to these things, see it already done... Picture yourself healthy and allergy free get a good clear image of yourself without the allergies and picture yourself stepping into that person. If this fails to work there are a few other routes I might recommend, a good hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner should be able to sort it.. Do your research and shop around to find the best you can, recommendation is always best but there are many good practitioners. Failing that from a biological perspective a homeopathic practitioner or even acupuncture, Chinese medicine may prove effective. Unfortunately all of these things cost money but you have the power within you to control it. The first and most important step is to believe that you can exercise control over it, they are your cells and they do their own thing unless you tell them what to do

    Good luck with that

    Kind regards

    • thank you. i kinda naturaly knew i should try to imagine myself with out them...ill just wait for help.

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We are a Draco Group here today to introduce ourselves to humanity. We come in peace, we work and have alliance with Galactic Federation of Light. We fight against the same enemy…

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