Hi there,


Gonne post the report/description of my vision in the word document in the attachement.


Have fun reading!

Vision ascention earth.doc

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  • indeed!intent!


  • This is awesome, and basically describes how I feel about it, and why it's so important for people to not be afraid and to be free to make their own educated decision about it. 

    Thanks so much for sharing this posting, it's really important right now :) 

  • 8113839674?profile=originalliked it. liked the NDE link too. thanks for a great group here
  • Rudolf Steiner call it; The real Human being..Rudolf describe the `New Human`, and the cociety (5-d) on Earth. With no monetary system. People work 5-7 hours a WEEK. And everyone get a welfare card, which cover all the needs for everyone! Kids covered by parents cards..No money, no cry... He describe a Galactic 4 or 5-d system, which benifit everybody, included Gaia !!!
  • Thank you for sharing Earthanimal.

    I assume that you mean "magnetic poleshift" when you speaks about "magnetic fields".

    We will have a by starfleet controlled magnetic poleshift, to ease the geological changes.

    Land will sink (prob. Cal. and Japan) , and land will rise.

    I think that every soul will get to the place where it belong , depending on development.

    Some souls will start from zero as cavemen , and some will unfortunately be uncreated.

    Some have finished their mission here , and will go home to their home planets/suns.

    Some will be here on Gaia to build a new civilization built on abundance and cooperation between HUmans - yes we can have that name in the future - Higher Universal MAN.


  • Wow, Earthanimal - what an amazing Vision :)

    This is awesome, it's fits together in a way with something I had felt years ago, that we would someday, create our own Universes like demi-gods creating our own reality, but this is the splitting of Earth into many different Earths ~

    That's an interesting take on it, it totally makes sense that people would "go to" the vibration that resonated with them most.  What if our soul's split, and we lived simultaneously on different Earths?  I have so many questions about it all....

    I told my room-mate about it, and he was like "well what if I resonate with more than one thing", I guess my answer to that would be your "soul" would make the decision on a deeper level then.

    I also like the idea that no one is wrong and that each person would have their own unique "experience" of Ascension.

    As time unfolds, and it's really unfolding these days... :) We will watch and see what happens...

    I can't wait to see how this whole thing evolves - and you're correct, it's already happening! :)
  • Here is what iliuka (a part of Uriel) say:

    ..There are a intergalactic Command which seach ti guide your Earth now. For this reason there are many transformations in store. Like we have said before; MOTHER EARTH IS PREGNANT and going to been reborn again. And it will be much easier for Humanity to be alive. ..DONT WORRY. (210311). Konu Ekatah.


    And i say: Lol, this is going to be funny..I believe that we getting closer to what Ascension really is. And why should it be so complicated.. Noo, i suggest it is easy. So relax, and be in peace. Peace, Love, harmony and joy is tickets to one of 5-d baby planets. And there we can meet others who vibrates at same level of Consciousness and Awareness.

    Tickets to a 5-d New Earth is to be Peace,Love,Harmony and Joy...so go for it ! 

  • Oh I really like this dear earthanimal.

    Yes.....I've been calling it ''Frequency Matching''.....which is everyone will wind up with those who vibrate the same...it is pure JUSTICE.


    Also your images are fantastik...they help alot with seeing what you see! Especially of the little baby Earths'.

    It is said in the most ancient of Hermetic Mystery Schools, ''As Above So Below, As Within So Without''.....since we are trillions of cells in a single body of an individual, then when The Great Mother Give's Birth.....she also gives birth to trillions of cells which can be perceived with 3D vision as a single body. Everything is energy vibrating. We are not solid.....we have much space between each cell. So when the Great Mother gives birth it will be to trillions of cells as new baby Earth cells'.....I love it. Each one an individual world of our own creational process of feelings and intentions and desires. :D

    Therefore as you say, everyone is right.....if they believe in love and harmony, they are right, if they believe in war, they are right too.....and they will wind up there.




    I've seen something similar in my shamanic journeys. I was shown how every one who is creating....a true Human Being who is creating from their souls, I saw each little world they were creating encased in a protective bubble until they were finished with it. I never expressed this to anyone, but if this ''information'' is given to you too, then I will add to it....Yes.

    It is very possible. In the Magical Universe which is what this is, absolutely anything and everthing is possible!


    Good job little one and thank you for expressing this! By posting it it helps others to see these possibilities too.

    Blessings, Lady of the Woods

    • Excellent reply.... Pure Justice is what I want to happen! :-D
  • We are at the same wavelength. :)
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