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Hi there,


Gonne post the report/description of my vision in the word document in the attachement.


Have fun reading!

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I thought that they were called "babies" was so endearing - it reflects an innocence on Earthanimal's part that we all need to get back to (we all try to forget that we are children and need to be more trusting and more creative like the children we see, our teachers).  


I like the general concept here and it makes some sense.  Honestly, I think that most spiritual realities are way too complex for our 3D perspectives to be capable of grasping, so we get these sort of watered down tidbits here and there.  I can't wait to be able to fully understand it consciously again - until then, I guess we are purposefully veiled students. 

Interesting you posted this, because this is what I have been feeling too. Each goes to their own vibrations and own form of Earth, their next station whatever it may be.


Here is something from the after-life that I believe corresponds with where we are heading:


"Next I noticed that I was loving everything and everybody and that it was making me intensely happy. Apparently only the good in me had survived. Without the bad, which is discord, I was happy beyond anything I had ever known.

My next question was, "How do you explain this intense happiness?"

Your thoughts are vibrations which are controlled by the Master-Vibration. It neutralizes all negative thoughts and lets you think only the good thoughts, such as love, freedom and happiness.

"Then what becomes of the old grouches?"

If they are too bad they go to a realm of lower vibrations where their kind of thoughts can live. If they came here, the Master-Vibration would annihilate them. After death people gravitate into homogenous groups according to the rate of their soul's vibrations. If the percent of discord in a person is small, it can be eliminated by the Master-Vibration; then the remaining good can live on here.

For example, if a person were 70% good and 30% bad, the bad could be eliminated by the Master-Vibration and the remaining good welcomed into heaven. However, if the percentage of bad were too high, this couldn't be done, and the person would have to gravitate to a lower level and live with people of his own kind. In the hereafter each person lives in the kind of a heaven or hell that he prepared for himself while on Earth.

If you threw a small pebble into a threshing machine, it would go into the box - not because it is good or bad, but because of its proper size and weight. It's the same way here. No one sends you anywhere. You are sorted by the high or low vibrations of your soul. Everyone goes where he fits in! High vibrations indicate love and spiritual development, while low vibrations indicate debasement and evil.

When I asked what a person should do while on Earth to make it better for him when he dies, he answered, "All you can do is to develop along the lines of unselfish love. People don't come here because of their good deeds, or because they believe in this or that, but because they fit in and belong. Good deeds are the natural result of being good, and bad deeds are the natural result of being bad. Each carries its own reward and punishment. It's what you are that counts!"

~ Arthur Yensen

Nice - I have similar ideas.


PS - I also liked the original post, you Earthanimal you.


My pleasure! : )
I really enjoyed reading about your vision and the illustrations, thank you.

Very interesting reading!

An easy explenation on Ascension.. Earth Babies, so perfect.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful Visions.

But what if you ascend, and the other person in your bed doesn't, can you wake up alone?  

No, there will be others you meet that are ascended. I clairvoyantly watched my grandfather in law (died 1987) holding hands last weekend with my grandmother in law (died 2008) during a family reunion and they both are ascended. When the other has love in their heart, they are not far from the choice and you won't have long to wait.

Good question... I agree with Qan Dek...  Well, on Earth level: the energies from the cosmos that are coming to the Earth since 2005 are the 100 000 times doubled in power of the ones before that period.  When the magnetic field of the Earth shifts, it will affect our brain... We depend on the magnetic field of the Earth to be able to remember... It affects our cells, normal celfunction, DNA, organs, ...  We will forget a lot during the shift, like with reincarnation...  In which degree and whether this is temporary and will come back, I don't know! We might don't know our name anymore, or who our child or partner was...  Those who ascend:

a) will have learned to activate their lightbody or merkaba (see: flower of life workshops from Melchizedek, or 'orindaben light body course'...  Have a look on google.  Worldwide there are lots of workshops) -- They will keep a soft magnetic field around them (so will not loose their full memory)

b) some have a very good connection with their Higher Self, and don't need such a course anymore. With those exceptional people, everything will go from itsself.  They 'll know at the right moment what to do without having had any course.


Kind regards

Even if this a kind of vision that could tell different way of the outcome, to me it make sense in some how.
We are at the same wavelength. :)



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