This video is showing the Light Dimensions of Heavens and our Cosmic Loving Friends in just 20:00 Seconds. 🧚🏻🛸🐬💐

And by starting this, I wanted to let you know that I have the links of this people, their YouTube channels. so you can watch their videos and by that, having a better understanding of the situation and what you actually have to know and do.
You can know more about them on their YouTube Channel description, I have people in Spanish and English.
And if you; beautiful beings, know more about real Spiritual People around the world in YouTube; please let us know, because this is very important for the collective, it's very important to know with the heart what information is REAL and not fake.

The links are right here:



This information will help you to know the  truth, and live a life of love and abundance.

And please, be nice to them, they are doing always hard work for us and this planet; they, like all of us, deserve real respect and love. We have to be aware of this power that is coming to us. This is a beautiful blessing that God (The cosmic awareness) is giving to us, so, let's cherish this, and let's protect this planet from all negativity by starting by us; let's love ourselves and let us realize what we really are, Pure divine Crystalline Love.

My friends.. It's time to wake up! 💖🧝🏻‍♂️🌌

With sincerely love, Adri.. ♥️🌅✨

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