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I Proclaim that I am Not a citizen of this or any other planet.  I am the alien and disclosure everyone is so anxious to see. And I will not de cloak to prove to any one that this is so.    

For I am Spirit and not of this world.  The bios sphere Spirit occupies is nothing more than a avatar living on a bigger bios sphere called earth by men controlled and educated by the matrix.

My origin is not of this world nor is it my home, for Spirit come’s from far above all detentions known to men. And where the matrix was invented to trap Spirits avatar’s into believing this is it……

And since I am not of this world, there is nothing in it that can define or un cloak it for you.   Its not a awakening, as the matrix has tricked the world of avatar’s into believing this is our home.   Or that there are greater being over us, it’s a matter of remembering what you are just before we entered this bios sphere in the first place.  We are aliens from out side of these many detentions of sight and sound.

Spirit is not of this world,  and we are in it for a short time, alien’s learning the way’s of men and the matrix.  And I am the alien that stands before you  cloaked in this avatar of flesh and men’s words.   This is the truth that will set you free from the home you so choose to believe in. 

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Thank you John for sharing, I Am A Universe, but right now I'm enjoying Mother Gaia. I can't wait til She gets all cleaned up, so We All enjoy Her in all of Her Brilliance and Pristine. 

....and Sticks the video was great, I needed to here that right about now.



May the peace of all understanding abide with us now, in our time of expanding the bounds of our being, in light of the star’s may we continue to journey together and expand with out end.

Want to take a ride to where we all jurnneyed from and beyond?

The matrix keeps our minds from expanding with our spirit and the sight of our souls.

Truly we are dust of the star’s, Spirit is the combined light of all those Star’s and beyond awareness of  this pin point of life we call human existence.

We are the alien explorers of all awareness above and below us.  We are infinite Spirits watching it all. Greater than the trap the matrix is trying to keep us in. And has fooled many, forgive them for they no not what they do as of yet ! love all for it is with in you to do it all.


E.T. Phone Home?  Nawwww  we are home as the Universe is big.  Were just looking in on this spot of time called “now”  as an owl turns its head to look in the direction of its awareness of movement in the night.

So to we focus on this one spot on Gaia.  Forget not the branch we stand on as infinite spirit.  Or what I like to call it “ the silent watcher” of all knowing.     “is”   >  YOU /p>


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