Hey everybody. As you can see in my previous discussions, they are from over 2 years ago. Back then I was happy healthy and whole at times. Speed up to now and I'm the opposite. Opposite friends, lifestyle and health. I was a vegan for a while, was fit and healthy. I eat meat again, I now smoke and am unhealthy. Everyday I think of what my hearts and feel the tears ce to my eyes as I don't take action to become who I want to be. I'm on a path to self destruction. People say things get better, but its been a year and a half, nothings changed. I live in Adelaide Australia, have no like minded friends, or any anymore. I'm sick of not knowing what to do, what's my mission, if I have one. I just need some help, physically, mentally and emotionally. But it all seems to hard for any normal person and even spiritual individuals to go out of their way. Lots of love. Peace <3

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  • please, it seems like you do know what is good for you....

    But it also seems like you have no willpower ( no offense im trying to help)

    So i suggest, make a squedule, or a day lay out on paper and follow it strict!!


    Tell me what are your hobbies what are your intrest? ,   and if you have no hobbies get one! go play guitar or paint, or go surfing, australia has the most baddass beaches! :DD

    All i am trying to say is to make fun really....  Life can be a mega party but it also can be a lonely place, the only one who can make your life fun is YOU, you can help yourself we can sit here all day lonjg typing about spirituality but if we are only talking there will be no change, we have to make a change just like you!

    stop living like you are number 2 cus ur not, you deserve the best life  and dont be so greedy just Give that life to you!

    Have fun man, life  is all about is ( besides all the other serious stuff ofc, ppl need fun timez just like you :)

  • Got to agree on that. Being in a body is not eazy, at night my travels take me far into other worlds. it even happens once in a while in day time. The biggest thing i seem to have problems with is just that, what did i come here for into this body at this time. And i am shure many of us do so as wel. 

  • Interesting, i seem to be in that same position. Went al the way up, spiritualy flying high, nothing could go wrong, things used to come like magic, and now ....total nothing. i can not even think about spirituality. I was pondering on something that could be a factor in all of this and that is that nothing hapened in 2012. It feels depresive. You look up to something , go with it, put your soul into it and then..........nada!. I do realize this is just one of those Ego trips, that many talk about. It will let you go up and then al of a sudden BOOM, down you go. People warned me about this so did i read about it, still the Ego is so clever and never gives up. The thing is, i can not go back to Ego thinking, so now i am in empty space, like a black nothing. I could drop dead right now and not care. Still there is this knowing this voice that talks and talks, and in my sleep goes on and on, that voice is not my Ego and i know it. Still it is not eazy right now to stay on track. But one thing i have learned in al my years is that al this going up and down might actualy be lessons that one day i will hand over to others, maybe not in this lifetime but in another one. Also is the diference in age, i do not think like i used to when 30 or 40. now almost 50 is not helping either. I have lived around the world still i have nothing to show for, people around me , do not realy care who or what you know, and most of the time they think you are nuts. One little light today is this: i woke up and thought i needed to read something that would wake me up out of this nothingness and i have not been on this site for years althought i used to be here hours and days on end. So, thanks buddy for your post, and thanks to my little voice for getting me here again, even if just for a moment. 

  • Thank you my friend. <3 I'll will do
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